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Help with shipment tracking

Our customer service will be happy to answer your questions about the status of your shipment (s). Contact our customer service here. You may find the answer to your question here, because the following questions are asked very often in connection with shipment tracking.

Why is my shipment not displayed after I have entered the shipment number?

It can take up to eight hours for a program to appear in our system. Give us a little time and then try again. Shipments remain in our system for approx. 90 days.

Why are shipments that do not belong to me displayed under my tracking number?

We process more than two million shipments per month. This means that the eight- or nine-digit numbers used to track the shipment are reused every three to four weeks. The tracking number for tracking your packages may be used more often. It is therefore possible that several shipments are displayed under your number. You can identify your shipment based on the date, origin and destination.

In the shipment tracking, I can see that I missed my delivery. Can I have it delivered again?

Of course. If the driver left a notification card, you or your customer can rearrange the delivery. You haven't received a card? Please contact us. You should have the tracking number and delivery address at hand. Note: A new delivery of shipments is only possible from Monday to Friday.

How do I get proof of delivery (PoD) for my shipments that have already been delivered?

You can send your PoD signature using our dispatch tools, such as B. myTNT received.

Simplified shipment tracking via notifications

From now on you will receive updated shipment data. Just download our app and activate the notifications. Then you will be notified by us every time the status of your shipment changes.

Arrange for a new delivery

Did you miss a delivery by one of our drivers? In this case, we will leave you a message with information about your shipment. A new delivery to any postal address is very easy - click the button ┬źorder new delivery┬╗ and arrange for a new delivery with the time slot that suits you.