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Experience report Naples WiSe 2012/2013


The registration process at Federico II was carried out by filling out a form on the Internet. In addition, you have to send the Learning Agreement with the corresponding course selection to the university by e-mail within a certain period of time. At this point you can also register for the Italian course, which is offered free of charge by the university.

Once you have done all of this, you will receive an email in which David de Simone, the contact person for international affairs, welcomes the students and an email from the Erasmus point with useful information for the first few days in Naples.

David de Simone speaks perfect German and enrolls at Federico II. The staff of the Erasmus-Point help the students with the creation of an Italian bank account, the purchase of a SIM card, the codice fiscale, which the foreign students need, as well as the search for accommodation.

At the beginning you feel a bit overwhelmed with all the things that have to be done before the semester starts, but in retrospect everything worked out without any further problems.


Shortly before my arrival in Naples, I received an email from the Erasmus point there, telling me to take a room in the pizza hostel for the first few days, as it mainly accepts Erasmus students.

I took this advice to heart and rented a room there for about five days. And as it was in the email, I found mostly Erasmus students in my room. I can definitely advise you to take a room there for the first few days, as you can make friends there (as in my case).

Together with the other Erasmus students, I went to the Erasmus point to register for an apartment inspection. It is actually the case that the employees organize such apartment viewing tours and you can then decide on a room. As for the rooms, you can choose between a double room or a single room.

I, on the other hand, did the search myself, as there are really a lot of advertisements, be it on the bulletin board of the university or on almost every street corner.

I was incredibly lucky and got the first apartment that I contacted and lived with a really nice Italian couple. My room was very large and more than affordable in terms of price.


As far as the choice of course is concerned, every student has to fill out a learning agreement before starting and send it to the university. This choice of course is by no means binding. A list of all available courses, which are divided into I semester and II semester, will be sent to you on request.

Ms. Daniela Piccione, the Erasmus coordinator of the Faculty of Law, is very helpful and always has an open ear for various Erasmus problems, but, like most of the university's employees, she only speaks Italian.

Since I wanted to have my major certificate in public law credited, I decided on the “Diritto costituzionale” course as well as the “Diritto internazionale” course.

The exams at Federico II are all in Italian and oral. At first it seemed almost impossible to me, because at first I hardly understood a word in the lectures. But over time you understand more and more of the matter.

The exam situation itself was more than unusual for me: At the beginning of the exam, every student enters himself into a list with his name and matriculation number and is then called up. There are several examiners in the front, the other students all stay in the lecture hall at the time.

Quite an unusual situation, but once it's your turn, everything around you is forgotten.

The examiners themselves were very nice to me. At least they could put themselves in my shoes that it is not that easy as a non-native speaker to learn several hundred pages in Italian. In the end, I passed all the exams.


Not only does Naples have a lot to offer, there are also countless sights and places to visit in the surrounding area. For example, you can go to Pompei for little money or visit the nearby islands such as Capri, Ischia or Procida. But also the beautiful Amalfi Coast or Sorrento and Salerno are worth a visit.

Life in Naples is mainly outside during the warm months. The streets are even busier, especially in the evening.

The main port of call for young Neapolitans is Piazza Bellini. There you meet up with friends and acquaintances or get to know new people and every now and then musicians put their skills to the test.

But there are also various clubs in Naples that mainly organize Erasmus parties. A little outside of the city there are other locations that can unfortunately only be reached by bus.

If you don't feel like visiting Bellini, San Domenico and Co., you can also arrange to go for a walk on the Lungo Mare, drink a cappuccino to take away and enjoy the unique view of Mount Vesuvius.

But above all, in Naples you get the best pizza in the world! It does happen that you have to wait an hour in front of one of the most famous pizzerias (Sorbillo or Da Michele) before you even get a table, but in the end it is worth the wait.


The cost of living in Naples is very low in my opinion. For example, the apartments here are much cheaper than in Munich, but of course you can also find one or the other apartment whose prices are very similar to those in Munich.

In terms of food or nightlife, you can get this really cheap here. Although pizza has its origins in Naples and the city adorns itself with it, the price-performance ratio is definitely right.

Even in the evening, when you do a "giro", you can get inexpensive drinks and snacks at almost every corner.


A Neapolitan once said to me: “Either you love Naples or you hate it.” Unfortunately, I can't say whether the latter is the case, as I've only got to know people who love Naples. And that's definitely true.

Of course, you have to admit that Naples is one of the most chaotic cities I've ever seen and you always hear things about the mafia and the garbage that unfortunately cast a bad light on Naples.

As far as the garbage is concerned, it's not as clean as Munich, but the situation has only improved compared to before.

You have to come to terms with the crime in Naples, but that doesn't mean that you hear a lot about it. It has to be admitted that it is there. However, if you follow a few rules and, as a precaution, leave your valuable items at home, not much will happen to you. I was lucky that my handbag was never stolen and I didn't notice anything else bad (apart from a few stolen handbags).

In the end, I can only say that, despite initial doubts, I never want to miss the time in Naples. I had an amazing time and met very nice people.

At first I was just able to communicate with my hands and feet, but my language skills improved very quickly, probably due to the fact that Italians speak little or not very good English.

And the Neapolitans are just incredibly lovable people, which also contributed significantly to the fact that I like the city even more.

Erasmus in Naples is definitely one of the best experiences I've had in my life and so I can only recommend going to Naples.