How is the strength of materials made of rattan

How weatherproof is garden furniture really?

The weather resistance of garden furniture depends on the material and workmanship. Many people search Google for "weatherproof outdoor furniture". You want outdoor furniture that can be left outside all year round. But is there such a thing?

Weatherproof wooden garden furniture

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The natural durability of wood is rated from 1 to 5. 1 means very permanent, 5 not permanent. There are particularly robust and durable types of wood that are preferred for outdoor furniture construction.

Oak wood has a durability of, for example 2, against what Pine wood only a durability of 4 Has.

Hardwoods such as teak or Afzelia. These types of wood have one Resistance of 1 and are almost indestructible.

Conifers are less weather resistant (durability 4 to 5). They are mainly used as construction timber in civil engineering. However, coniferous wood can be made more durable by appropriate surface treatment.

Hardwoods are of course very durable (class 1 to 3) and easy to work with. Due to their strength properties, they can be used in the structural field as well as in furniture construction.

Due to its high oil content, teak forms a natural protective layer and does not need any further treatment. The wood is water-repellent and abrasion-resistant. Teak with the predicate “old wood” or “recycled” has the best quality.

The wood of the Afzelia is even more stable and resistant. Afzelia wood is even used for water dams and barrels for storing chemical contents.

Wooden garden furniture offers a beautiful look and a very high level of seating comfort. While other materials heat up or cool down quickly, the wood can store heat and is therefore always at a pleasant temperature.

Garden furniture made of metal is used particularly in the catering industry because it is inexpensive and can be produced in many forms.

The metals used are steel, aluminum and iron. Iron or steel should be coated in order to protect it permanently from the weather. However, rust can also be desirable - because of the vintage look. Aluminum and stainless steel hardly corrode, the coating is primarily used for color design.

The powder-coated aluminum, iron or steel garden furniture is practically maintenance-free. Soiling can simply be removed with water or a mild cleaning solution.

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Are particularly cheap Alu garden furniture. Because of their low weight, they are easy to transport, and most models are also stackable. In terms of stability, design and seating comfort, however, they cannot compete with wood and stainless steel.

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In country house gardens, heavy garden furniture is made of cast or Wrought iron popular. The iron furniture is coated to protect against rust and to improve the thermal properties.

Even if iron garden furniture can also be kept outdoors for the winter, it will stay beautiful longer if it is stored indoors and in a dry place in winter.

Most manufacturers give a 3 to 5 year guarantee on their metal garden furniture.

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Garden furniture is popular because of its appearance and high quality stainless steel, most of time in combination with teak . Stainless steel can be cleaned easily and without leaving any residue. However, the garden furniture should be treated with stainless steel cleaner 1 to 2 times a year Rust film to prevent.

Weatherproof garden furniture made of rattan

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The original rattan furniture, also called wicker furniture, is made by hand from the wood or from the wickerwork of rattan palms. However, the wood is not suitable for outdoor use. Lacquered or waxed rattan furniture should also not be placed permanently in the garden. Too much moisture makes the wood brittle.

To get the look of the natural rattan furniture on the terrace and garden, you can click on Garden furniture made of polyrattan To fall back on. Poly rattan furniture is common as lounge furniture offered in different colors. The plastic fiber is weatherproof and almost maintenance-free. However, as with other plastics, the colors fade in the sun.

Plastic garden furniture

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Plastic furniture is inexpensive, comes in all shapes and colors, and most importantly, it is durable. Compared to models made of wood and metal, they usually look cheap. You can upgrade the plastic garden furniture with nice upholstery.

Would you have garden furniture a test undergo, outdoor furniture made of polymer concrete would be in the Weather resistance category way ahead.

Polymer concrete is permanently weatherproof and very stable. Polymer concrete is poured like plastic. The material made of mineral aggregates and synthetic resin has a very high strength. Thin-walled, filigree shapes are therefore also possible when designing polymer concrete garden furniture.

The key advantage is that absolutely smooth and pore-free surfacethat remains unchanged over many decades. Moisture, dirt and temperature cannot harm it.

The furniture can be used without hesitation stand outside all year round stay and do not have to overwinter in the garage or shed. Soiling can easily be wiped off with a damp cloth. Stubborn dirt can easily be dealt with with a high-pressure cleaner.

The Family company Maillith manufactures in Lauterbach Outdoor furniture made of polymer concrete at. In addition to the different series models such as the seating groups and the seating blocks, Maillith can also on request individual garden furniture produce.

The functional and aesthetically simple design creates beautiful seating for the garden and terrace and blends in very well with any ambience.

Thanks to the individual design with company logos or lettering, the weatherproof Maillith garden furniture is also ideal for commercial or representative use, for example in the catering industry or for stylish company reception areas.

Various materials are used in the manufacture of outdoor furniture:

  • Wood
  • Steel / iron
  • Alu
  • rattan
  • plastic

Plastic garden furniture such as lounge furniture made of polyrattan are very good weatherproof and easy to maintain. With time fading however the Colours.

Very good weatherproof and, above all, are an eye-catcher Hardwood garden furniture like teak or acacia wood. Hardwood outdoor furniture is however maintenance-intensive. Regulargrind and Oil is necessary so that the garden furniture keeps its color and does not weather.

If you want to have less work with your garden furniture, you can Aluminum furniture try out. However, the material becomes very hot when exposed to intense sunlight. For garden furniture made of steel or iron, there is one good paintwork necessaryto protect the metal from ugly rust stains.

The weather resistance of garden furniture made of wood and metal is not permanent . So that you can enjoy your garden furniture for as long as possible is one Cover recommended or the Storage in the cold season.

On the other hand, they are guaranteed to be wear-free Polymer concrete garden furniture, which are available in different designs. Polymer concrete consists of mineral aggregates such as sand, grit, quartz, etc. and synthetic resin as a binding agent. Polymer concrete is stronger than concrete and the absolutely smooth, pore-free fine-layer surface remains as beautiful for decades as it was on the first day.