What are the different zed combos

    Completely unscrupulous and devoid of mercy, Zed is the leader of the Order of Shadows, an organization he founded to militarize Ionia's martial arts and magic in order to repel the Noxian invaders. While...



    1. passive
      Death to the weak

      Zed's basic attacks deal bonus magic damage when the target is low on health. This effect can only be triggered every few seconds against the same enemy champion.

    2. Q
      Blade shuriken

      Zed and his shadows cast their shuriken. Each Shuriken deals damage to all enemies it hits.

    3. W.
      Living shadow

      Passive: When Zed and his shadows hit a target with the same ability, Zed gains energy. This can only happen once per ability. Active: Zed's shadow leaps forward and stays in place for a few seconds. When he reactivates "Living Shadow", he switches positions with his shadow.

    4. E.
      Shadow strike

      Zed and his shadows lash out, dealing damage to nearby enemies.

    5. R.
      Sign of death

      Zed cannot be targeted and jumps to an opposing champion, marking it. After 3 seconds, the mark is triggered, again dealing some of the damage that was done to the target while Zed was marking.

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