Will Apple win against the FBI

The loser seems clear: The FBI took on Apple and realized that it overestimated its influence. For a month and a half, the most powerful police force in the western world tried to force the world's most valuable company to crack the encryption of an iPhone. The economy has prevailed against the state - for the time being.

The FBI said: It's about national security. We need your help to get the data. Now the FBI and Justice Department have apparently found a method to read the San Bernardino bomber's iPhone. Either the state security experts were completely wrong with their analysis - or they kept their knowledge secret in the hope of getting a back door for all iPhones. Incompetence or a lie, both options are unflattering.

The dispute is only adjourned

Apple refused to help with the decryption. The group argued: It's about security and privacy. You have the technical possibilities to decrypt the iPhone without our support. We're not going to help you because we don't want to set a precedent. The FBI went to court, Apple stood firm.

Many questions remain: What method did the FBI use to break the encryption? Who helped the FBI? As recently suspected, was it the Israeli company Cellebrite that received around $ 15,000 from the FBI on March 21? Can the vulnerability be transferred to other iPhones? Does the authority now have the master key to crack hundreds of millions of smartphones? Will the FBI pass on the findings to Apple so that future iOS versions can be protected against it, as requested by the Electronic Frontier Foundation?

The fight uses Apple's self-portrayal as a privacy advocate

There is no official information on this. Justice Department and FBI only say that they cracked an iPhone 5c with iOS 9. How they did it, whether they found helpful data, which other authorities and secret services they will reveal the method to, all of this is unclear.

Still, Apple can feel like a winner. Right from the start, the company resisted installing a back door in the iPhone. "This case should never have ended up in court," it said in a statement. For years, Apple has publicly emphasized the importance of privacy. In contrast to other companies, you do not earn any money from the data of the users and will protect them from unauthorized access by all means. This image has gained credibility through the dispute with the FBI.