How vindictive you are

How resentful and vengeful are you according to your zodiac sign?


Taurus least likes to be confronted with negativity - he avoids discussion. This zodiac sign rarely shows feelings. If there are disputes or discussions, he looks for a quick solution. He is not resentful.

This zodiac sign often comes across as selfish because it is more preoccupied with its own problems. The Virgo does not like to argue, but when it comes to that, she can come across as very cold and dismissive. Has a strong persuasive power and usually wins with her persistence. She doesn't like injustice, so she can get really angry.

The Capricorn masters extremely difficult situations and usually wins with his power of persuasion. Thanks to his strong character, he achieves a lot in life. He is loyal and very humane, but knows when to hit the table. He is resentful when his trust is abused, but then for a lifetime.


When this zodiac sign hurts someone, it can be very unforgiving. The twins pretend they forgot, but that's just the facade. Because they don't like conflict. Should it come to a dispute, they are honest and do not hide anything. Twins are not vengeful.

She is often unable to address the problems head on. When faced with problems, they often seem clueless and ask friends for help. If they are the problem, they also admit their guilt. Libra are not vengeful or resentful.

An Aquarius is able to compromise, once they realize that they are to blame, they apologize for it too. He opens up to his fellow human beings, does not like to end friendly relationships. If he experiences injustice, he is not afraid to defend himself.


This zodiac sign is a real emotional person. He takes himself very much to heart. He's not a good discussion or argument because he is too quick to apologize to fix the relationship. If someone hurts them or if they feel like they are not being honest with them, they end the relationship.


Not an easy case. There is no joy in arguing with a Scorpio. He is very impulsive, so think twice before verbally attacking a Scorpio. He doesn't stress about problems and mostly wins with his kind.

You try to avoid discussions and arguments. They are in need of harmony, strive for peace and often apologize for what they have not done. Quite simply, you cannot argue with fish. This zodiac sign is neither resentful nor contentious.


Aries is not easy to argue with, although it is often inevitable. Aries are very impulsive, get upset very quickly. Instead of solving the problems and getting on a common level, they usually react offended and the argument ends very quickly for them. Aries are very resentful, breaking off contact for good if they feel offended.

Most of the time, the lions are popular, so they don't often get into arguments. They are accepted and their opinion is respected. If someone in your circle of friends offends you, act quickly and end the contact and look for new friends.

Sagittarians hate arguments and arguments. You avoid negative situations. They believe in a harmonious world and if reality deviates from it, this is no alternative for them. They withdraw into their snail shell and are no longer accessible to the others.

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