Why do psychopaths develop a fixation on someone

Profilerin Suzanne Grieger-Langer: Get rid of psychopaths and whistles

When companies have high positions to fill, they are happy to call Suzanne Grieger-Langer at. She specializes in identifying scammers and tricksters undercover in advance. It is not uncommon for her to come across psychopaths and whistles that can cause considerable damage in companies. They pose a danger that should not be underestimated - in business as well as privately. And much to the chagrin of the good guys: the performer.

At the beginning there are exactly three dates: name, photo, date of birth. That's all. Europe's only profiler and her team use the internet to calculate a person's psychogenetic code. No meeting, no application documents. What for? “I don't need to talk to people because blenders are highly manipulative. Every direct contact in the observation changes the system, ”explains Suzanne Grieger-Langer.

Psychopaths are people without pity, fear or conscience. While around one percent of the world's population belongs to this group of people, it is a full 14 percent in top management. A mistake could cost companies dearly.

On average, 12 to 15 experts work on a profile: researchers, analysts and interpreters. "The needs of the psyche are reflected in everything - and that is what we read," explains the profiler. Mix-ups are meticulously ruled out. "At the end there is the mathematically calculated psychogenetic code and I then explain to the client what it means to hire this person."

What behavior do psychopaths, whistles, and performers show?

It is imperative to avoid psychopaths or whistles. Both are Exploiter and blender. Leads against this species Suzanne Grieger-Langer a real crusade. She does believe that people are fundamentally good, but these two characters seem to have a hard time showing it. "With psychopaths, the connection between emotion and cognition is set to off by default," she explains.

It is different with the service providers, the performers, who, however, find it difficult to beat the blenders. “A performer is the one everyone wants. The person who gets the job done, calmly, goes through with the job and also finds solutions when things get difficult. The psychopath is also a performer, even a high performer, but only for his own agenda. He is always egocentric on the go, he thinks dual - you and me, you have to give me something, while the performer thinks we can achieve something great together It's a completely different way of being in the world. "

Whistles see each other shortly before Chancellor

And then there are the whistles, which she thinks are just as destructive as the psychopaths. “The whistle is different. She is not a leister, but a simulator of performance. The pipe gossips about doing it but doesn't deliver. This is someone, a son or daughter by profession, who sees himself shortly before Chancellor, but doesn't get any horsepower on the street, ”adds Suzanne Grieger-Langer to the point.

The pipes come across as harmless at first. They are friendly and social, which, however, only serves to do their own thing self-centeredly. “You are no better at this than the psychopaths. You just have a different strategy. The psychopath could still excuse himself with a mental disorder, but the whistle has no disorder, it is just closed lazy, cowardly and fixated.“

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At first glance, both seem charming and nice, but they often only reveal their true identity when it matters. And most of the time, nothing good comes out of it. “Psychopaths know that they are different,” the psychotherapist knows. “They even practice Self-criticism and are perfectly clear. They know they can get people to do anything they want and use it when they want. The pipes, on the other hand, are not self-critical. What makes the pipes so dangerous is that they are unwilling to evolve and see how little they deliver. "

How do the psychopaths and whistles manipulate?

The perfect sacrifice for the psychopath is that Narcissist. The psychopath pretends to be a real fan of his - and runs open doors to the narcissist. Both quickly fraternize on the way up to the psychopath with often criminal energy and, intent on his own benefit, begins to harness the narcissist for crooked things in the company - often unnoticed by the narcissist who is in love with himself.

But the pipes also manipulate perfidiously. However, they have a different strategy. In a moralizing way, they personally attack the performers who are superior to them. Calls as an example Suzanne Grieger-Langer People who are through outward appearances put. “Everyone sees it from the outside, but nobody dares to say anything. That's the part of being ashamed of others, where performers with little self-confidence quickly say, oh God, I definitely don't want to be like that. Am I like that too? ”This is the hour of the whistle.

The whistles attack on the relationship level

Because even performers have a quirk: They are always with us Self-actualization busy, check themselves out and are very critical of themselves. The whistle recognizes the performer's insecurity and counters: “This is exactly where you are not good enough, the whistle will tell the performer. The whistle can't keep up with this and will go one level deeper to the relationship level and say, you know, you are not as good as you think, I am morally the higher being and because I am so nice, I tell you the."

The result: The performer is insecure and delivers less because he is confused. So the whistle works like this: you can't defeat it, so confuse it. And so the pipe is in a much better position in comparison than the performer.

So ultimately, both psychopaths and whistles are manipulative and dangerous. The pipe looks harmless, but it isn't. She goes on the social track, the psychopath on the charming one.

How do you recognize psychopaths?

“First of all, I get a lot for free from psychopaths. I'm really cuddled drunk, "says the profiler. Therefore, they are not immediately recognizable. Certain patterns only emerge over time. Caution is especially important when good friends warn but you do not want to acknowledge the warning signs yourself. “Recognizing psychopaths is really difficult. From their mid-30s onwards, they are so good at acting and concealing that you cannot recognize them spontaneously. "

Should you recognize a psychopath, the profiler advises: “Get out of there! Never go into battle with a psychopath. He knows no ethical boundaries! “The psychopath senses very precisely when my victim is still on the hook and when not. Like a fisherman, he leaves a little leash in order to bring his victim back in and remains completely calm.

The good performers are slowed down

The profiler would like a stronger one from the economy Appreciation of performers. In companies they often fight against windmills. They counter the strategies of the psychopaths or whistles with all their talents and strengths - often with success, but not always. Then they remain far below their achievements because their talents are slowed down by the manipulative strategies of the whistles and psychopaths or do not even come to light.

One possible consequence: You leave the company and take refuge in self-employment. “Performers then tend to go on as lone fighters because so many don't understand them,” explains Suzanne Grieger-Langer.

She advises them to go through the world with open eyes and ears and look for other performers so that they can hunt together. "The further you go, the sooner you have to form your own pack to make a difference."

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