What is upcycling in textiles

Upcycling with old clothes - that's how it works

It is a problem that currently concerns many who want to be dressed up to date at the same time, but want to avoid unnecessary garbage: Clothing styles change or no longer fit our phase of life and we can no longer get out of the closet mucking out. But where do you put your clothes? If you don't feel like spending the weekends on (online) flea markets, you can bring your old textiles to the used clothes container. Here too, however, you should know that clothing is often simply disposed of and that little has been done to avoid waste.

Fortunately, there is an alternative to throwing it away: Upcycling

What is upcycling?

At the Upcycling old clothes, household textiles or scraps of fabric are transformed into new, unique DIY pieces. Some companies have already recognized this. You are probably familiar with the practical FREITAG messenger bags. These are made from disused truck tarpaulins. Each of them is therefore unique. This year, H&M also launched a denim collection made from old jeans scraps.

So the motto is from old to better. You can of course also join the trend at home with your own sorted out items of clothing. Maybe it will even result in a new hobby? Because being creative is really fun! What you need? Old clothes or other textiles, a needle, thread and some imagination. We have inspiration for you.

Which textiles are suitable for upcycling?

There are numerous variants of upcycling. Garments that are still of good quality and that are not heavily soiled or discolored are suitable. Denim, for example, is very robust and elaborately processed - much too good to throw away!

Men's shirts are also perfect for upcycling. The design options are virtually endless here

Towels, bed linen or curtains are also ideal upcycling candidates if they are not too threadbare.

Upcycling - what variants are there?

Spruce up and repair:

Your favorite blouse has got a burn mark on the collar? It may not be able to be stuffed anymore, but you can also make it “disappear” in another way. For example, under pretty embroidery, pearl decorations or a completely new collar from another blouse. Alternatively, you can cut off the collar completely and transform your blouse into a stylish Carmen blouse without a collar. Simply cut straight off all around. Hem with two seams and thread an elastic into the seam tunnel.

Upcycling doesn't always have to be done with the help of a needle and thread. Dyeing can also make yellowed shirts or washed-out jeans shine like new again. How about an afternoon tie-dye with your friends?

Complete transformation:

The old shirt becomes a skirt, the T-shirt becomes a pillowcase. The original function is completely changed. The nice thing about it? You don't have to throw away your favorite shirt, you can still enjoy it - in a new form - every day. For example, by turning it into a cherry stone pillow.

Upcycling: from shirt to cherry stone pillow

Shirts made of pure cotton or linen are particularly suitable for this. They can be heated in the microwave. That's how it works:

  1. Cut out two squares of the same size from your shirt and place them on top of each other.
  2. Now sew up three sides by hand or sewing machine and fasten the fourth with buttons or a zipper.
  3. Now turn everything inside out so that the seams are inside.
  4. Fill in the cherry pits (not too plump, otherwise it will be inconvenient) You can either "collect" the cherry pits yourself or order them already cleaned on the Internet

Upcycling: From a towel to a reusable wash pad

You can make reusable make-up removal pads out of old terry towels. If you are not good at sewing round, do not do anything. Who says that wash pads can't be square or oval?

We found more great upcycling opportunities in this video:

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