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Anime series in the cinema - My evening with dragons and magicians

We turn our backs on the little master detective Conan, because this time we plunge into a truly magical adventure.

Half time at the KAZÉ Anime Nights! After detective Conan was able to solve another tricky case, this time Natsu and his friends from Fairy Tail, who are experiencing an anime adventure in Germany for the first time!

Fairy Tail is based on the manga series of the same name by Hiro Mashima and, with more than 35 million volumes sold, is one of the most successful manga series of all time. The stories from this magical world are still very popular after 11 years, but this year this journey will come to an end. The success of the manga was followed by manga spin-offs, an anime adaptation, several OVAs, various video games and two movies.

What is Fairy Tail about?

Follow the path that you yourself think is right !!! This is what distinguishes us magicians from Fairy Tail !!!

The action mostly takes place in the Kingdom of Fiore, where magic is commonplace. Many magicians join together in so-called guilds to accept orders and thus to help people. The most notorious guild in Fiore is Fairy Tail, which young Lucy wants to join as well. At the beginning of the adventure she is looking for a particularly powerful magician who calls himself a salamander and belongs to that notorious guild. This magician, who is actually called Natsu, is to be found and he and his friends turn Lucy's life upside down. As was her great wish, she joins Fairy Tail and experiences exciting adventures with her new friends. They not only have to assert themselves against other guilds, but also grapple with monsters and dragons.

I stumbled upon Fairy Tail by chance a few years ago: While strolling through a bookstore, the cover of the first manga volume laughed at me and after leafing through it a bit, I decided to buy the volume. I especially liked the characters, especially Natsu and his little cat companion Happy, which is why I lost myself more and more in this world. The adventures are exciting, the action great and the humor and emotions are not neglected in all the riot. Meanwhile, I also took a look at the anime, both in English and in the Japanese original soundtrack; I was particularly taken with the first movie Fairy Tail: The Phoenix Priestess, which I imported from Great Britain. So you can tell I'm a big fan of Natsu, Lucy and their friends from Fairy Tail, which is why I was really looking forward to the latest film Fairy Tail Dragon Cry, which I watched with a friend at CinemaxX Bremen last Tuesday . The hall was extremely well attended, some fans even threw themselves into their cosplay costumes, and the atmosphere was very lively - the perfect conditions for a great evening at the cinema were there and as a long-time fan the film was a great experience :)

My evening with Fairy Tail Dragon Cry

Fairy Tail Dragon Cry - The Official Movie Poster
I am a fairy tail magician!

More than 400 years ago humans and dragons still lived in harmony, but this fragile peace did not last long, because there were those on both sides who wanted to return to the old order. To maintain this peace, some dragons taught chosen people their magic; these magicians would henceforth be called Dragon Slayers. One fateful day, many dragons were slaughtered, but their anger, suffering and pain did not go away with them, but manifested itself in a particularly powerful artifact: The Dragon Cry. This magical object is said to have the power to wipe out the whole world. The Dragon Cry was stolen by a traitor to the kingdom of Fiore, Zash Caine, and transferred to a neighboring kingdom; Fairy Tail's strongest team around Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Erza, Wendy, Happy and Charles has been tasked with bringing the artifact back before another major disaster happens. However, this endeavor is said to be more complicated than expected, as it turns out that Zash is merely the stooge of a far greater power.

The story of the film is kept quite simple and is told in a very straightforward manner, which is why you can follow the story even if you have had little or possibly nothing to do with Fairy Tail - there is a dangerous artifact that our heroes have to recover; simple, but of course that doesn't have to be bad. The plot itself is, in my opinion, not necessarily the great strength of the film, but the characters, the action and above all the humor are all the more convincing. Hiro Mashima, who worked on this film himself, wanted to create an entertaining adventure full of action and fun and he definitely succeeded. Compared to the first film, however, the big emotions fall by the wayside; The Phoenix Princess should move the fans to tears (which worked for me too: D) and Dragon Cry can't quite match that.

Fairy Tail's strongest team
All of you get ready for battle!

As one is used to from movies to long-lasting anime series, almost all the screws have been turned: the characters and environments have been drawn a little finer, the animations are even smoother and the scale of the story is of course even larger, after all, there is nothing less than the fate of the world at stake. A-1 Pictures actually did a great job with Dragon Cry, because the film clearly surpasses the quality that is familiar from the anime; especially the mostly short but very intense fights look great and shine with spectacular tracking shots and smooth animations. I particularly liked the scenes in the film, which look much nicer at night. The hunt for Dragon Cry leads our heroes to the Kingdom of Stella, which has a special mineral, Stellanium. This stores the starlight and the more it absorbs, the brighter it shines. In addition, Stella is famous for his excellent view of the starry sky, which Natsu and Lucy enjoy together in one of my favorite scenes from the film: This scene does not advance the story in itself, but it excellently shows the close bond between the two Heroes developed over time and to see them both sitting in a treetop gazing at the clear starry sky was a breathtaking moment for me personally - both visually and emotionally.

Like Detective Conan last month, Fairy Tail was also shown in the original Japanese sound with German subtitles in the cinema. I had seen most of the anime's episodes in English so far, which is why I had to get used to the Japanese speakers again, but this went surprisingly quickly and the cast brought all the characters to life, right down to the smallest supporting role, with a lot of love and passion. The soundtrack was also great and mostly new pieces, composed especially for this film, played out of the speakers, which went perfectly with the respective scene. I was also pleased that the main theme of the anime was also integrated into the film and mostly used when Natsu threw himself into the next battle. I found this song simply excellent in the anime, because it actually seems a bit medieval, folkloric, which fits perfectly with the world of Fairy Tail.

I don't care what I am! I will sacrifice my blood, flesh and bones for my comrades!

In my opinion, the movie's greatest strength wasn't its cracking action or atmospheric soundtrack, but rather the humor. To be honest, I can't remember the last time I laughed as much in the cinema as I did at Fairy Tail. Certainly this is not exactly due to the fact that I have taken these characters into my heart for a long time, but the chemistry between the individual characters as well as their very special peculiarities were transported to the big screen with an enormous amount of attention to detail. As an example, I would just like to mention a small scene in which Juvia, also a member of Fairy Tail, who is really into Gray, senses that her "love" seems to be very close. Her "gray sensors" strike and she is absolutely thrilled, while at the same time an ice-cold shiver runs down her spine. Juvia was generally good for a laugh or two, which is not least due to her little quirk of seeing every woman as a competitor in courting for Gray. But the other characters also got their moment in the spotlight and were allowed to show what they can do.

But even though I really liked Dragon Cry and had a good time with the film, there were still things that bothered me about the film. The story was rather flat and largely predictable; one could get over this if the plot hadn't also been littered with logic holes. There were actually several scenes in the film where my buddy and I figured out how to keep these partly obvious mistakes in there. What bothered me most, however, was the included fan service, in this case the way the female characters were portrayed. Often very scantily clad, a lush cleavage and then, of course, staged by clearly ambiguous camera angles. Actually, I have nothing against some fan service of this kind, at least if this portrayal is kept within reasonable limits, and something like that is part of Fairy Tail; but in a few moments of the film it was too much of a good thing for me and in some scenes Dragon Cry just barely missed drifting into the ecchi genre. Another reason, which I would also like to mention here, and which should certainly not be unimportant for Fairy Tail fans, is that there are really many allusions to the actual story of the manga / anime; the problem here is, if you haven't followed the manga up to a certain point, namely up to the Alvarez Empire-Arc (chapters 438-545), this film will spoil you in the ground, because quite a few facets of Dragon Cry play on events of this as well as the previous Avatar-Arc, neither of which have been adapted from the anime series yet. So if you want to watch this film and are not up to date, you have to be aware that you will see some spoilers.


After a good hour and a half, the film finally came to an end. While the first spectators were already leaving the hall, the credits ran cheerfully over the screen, which were accompanied by some nice little pictures. Anyone who stayed seated until the very end was able to enjoy a short extra scene, which very obviously referred to an imminent return of the TV series, because characters were shown that had previously only appeared in the manga. Fairy Tail Dragon Cry Despite a few small weaknesses, it was a wonderful cinema experience especially for long-time fans, to whom I clearly count myself, and I'm already looking forward to being able to plunge into this magical world again soon :)

If you missed the film, on the other hand, you will get a new chance next month, because the film went so well that there will be extra screenings in some cinemas. Otherwise, the KAZÉ Anime Nights in July will of course also continue apart from Fairy Tail, because on July 25th starts the live-action film I am a hero in our cinemas.

Have you seen Fairy Tail Dragon Cry and if so, how did you like the film?