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Kenpachi Zaraki

I'll tell you what ... Your imagination can't create anything that I can't cut through. Because I am the》 Kenpachi 《.
— Kenpachi Zaraki in VISION OF DEATH
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Kenpachi Zaraki (更 木 剣 八 Zaraki Kenpachi), whose real name is unknown and he the title Kenpachi from Zaraki made a name, is the commander of the 11th company of Gotei 13. His vice-commander is Yachiru. Of all the commanders of Gotei 13, Kenpachi is the only one who achieved his position by defeating and killing the previous commander of 11th Company before the rest of 11th Company. His fanatical love of combat is known throughout the Soul Society, and Kenpachi is the only commander who did not know the name of his Zanpakutō when he joined Gotei 13. He only got to know its name later, after his second fight with Retsu Unohana.


Kenpachi has a wild, aggressive appearance, in keeping with his character. He's wearing his Commander's Haori, the sleeves of which have probably been torn off and the lower hem is rather frayed, which makes it look very shabby (he took the Haori from the previous Commander of 11th Company). Kenpachi's hair is spiky and on the tips of his hair he wears bells and a special eye patch made by the research and development department to absorb much of his immense reiatsu. These things are supposed to give Kenpachi's opponent an advantage so that he can also fight weaker opponents. Kenpachi also has a large scar on his face that he already had when he found Yachiru. Kenpachi is also one of the tallest characters in Bleach with a stately eight feet.


Despite his initial conception of Ichigo Kurosaki's deadly enemy, Kenpachi seems more likely to play the hilarious antihero in later episodes. Although he is still self-centered and brutal, his actions are only meant for the best. Kenpachi's relationship with the members of his division is often portrayed in a funny way, as is the relationship with his vice-commander Yachiru, because Kenpachi has no sense of direction and asks Yachiru constantly for directions, which she then randomly chooses a direction.

Kenpachi lives to fight (as evidenced by the way he has reached his position) and enjoys a good fight more than anything. He deliberately weakens himself to make a fight last longer. He also claims that injury and death are the only real rewards of a good fight. Even if his division is the most bloodthirsty in the whole Soul Society, they have moral standards that differ from those prescribed by the Soul Society.

Although he literally lives for fighting, he has human feelings and worries about a few people and things: his vice-commander Yachiru, his 3rd officer Ikkaku Madarame, his 5th officer Yumichika Ayasegawa and his name, which he gave himself. After fighting Ichigo, he had a rare moment of regret and talked about the pain of not having a name (because he lived without a name from childhood until he was a young adult) and felt guilty that he wasn't having his zanpakuto with one Name pays tribute.

Since his fight against Ichigo, he has longed for revenge, or at least one more fight with him, as Ichigo is a challenge, but Kenpachi also sees Ichigo as part of his division. Kenpachi also believes that pleasure comes before work, as he tries to get as much pleasure as possible out of every fight, for example.

Kenpachi occasionally seems to contradict his own logic, because on the one hand he tries to increase his strength, on the other hand he limits it with various objects. To some extent, Kenpachi is one of the most complex characters in Bleach, as he displays many traits: carelessness, ruthless thirst for blood, strange kinds of affection for his subordinates, and even signs of wisdom in the form of terse cheers that he occasionally presents to his opponents or in a fight there. All of these criteria are very similar to Ichigo's character and show the inner struggle he seems to be dealing with.


Kenpachi's last name "Zaraki" comes from the Rukongais district where he lived. Zaraki is the 80th district of Rukongai and therefore the most run-down. Yachiru mentioned that the inhabitants of this district are more like animals than humans (the stark contrast to the 80th district is the 1st in which the souls obey the law). When he lived in the 80th district, Kenpachi said he didn't have a native name, but it was there that Kenpachi learned how to fight with a sword and killed countless opponents.

At an unknown point in time when Kenpachi was wandering outside of the 80th ward, he found a little girl whom he named Yachiru, remembering the only person he had ever admired after she appeared not to be afraid of his sword. Yachiru lived in Ward 79, Kusajishi, where her parents were also murdered, and it appears that her parents' murder and her discovery by Kenpachi were closely related. Since then, the two have had a close father-daughter relationship.

Also at an undisclosed point in time, before becoming commander, he fought and defeated Ikkaku Madarame. Because of this, Ikkaku vowed to serve under Kenpachi. However, by the time Kenpachi became the commander of 11th Company, he was not given the opportunity to do so.

After some time had passed, Kenpachi went to Seireitei, where he met the current commander of the 11th Company (who at that time was the current holder of the title Kenpachi war) and thereby became the new commander of the 11th Company and the successor as the next Kenpachi started. The name Kenpachi is actually not a name in that sense, but rather a title that is due to the strongest and most brutal swordsman, the one who has killed the most opponents. It was confirmed that there were other Kenpachi before Kenpachi Zaraki. The first sword fights of the title Kenpachi wore was Retsu Unohana.


Replacement hinigami saga

Kenpachi appears for the first time with Gin Ichimaru, who makes fun of Byakuya Kuchiki after he coldly announced her death sentence to his sister Rukia Kuchiki, and both start a verbal argument about social status. Before both of them were even able to start a fight, Kenpachi is tied up by Gin and dragged away by Byakuya.

Soul Society Saga

When he learns that Ichigo and his friends have arrived in Soul Society, have defeated the gatekeeper Jidanbō Ikkanzaka and Gin Ichimaru have escaped, he asks him how they managed to survive and immediately afterwards Kenpachi and Mayuri Kurotsuchi fight. A little later, Kenpachi begins to track down the strongest of them, especially when they reach Seireitei. At first he has orientation problems because he has to rely on his Vice-Commander Yachiru Kusajishi, but he comes one step closer than visiting his defeated 3rd Officer Ikkaku Madarame in the hospital wing, who is almost attacked by Mayuri. After the defeat of Vice-Commander Renji Abarai, who was defeated by Ichigo, he can finally find the one with his companions. Kenpachi's immense Reiat intimidates Ichigo so much that Ichigo is unable to hurt Kenpachi.

But when Ichigo senses that Chad's reiatsu is getting weaker, he loses self-confidence and can now hurt Kenpachi. Immediately after realizing that Kenpachi does not even know the name of his Zanpakuto and therefore cannot get stronger, Ichigo is stabbed by his opponent to his shock. When Kenpachi thinks he has won, Ichigo gets up with tremendous reiatsu and Kenpachi is so eager to fight that he opens his eye patch, which unseals the reiatsu. Both bet on one last, final blow, which leaves the battlefield in ruins. The fight ends in a draw, Ichigo goes to the ground first and shortly afterwards Kenpachi, both of them accept this as a defeat. Kenpachi is carried away by Yachiru and wakes up again, and tries again to communicate with his Zanpakuto.
He is then taken unconscious to 4th Company, where he is being cared for.

Later, by chance, he meets Orihime Inoue, one of the Ryoka, and frees Chad, Ishida and Ganju from their prison cells in order to search for the same with Ichigo's friends and thus meets members of the 7th and 9th Company, with Kenpachi each other the two commanders of the divisions, Sajin Komamura and Kaname Tousen. Kenpachi dominates at the beginning, especially since Komamura refuses to fight someone like him with Bankai. Instead, Tousen uses his Bankai and numbs his senses. By an idea he grabs Tousen's sword hilt and can perceive it again. When Tousens Bankai ends and he threatens to die himself, Komamura comes to his aid, breaking his mask and revealing his true face. He also uses his Bankai against Kenpachi, but flees in the middle of the fight as he senses Shigekuni Yamamoto-Genryusais Reiatsu.

Then meets his energetic 5th officer Yumichika Ayasegawa, who won his fight against Shuuhei Hisagi. He and all the other Shinigamis and the Ryoka learn about Aizen's intrigue from Vice-Commander Isane Kotetsu, but does not appear himself to take him prisoner. After these events he hunts Ichigo again, but does not say goodbye to Ichigo and his friends when they leave the Soul Society, Yachiru informs them that Kenpachi and Ichigo will definitely see each other again because they are the only ones who are meant to be seem what they are.

Bount Saga (Filler)

He and the other commanders are with the commandant and the commandant general is talking about Aizen's betrayal. Kenpachi can be seen together with Yachiru in his office, where they both find out about the ally of the bounts: Yachiru's predecessor Maki Ichinose. Later he sends Yumichika to Hitsugaya's troop, because Yachiru and Ikkaku are busy with unimportant things and Yumichika is sorting documents. When the bounts arrive in the Soul Society, he goes in search of them and ultimately meets Ichinose, who is currently fighting Ichigo and his friends. While the others flee, the two fight, but the skills of Ichinese's Zanpakuto Nijigasumi are not enough to defeat the murderer of his commander whom he hated. Kenpachi gives him back his self-confidence with a wise saying and Ichinose is again ready to defeat him with full strength. Kenpachi defeats him and Ichinose realizes that Jin Kariya's plans are wrong.

Arrancar saga

In the Arrancar saga, Kenpachi appears as a kind of illusion in Ichigo's subconscious, which has just been pierced by his inner hollow. Kenpachi fights Ichigo and says they are very similar in instinct and will to win. He also says Ichigo and Kenpachi are both people who live to fight. Ichigo's new self-confidence and determination help him to win over his inner hollow and thereby achieve his hollow mask.

Hueco Mundo Saga 1

After Orihime Inoue is taken to Hueco Mundo, Kenpachi is sent out with Byakuya to collect the Shinigami in the real world and so return to the Soul Society.

Shusuke Amagai Saga (Filler)

Kenpachi rarely appears in this saga and therefore seldom fights. He has his only fight with an assassin who disguised as a little girl wants to murder Rurichiyo Kasumiōji. Kenpachi appears out of nowhere and saves Rurichiyo. The assassin gives up his camouflage and attacks the commander, but is killed in one stroke. It is later learned that Kenpachi fought against Shuusuke Amagai for the commander's entrance exam. When the order is given to capture Ichigo and Rukia as traitors, he takes no action.

Hueco Mundo Saga 2

Later, Kenpachi Ichigo suddenly comes to the rescue in Las Noches against the Arrancar Tesra and kills him with a single swipe of the sword. He explains to Ichigo and Orihime that they had come with four other commanders (Byakuya, Mayuri, and Retsu Unohana) to aid Orihime's rescuers and that Yamamoto-Genryusai knew the girl did not volunteer to join Aizen's army. Kenpachi then immediately fights against the Quinto EspadaNnoitra Gilga. Both fight first with their powerful zanpakuto before the fight gets more serious. Kenpachi cannot overcome Nnoitra's strong Hierro at the beginning and therefore stabs his left eye. He is suddenly pierced by Nnoitra's hand and behind his eye patch is not an eye, but a hollow hole. Kenpachi is very amused by the fight and he can still injure him with harder blows.

After Nnoitra tears off Kenpachi's eye patch, the whole reiatsu is released and Nnoitra is inflicted a severe wound. When Kenpachi declares that the eye patch is a seal, the Espada releases its Zanpakuto Santa Teresa and now has four arms and four scythes. At first Nnoitra dominates, but then the Shinigami pushes the Arrancar further into distress. Nnoitra can surprise everyone involved with his two additional arms when he pierces again with one of the two Kenpachi. Kenpachi is happy about this fight again and attacks him again and again with full pleasure. However, in the end he was forced to use kendo because Nnoitra hit his artery and the shinigami would die.

With one blow, Nnoitra is so badly injured that he cannot even recover and is defeated. When Kenpachi tries to disappear, the Espada frowns upon him and attacks him desperately, as his pride has been hurt in particular. Kenpachi kills him with one blow, and the Espada dies before his body reaches the sand. Then he thanked Nnoitra for a good fight and tells Ichigo to take Orihime with him, but at that moment Stark appears and kidnaps Orihime again. Aizen announces that he will destroy Karakura Town and Ichigo wants to pursue him. But Kenpachi explains to him that the general commander foresaw this and that the Gotei 13 are already prepared against him in Fake Karakura Town. Ichigo disappears again to free Orihime from Ulquiorra.

Fake Karakura Town Saga 2

Along with Byakuya, Kenpachi appears to Ichigo before Cero EspadaYammy Llargo