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Description: Raider is now called Twix, ... otherwise nothing will change ”and that's how it is with N. Kröger“ Spiced ”rum, which is now called“ Breakfast's ”rum and nothing has changed. The name change was introduced by Nicolas Kröger, because many still think Spiced has something to do with "spicy". But Spiced here refers to the spices and is derived from the English word for spices "Spices". The distillate is a blend with rum varieties from the sun-drenched countries of Barbados, Panama, Trinidad and Jamaica. The individual rums are between 3 months and 8 years old and matured in American white oak barrels. The N. Kröger breakfast rum is bottled with 33.2% volume.

The result of this blend is a wonderful drop that is unparalleled among spiced rums. Refined with natural organic vanilla pods and natural flavors. Overall, the taste of the rum is very harmonious.

Tasting: When you open the bottle, you get a pleasant vanilla and toffee taste. The breakfast rum tastes like vanilla, honey, cinnamon and has a light peppery note that goes perfectly with the sweet whole. The finish of the rum is long-lasting and intense to finish off with a hint of tobacco.

Tip: The N. Kröger breakfast rum can be enjoyed pure or on ice and can be used for mixing.

Oh yes, for breakfast at Kakao, I would enjoy the rum with relish on a Sunday.

Source of supply: Kröger fine Spirits | Akazienstr. 2, 16766 Kremmen | www.wagemut.at