Which is actually considered to be police detention


Georg See├člen

To person

is a writer, cineast and critic.

Police officers are people who do the dirty work of a society, something between social garbage disposal and elite troops of power, between everyday heroes and unloved spoilers. And like everyone who works hard and has to take risks in their working life, police officers are poorly paid, poorly respected and poorly protected. On the one hand. But on the other hand, police officers are also among the last heroic figures in a post-heroic age, they reach places and people at the breakpoints of their countries and cultures and have a dramatic personal decision-making space that hardly any other profession knows. When in doubt, police officers rule over life and death or at least decide between freedom and imprisonment. The right and the wrong decision are as close together in everyday conflict as the good and the bad cop. The police represent the connection between state and society and paradoxically appears precisely where something is wrong with this connection. Police officers represent a social superego, which the old, lustful id encounters with cunning and disguise. The presence of the police is supposed to guarantee peace and order, but it triggers insecurity and unrest even in innocent people through and through. So it's no wonder that police officers provide the material for a lively imagination and creation of legends.

Police and society have a practical relationship with one another, but also a fictional one. Of course, the two do not always go together, but one is inconceivable without the other. Sometimes real and fictional police work intermingle, sometimes police work extends into the somewhat coarser segments of entertainment, and sometimes real police officers confuse themselves with their fictional images. The most violent attractions arise where the "classic" appearance - public, uniformed, ordering - changes into the secret, inconspicuous, investigative appearance - the policeman as a detective, as an undercover agent, as one who answers subversion with subversion and technological Arming crime with technological arming of intelligence.