What are waterproof vinyl floorboards

Laying click vinyl

1. Lay click vinyl

The surface for laying the click vinyl planks must be level, smooth, hard and dry, and free of dust, dirt and moisture. Remove old carpeting completely. Close cracks and crevices in the substrate with filler. Fill tile joints with floor leveling compound. Cork floors must be primed and then the surface must be covered over the entire surface with a mineral flow filler. An additional insulating underlay or underlay (sufficiently pressure-resistant!) Made of polyethylene compensates for small unevenness, reduces walking and footfall noise and improves overall living comfort - a PE film is essential for natural wood sub-floors. Now store the boards in the box for at least 48 hours in the room (at least 18 - 24 °) in which they will be laid later.

Please note: Never install floating on a floating sub-floor (e.g. laminate)! The covering underneath must be firmly screwed or glued or removed!

Guide to laying click vinyl: Silent Underlay insulation underlay

After acclimatization, first lay out a row of planks loosely: If the last plank is less than 30 centimeters, shorten the first plank by half of the remaining length, as the last plank should be the same length as the first. Now start laying the floor in one corner (left) with the groove facing away from the wall. Spacer wedges on walls, door frames, etc. provide the necessary eight to ten millimeter expansion joints.

If you have laid out the first row in a straight line, lever the individual elements in at an angle at the front.

Please note: For the flooring to look as natural as possible, mix the panels from different packages with different production serial numbers when laying.

Laying click vinyl guide: Break through the plank
Laying click vinyl guide: Score the surface

For the second row of planks, shorten the first plank to about two thirds of its length: Mark the plank accordingly and score the surface along a carpenter's corner. Now bend the plank apart until it breaks along the cut edge.

Guide to laying click vinyl: laying diagram

Now lever the first board lengthways at an angle on the first row. First connect the following boards at the front (hold them a bit away from the long side) and then push them into the long side.

Guide to laying click vinyl: b! Design Star Western Hickory

Continue this pattern for the rows that have yet to be laid. Finally, remove the spacer wedges and mount the skirting boards.

Please note: Always place the leftover pieces of the first planks on the wall - provided they are not shorter than 30 centimeters.