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You know you are Tamil when

written by .p
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Hi guys

Hope you all had an amazing Xmas. This post is going to be the last one for the year. I actually wanted to find out why Tamil people drink hot milk at midnight when white people drink champagne, but I simply couldn't find out. Somewhere I read it was a Sri Lankan / Sinhalese tradition but couldn't get it proved anywhere. Anyway ...... This weeks post is just a funny piece, so nothing serious :) I have read a lot of these before, so I just found some of them and collected them into a post ..... They are actually funny :)

You know you are Tamil when ...

  • You arrive one hour late to a party and find out you are the first one to arrive.
  • You spend ten minutes fake arguing with your guests who insist on washing their coffee cups.
  • You think it's perfectly normal to call someone who's 30 years younger than you "anna" just because he's behind a counter.
  • Your idea of ​​a romantic night out is to eat mutton rolls watching a Tamil movie in a run down theater.
  • You accidentally walk into an oor picnic and walk out with ten large trophies.
  • You wear a suit to a wedding ... and you are only 3 years old.
  • The wedding takes an hour and the group pictures take five.
  • Your mom and sister together own more jewelery than a Chinese jewelery store
  • Your parents' idea of ​​a vacation is to go down to the temple in another city than yours.
  • You talk for an hour at the front door when leaving someone's house.
  • The second your guests leave the house, your parents start talking about them.
  • Your parents think going to McDonald's is a night out
  • You go to a Tamil Cultural program only to find one baratha natyam and six hip hop shows.
  • You eat more mutton before 9 am than most people do in a month.
  • You are somehow related to every new friend you meet
  • Your remote control is still in its plastic packet, or re wrapped again filled with tape so hitting any button is a challenge.
  • You get a 95% on a test and your parents ask 'What happened to the other 5% ?!'
  • You stare at Tamil people when the walk by
  • You see married couples kissing on TV but have never seen your mom and dad get within 3 feet of each another.
  • Your parents never address each other by name.
  • When you get your first part-time job, your parents expect you to give them half.
  • Your mother has a minor dispute with her sister-in law and doesn't talk to her for 10 years.
  • Your parents say Paris instead of France and England is London.
  • You go to a party and your aunt comments on how your skin color has changed.
  • You watch a Tamil wedding tape and all the songs from Roja are dubbed in it.
  • When the supply teacher took attendance and there was a sudden pause, you put your hand up and said "here."
  • You shortened your name to make it sound Anglo.
  • You have dinner at 10 pm.
  • When your parents say 'BBC' they don't mean the news station but your uncle Nathan or aunty Kamala.
  • It's normal for all the relatives to bath the groom on his wedding day.
  • Your parents drive half way across the city to just to save a quarter off toilet paper.
  • You KNOW that your promiscuous second cousin on your father's side is pregnant even before she does.
  • Your aunties tease you about a particularly eligible cousin .... and you like it !!
  • You serve all your guests tea with milk and 5 spoons of sugar.
  • You only stop putting more rice on your guest's dinner plate 7 times after they tell you to stop.
  • anytime you speak back to your parents, you get: "Naanga eppadi khasta pattathukku nee ithuvum kathaipa ithukku melayum kathaipa"
  • Any girl in her tweens is subjected to - "eppa kundu poda poringal" - in terms of menstruation - nice symbolic metaphor..naan enna Osama Bin Laden-ah illati hiroshima-va? .. Bloody fools
  • If you are a girl, you are expected to come home before dark - however if its a son. "ok rasa poitu vaa..kavanam enna"
  • Any word starting with an S is actually pronounced beginning with "Is". ie: School = Is-kool
  • You know that you're Tamil when some one is sick at your home, your relatives will bring HORLICKS and oranges.
  • You know that you're Tamil when halfway through your shower you realize that your Head and Shoulders Shampoo is gone and has been replaced by Shiyakkai Shampoo.
  • You know that you're Tamil when you walk in to another Tamil family's house and they have the same furniture and dining set as yours!
  • You know that you're Tamil when your Mom is scared of every size of DOG!
  • You know you're Tamil when you bring mutton rolls, kesari and vadai to your school's bake sale.
  • You know you're Tamil when your parents expect you to know every word in the English dictionary. If you don't, they'll ask what they teach you in school.
  • You know you are Tamil when you put your jewelry in a biscuit tin.
  • You know you're tamil when your parents tell you should be getting a 100% in English because you speak it fluently
  • You know you are at a tamil wedding when they announce they have opened up the dance floor, you start to wonder which of your middle aged uncles is going to break out the booze induced gaana moves this time
  • You know you are at a Tamil wedding when the priest who spent months finding the most auspicious time for the marriage shows up late to the wedding and announces that incidentally there will be an even more auspicious time in half an hour!
  • You know you are at a Tamil wedding when happiness quickly turns into anger and tears when you realize the line for the proof photos started while you were in the restroom.

Guys hope you had some fun reading this :) Now get ready for Silvester and celebrate it with lots of fun and party. See you all next year with some really exciting projects coming up on Kondattam.de

Until next time