How to say 500 in Spanish

Spanish numbers 1 to 1000


Learn to read and write Spanish numbers 1 to 1000. With this overview you will learn the formation of the Spanish numbers up to 1000. The basic numbers up to 100 on this page serve as the basis. If these are mastered, all numbers between 100 and 1000 can easily be formed and understood with the information on this page.

The rules for the spelling of the numbers are very simple: The written out numbers are taken for the corresponding hundred and then the written out variant of the numbers from 1-99 is attached. For example, 215 is doscientos quince, where doscientos stands for 200 and quince for 15.

One thing should be noted: the single 100 is called cien and not ciento. An overview and a list of examples can be found in the following table:

100 cien
101 ciento uno / ciento una
102 ciento dos
103 ciento tres
104 ciento cuatro
105 ciento cinco
106 ciento seis
107 ciento siete
108 ciento ocho
109 ciento nueve
110 ciento diez
111 ciento once
112 ciento doce
113 ciento trece
114 ciento catorce
115 ciento quince
116 ciento dieciséis
117 ciento diecisiete
118 ciento dieciocho
119 ciento diecinueve
120 ciento veinte
200 doscientos / doscientas
300 trescientos / trescientas
400 cuatrocientos / cuatrocientas
500 quinientos / quinientas
600 seiscientos / seiscientas
700 setecientos / setecientas
800 ochocientos / ochocientas
900 novecientos / novecientas
1000 mil
310trescientos diez
410cuatrocientos diez
510quinientos diez
520quinientos veinte
530quinientos treinta
540quinientos cuarenta
550quinientos cincuenta
560quinientos sesenta
570quinientos setenta
571quinientos setenta y uno
572quinientos setenta y dos
573quinientos setenta y tres
574quinientos setenta y cuatro