Which museums should I visit in Prague?

The best of Prague's museums and galleries

The Czech metropolis not only offers beautiful views and romantic strolls through the historic streets and parks. If you are in the mood for art or knowledge, there is a whole range of museums and galleries available. The following list contains the most interesting things about Prague's museum and gallery scene.

The National Museum (Národní muzeum) and its objects

The National Museum is the largest museum in the Czech Republic. It is dedicated to a range of scientific disciplines and collecting areas from the natural sciences to specialized areas of the social sciences. It includes collections of material on the development of nature, prehistory and the history of Czech and international provenance. The museum exhibits are located in several buildings in Prague. The National Museum also hosts a number of cultural and educational programs.

National Gallery Prague (Národní gallery Praha)

The second oldest gallery in Europe after the Louvre in Paris offers top works of Czech and international visual arts in its permanent exhibits and exhibitions. The exhibition space of the National Gallery is currently located in these objects: Monastery of St. Agnes of Bohemia, Schwarzenberg Palace and Trade Fair Palace.

Kampa Museum

One of Prague's most attractive museums of modern art can be found in the former Sova mills on the Lesser Town. The collection of Jan and Meda Mládek includes a collection of works by the pioneer of abstract art František Kupka, the Czech Cubist sculptor Otta Gutfreund, and works by important 20th century artists from the so-called Eastern Bloc. Short-term exhibitions present Czech artists. The current special summer exhibition presents the work of Alfons Mucha, the main representative of Art Nouveau painting, and Pasta Oner, the leading figure in the Czech visual scene.

Portheimka - Museum of Glass

The only museum in Prague devoted to the phenomenon of artificial glass is located in the beautifully decorated representative rooms of the Baroque pleasure palace Portheimka in the Smíchov district. There is a stylish coffee house with a summer garden on the ground floor of the villa. Don't miss the current exhibition of luxury Czech jewelry, Stardust.

Gallery of the City of Prague (Gallery hlavního města Prahy)

The gallery focuses in its exhibition activities primarily on modern and contemporary art, at the same time it is also responsible for the Prague monuments, statues and fountains. You can visit the gallery exhibitions in some buildings in Prague, including the Villa Bílek in Hradčany, Troja Castle and the House At the Stone Bell on Old Town Square.

Decorative Arts Museum (Uměleckoprůmyslové museum)

The main building of the Kunstgewerbemuseum is open to the public again after a general renovation. In the wonderful interior there are exhibitions that are gradually being expanded. Visitors can look forward to unique exhibits ranging from furniture and glass to fashion, jewelry, toys and photography.

Contemporary Art Center (Centrum současného umění DOX)

The multifunctional space for the presentation of international and Czech art, architecture and design is located in Holešovice, in a reconstructed complex of industrial buildings from the 19th century. The DOX center is perceived as a dynamic cultural platform, as a space in which different approaches and tendencies can meet. The dominant feature of the center is the unique architectural project of the Gulliver airship, inspired by the elegant shapes of the airships from the early 20th century, which was laid on the roof of the gallery and is a place for modern art and literature to meet.

Lobkowitz Palace (Lobkowiczký palác)

The only private object in the Prague Castle area houses a museum with the art collections of the Lobkowitz family, which is considered to be the largest and oldest collection in the Czech Republic that is still owned by its original owners. The collections include pictures by world-famous painters as well as musical instruments and manuscripts by important composers from the 17th to 19th centuries. Century, for example Beethoven and Mozart.

National Technical Museum and National Agricultural Museum(Národní technické muzeum aNárodní zemědělské muzeum)

The duo of monumental functionalist buildings in Letná offers unique collections that document the development of many technical areas, natural and exact sciences, and industry and agriculture. Part of the National Agricultural Museum is a roof garden from which there is a beautiful view of Prague.

Museum of Local Public Transport - Střešovice Depot (Muzeum MHD - Vozovna Střešovice)

The museum is located in the historical premises of the tram depot in Střešovice, in an object that is a technical monument. The unique collection offers visitors more than 40 historical vehicles and other exhibits, such as photos from this period, models of old sets, historical documents, tickets and posters. A new addition to the exhibition is a dark tram that people used to ride during World War II.

Prague City Museum (Muzeum hlavního města Prahy)

The museum manages a huge number of collections that outline the history of the capital Prague. The archaeological collections form the numerically most comprehensive unit of the museum. The main building in Florenc is currently closed for renovations, but all other objects in the museum, including two unique villas, are in operation. The museum also manages six of Prague's most visited towers, including the Petřín Lookout Tower and the Mirror Maze.

Charles Bridge Museum (Muzeum Karlova mostu)

In close proximity to Charles Bridge, in some halls of the former Křižovnický Hospital and the Church of the Holy Spirit, there is a museum dedicated to the second oldest stone bridge in the Czech Republic. You will encounter the history of this unique place and unique building. The connection that leads across the Vltava not only leads us from the old town to the Lesser Town, but also to the times of the coronations of Czech kings who crossed the Charles Bridge on these occasions.

Cold War Museum in Hotel Yalta

The museum is located in the basement of the luxury hotel Jalta in a former nuclear bunker. The communists built the bunker under the Hotel Yalta not only for their celebrities, but also for high officers of the Warsaw Pact. Up until 1989, however, the state security, which wiretapped hotel guests from the west, was also located ten meters underground.

Photo: Prague City Tourism