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Hubertus School Schiefbahn

The Hubertus School, under the leadership of its sponsoring association, offers the support measure “Reliable School”, which means that in our “Hubi Club” facility, children are educated outside of the lessons in the time from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. of 6 supervisors in 2 groups supervised. There are currently around 70 children. In addition to seasonal handicrafts and homework supervision (if desired), a lot of social learning takes place here. A separate room is available for the children to supervise their homework, so that concentrated work is guaranteed.


Each group has its own room, which is connected to a kitchen. The rooms are bright and friendly, the furniture is colorful and child-friendly (completely renewed in 2009). Here you can play to your heart's content. There are: cuddling and reading corners, handicraft and painting tables, some books, board games of all kinds, as well as building blocks, Legos, dollhouses and much more. The school yard with all its possibilities is also used.
Winning and losing has to be practiced. While playing, boys and girls learn to be considerate of their play partners, to convince others of their own idea and to give in from time to time are often required skills in this mixed-age group.

A midday snack

During the care period, a fruit break is offered for everyone, the costs for the fruit are covered by the friends' association, as well as mineral water for the children. Since lunch is not offered, the children are offered a crackling with Nutella, cream cheese or jam from 1:00 p.m., which is also an additional service of the friends' association or, in some cases, a donation from the parents.


Parents who want childcare must be a member of the development association (€ 12.50 per year), and parents pay € 43.00 for the first child and € 23.00 per month for childcare costs for the second child . On parenting days as well as on flexible holidays or at an educational conference, there is continuous supervision from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Then there is a full breakfast and specials.

Care during the holidays

Of course, the holidays are not completely, but partially supervised. The summer holidays with 3 weeks, the autumn and Easter holidays with 1 week. These costs are not included in the care costs. For the holidays, the carers will work out a program that will be made available to the parents. There is also an excursion every week that is adapted to the theme of the program.


In addition, the association organizes work groups (AG) for the children twice a year so that they can exercise their skills in the form of physical activity and skillful work. These are also organized by members of the development association and billed separately. Participation is voluntary.

There is an intensive exchange between the supervisors and the teachers.

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