What is Note Holder

Generating Digital Wealth for Generations

Using the blockchain technology, you can build up a digital asset portfolio for your future:

Digital wealth in the age of digitization

Exclusive access to alternative assets

Flexibility and security using new technologies

What Does “Digital Wealth” Mean?

Information, pictures, music have been available digitally since long - at any time. But what about your money or your own wealth? Online banking, credit cards or payment providers on the Internet have made the flow of money digitally accessible. They offer many advantages in speed and liquidity. But unfortunately, banks or mere online banks do not offer attractive interest rates. Digitally accessible assets are hard to find. In addition, there is already a negative interest rate. You should start protecting your assets from inflation right now.

It is time that your assets are also digitally displayed and also benefit from advantages such as flexibility and liquidity. However, safety should still go first. Through our investment platform you have access to alternative investments. We structure and digitalize alternative investments for you. Our platform allows you to put together your own portfolio and generate your digital assets for generations to come.

Digital Wealth: Innovative, Valuable and Individual

With the help of blockchain technology you can build up a digital professional portfolio of exclusive assets. Through FINEXITY, investors provide debt capital in the form of equity-like debt securities and receive a “digital share” (investment token) of the specific asset in return for the capital contribution.

The investment tokens are created after the purchase of the asset and are issued directly to the investors via a smart contract. Each bond holder will thus receive proceeds from the running returns and any subsequent sale profits (less costs and fees) corresponding to the share.

Potentials of Digital Assets

Cost efficiency

The digital processes reduce the effort and costs of capital investment to a minimum. The acquired tokens are managed directly via a so-called wallet. They can be transferred securely and without intermediaries such as banks and other financial service providers. This results in considerable cost savings, which have a positive effect on returns and distributions to investors.

100% asset connected

The investment tokens represent a digital portion of a specific asset. Investors thus gain access to assets that are often only available to institutional investors due to their high capital requirements, the time required for management or the know-how in selection. In addition, the returns are 100% variable based on the performance of the underlying and are not limited to certain maximum values.


The low entry barriers enable every investor to put together his own portfolio from a wide range of different investment opportunities. The decision on the selection as well as the allocation of the assets remains exclusively with the investor and there are neither fund structures nor external decision makers.


Each project with its contractual conditions is mapped on the blockchain using a smart contract. The contract applies, inter alia. for issuing the token and cannot be changed afterwards. The blockchain logs every transaction, creating an order book in which all ownership claims are invariably stored in the history and transfers are traceable.