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With the Maserati Levante, a new attacker entered the SUV stage in 2016. From June 2021, the four-cylinder hybrid drive will move to the position of the diesel that has already been discontinued. We expect a price of around 80,000 euros.

The sports car brand has been riding the SUV wave with the Maserati Levante since 2016 - at a price from 81,271 euros (as of April 2021). He positions himself with a wide open radiator grille, sharp headlight slots and wide flared fenders as a dynamic. The Levante is equipped with air suspension, all-wheel drive and eight-speed automatic as standard and comes off the production line in Mirafiori in Turin. A V6 petrol engine with 350 hp is available as drive, followed by the Levante S with 430 hp. The V8 versions GTS (530 PS) and Trofeo (580 PS) ranked above this. A diesel version has already been discontinued. It will be replaced from June 2021 by the Maserati Levante Hybrid as the new entry-level engine, which should be livelier and more dynamic than a diesel and more sustainable than a conventional combustion engine. The hybrid drive is the result of extensive development work in the so-called "Maserati Innovation Lab" in Modena and is manufactured at the Termoli site. The mechanical components of the thoroughbred Maserati engine have been optimized so that more torque and power are achieved through the turbocharger and the additional e-compressor. The electronic engine management has also changed and is now being taken over by a control unit of the latest generation from Bosch. The price for the Maserati Levante (2016) as a hybrid should be around 80,000 euros.More on the topic: The Maserati Levante GTS / Trofeo in the driving report

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Prize: Maserati Levante Hybrid (2016) also as a hybrid

The 48-volt hybrid system of the hybridized Maserati Levante (2016) is based on four components: belt starter generator (RSG), battery, electric compressor and DC / DC converter. The RSG, which also functions as an alternator, enables braking energy to be recovered and charges the battery located in the rear of the vehicle, which in turn supplies the motor's electric compressor with power. This electric compressor supplements the turbocharger and provides powerful torque in the lower speed range. The functional strategy of the hybrid system is designed in such a way that the e-compressor is always powered by the battery or the RSG when required. The combination of RSG and e-compressor enables additional charging - even when the engine is working in the upper speed range in sport mode. A performance plus is achieved here, while in normal mode the focus is more on balanced efficiency. Thanks to a maximum output of 243 kW (330 PS) and 450 Newton meters of torque, which is already available at 2250 tours (90 percent of which even at 1750 rpm), the performance of the Maserati Levante Hybrid - like all other Levante models - can be improved All-wheel drive equipped - absolutely to be seen: a top speed of 240 km / h and an acceleration from zero to 100 km / h in six seconds suit a sports car brand like Maserati. The hybrid is characterized by details in cobalt blue: on the outside, these are the three classic side air outlets, the brake calipers (optional) and the trident logo on the C-pillar. Inside, the decorative seams on the seats take up the shade of blue. Other innovations concern the MIA infotainment system (Maserati Intelligent Assistant) of the Maserati Levante (2016), which is now based on Google Android Automotive technology.

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