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Finding the best typewriter is not as easy as one might think, because even in the modern age of communication, the choice is still very large. In addition, before buying, you not only have to deal with the different types of typewriters, but you should also be aware of the advantages and disadvantages and consider which model is suitable for your purposes. However, all of this makes the search for the ideal device quite time-consuming. If you don't have the time and you just want to find a good typewriter quickly, you can follow our purchase recommendation, because we have already done the research for you. We can therefore highly recommend the AX-110 from Brother, because the device impresses with its convenient handling, correction memory and a speed of up to 700 characters per minute. Alternatively, the model Carrera de luxe from Olympia is highly recommended, because the typewriter is solidly made, has a strong stroke, a 90-character correction memory and allows up to 660 characters per minute.



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If you want to buy a typewriter, you are spoiled for choice, because the range is still very large. In order to find the best typewriter for your purposes, you should therefore first consider whether the advantages over a laptop outweigh the advantages for you. Only then should you deal with the different types and the most important purchase criteria and carry out a price comparison. Finally, you can take a recommendation to buy from our list of the best, because we have identified the best typewriters of 2021 and summarized them for you.


Types of typewriters

If you want to buy a cheap typewriter for nostalgic reasons, you can use a mechanical typewriter. These models work without electricity, but are only available used today. In principle, new mechanical typewriters are no longer produced, as they do not offer any real advantages compared to electrical or electronic devices, if one disregards operation without electricity. That is why we concentrated on electric and electronic typewriters in the test. We'll tell you where the differences are here.

Electric typewriters:

These are typewriters that are equipped with either textile or carbon ribbons. The pressure is not determined by the force of the finger, but implemented electromechanically. Often there is a ball head or a type wheel that is responsible for printing the letters on the paper. The typeface is very even and the typing effort is very little. If you buy a typewriter with a carbon ribbon, it may also make sense to make sure that there is also a correction ribbon that can be used to erase typing errors.

Electronic typewriters:

This is what typewriters are called, which are basically a small typing computer. There are already functions for advanced users, so that they are often used by authors. Alignment, justification, and many other things can be set. There is usually a character memory and sometimes complete texts can be saved and retrieved. Special functions such as bold, italic or underlined are also available, as are more modern special characters such as @ or the € symbol. Electronic typewriters are usually operated with a carbob belt.


Why choose a modern typewriter over a PC?

There are still many people who simply prefer to be able to write directly on paper. Professional authors in particular often work with typewriters. This can have various reasons. For example, many like the different key resistance or the typical noise development when typing. It is simply something different to see the text directly in printed form in front of you than to see it initially on a monitor or display, because digitally the text never looks 1: 1 as it does in printed form. In particular also with regard to the printed font size or the appearance on the paper.

Typewriters are also very useful for filling out forms, because the text can be brought into the correct position quickly and easily. In some professions, this makes typewriters simply more practical and faster than scanning, editing and printing out on a PC or laptop. Another criterion for many is data security. A typewriter is neither on the Internet, nor is there any danger that someone outside the room can read along in any way. This, too, sets typewriters apart from PCs. With modern devices, you can also easily use special functions or correct typing errors. Even pre-saved form data can be stored on many devices. All of these advantages mean that the typewriter is a long way from becoming extinct.

Which typewriter for whom?

When comparing different models in question, you should orient yourself on your requirements. For example, some place particular value on versatility, such as different fonts that can be printed in bold or even different fonts or the adaptation of block sets, etc. Storage and correction options are also part of a very versatile typewriter. In this case, the only option for you is an electronic typewriter. We also recommend professional authors who do not want to work with a PC to use an electronic typewriter

But if you prefer mechanical handling and can do without memory functions, you can also take a look at electric typewriters. The typeface is also very even here and there is also the option of correcting typing errors on many models. However, before you buy, you should definitely check whether there are corrective ribbons and color ribbons for the model that are still available in stores as new goods.

If you are only concerned with the nostalgic effect and the clacking noise and the special mechanical and sometimes sluggish feeling when writing that only a typewriter can offer, then you can also use the classic mechanical typewriter. The range of office typewriters is still very large and there are also smaller, compact models for little money. But make sure that you can still get matching ribbons. For this you should take a look at the corresponding DIN standard.


5 best typewriters (test) 2021


In the age of computers, tablets, and notebooks, buying a typewriter can seem a bit out of date. However, such devices make sense where you don't want to take a notebook and printer with you because of the location. If you still want to hold your written work in your hands so that you can continue working with it, it makes sense to buy an electric typewriter. It is of great interest to writers in particular. Purely mechanical models are rarely seen today, as these have largely been replaced by electrical machines. However, since there are so many of these, we have taken a close look at the most popular products and would like to introduce you to the five best typewriters of 2021.



1. Brother AX-110 Electric Typewriter


The AX-110 from the company Brother prevailed as the test winner and therefore the best typewriter in the test. With this model you can do your writing tasks quickly and reliably. Thanks to numerous convenience functions such as bold print, automatic centering and underlining as well as right-aligned writing and line indentation, you have a great tool at hand for various stylistic requirements in order to be able to produce your documents in high quality.

A built-in 1-line proofreading memory enables you to proofread your written work again before you finally put it on paper. The model comes from the factory with the pre-set font "Prestige", which, however, only serves as basic equipment. You can reorder additional fonts at any time afterwards. So you can work even more creatively and flexibly.

No matter how fast you type, with a writing speed of a little more than 700 characters per minute, the Brother model is also suitable for very fast typists. Unfortunately, the machine has neither the € nor the @ symbol, which can be a major disadvantage in today's era, depending on the text category. All in all, however, it is a very reliable product that was able to convince in the test. If you want to buy a solid and reliable electric typewriter, you can't go wrong with the model from Brother.


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2. Olympia Carrera de Luxe typewriter


The typewriter Carrera de luxe from Olympia proved to be very reliable and solid in the test. Their natural but powerful stroke, as known from older keyboards, ensures that you don't have to correct your texts as often, because accidentally hitting the wrong keys is reduced to a minimum.

If you have recognized an error, you can correct it again within 90 characters, as the model from Olympia is equipped with a 90-character correction memory. With a writing speed of 11 characters per second, or 660 characters per minute, the Carrera de luxe is on par with other models in its category, so that it is also quite suitable for fast writers. A centering function as well as bold, underline and word underline is also possible in order to be of the best possible help in creating a well-formatted document. The line spacing can optionally be set to 1, 1.5 and 2 and an automatic paper feed is also integrated. The special characters @ and € can also be used, but this works a bit more complicated via a special character setting. Some testers reported that with frequent use, however, you get used to it quite well once you have internalized the key combinations. All in all, it's a very good product that does exactly what it was designed for.


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3. Brother AX310 Portable Typewriter


Like comparable devices from the manufacturer, the AX310 offers a good price-performance ratio. The model is compact and comes with a type wheel with 96 characters. It is supplied with the preset "Prestige" font, but the font can be replaced or supplemented by other fonts as an optional extra.

The font division of 10, 12 and 15 characters per inch gives you the opportunity to optimally adapt your typeface to the requirements of your text. Thanks to the maximum writing speed of 720 characters per minute, the model is also in good hands with secretaries who are known to be able to type very quickly. With a weight of 4.5 kg, this machine is slightly lighter than its competitors, which means that it can be conveniently placed on the thigh while working on the sofa. In terms of price, it is in the middle price segment, which is why a purchase recommendation can be made for anyone who is enthusiastic about writing on an electric typewriter and who wants to be as flexible and mobile as possible.


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4. Panasonic R191 Electric Typewriter


The R191 model from Panasonic offers a significantly more compact design than conventional writing implements.

Equipped with a handle and a cover, this typewriter can be locked at any time in order to either be prepared for transport or to protect the mechanism from dust. With a slightly lighter keystroke than with comparable models, it is particularly possible to write long texts without overstressing the finger joints.

With a maximum writing speed of 660 characters per minute, it is on par with most competing models, but it scores with its low price. All in all, the electric typewriter from Panasonic is particularly interesting for prolific writers and could represent a sensible investment for book authors, because it is an inexpensive typewriter that is still impressive thanks to the high-quality workmanship.


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5. T 180 Plus


In the test, the Twen 180 Plus from the company of the same name, Twen, scored points above all with its practical, intuitive operation. Bold, superscript, subscript, and underline are just a few of the features this model offers. There is also the option of saving twelve tab positions so that you can use them while writing. This was especially useful for creating nice résumés and tables in the test.

A 90-character text memory enables the author to cancel erroneously incorrect entries before they are printed on the paper. Texts can be aligned right or left and centered, so that the Twen 180 Plus can fulfill every wish in terms of design. The choice of material that was used in the construction is not ideal because a lot of hard plastic is used. In some places, however, metal would have been more appropriate for reasons of stability.

If you use the device without constantly changing location, the somewhat lower stability does not have a negative effect on the print or work quality. If you are still looking for a suitable typewriter for your office at home, which should support you in your creative work as best as possible, the model is therefore absolutely recommendable despite the somewhat simpler processing.


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