How does Criss Angel walk on the water

Drama in Magic Show: Magician Criss Angel passed out!

Big shock for the fans of the magician Criss Angel (49)! His famous "straitjacket trick" went wrong on a gig in Las Vegas: The illusionist tried to get out of his predicament, but did not move after a few minutes!

Criss Angel repeatedly takes great risks with his stunts and regularly puts his life in danger: He has already let himself be rolled over by a roller, let himself be buried alive, waited for hours in cold water or walked with bare feet over razor-sharp glass. His viewers go crazy over and over again! Now the audience had to watch dramatic scenes at his show in the gambling metropolis!Criss put on a straitjacket and was hung upside down by a rope, reported TMZ. Then the shock: The illusionist tried in vain to free himself and passed out! The magic show was canceled and Criss was immediately hospitalized!

In the late evening, the fans could breathe a sigh of relief: The magician was allowed to leave the emergency room and suffered no serious injuries. Incredible: The 49-year-old was right back on stage with the same trick - luckily, successfully!

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Is that going too far? What do you think of Criss Angel's stunts? 1178 votes
Definitely! This is no longer entertainment.
That's what makes his shows so awesome! He knows what he's doing!

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