What are the benefits of camping

Self-experiment : The advantages of camping without the disadvantages

The idea of ​​camping is of course very appealing. Escape the city, exchange walls for tarpaulin. Sitting in front of the tent with a paraffin lamp in the evening, being woken up in the morning by the rising sun, rustling and chirping. From the jetty into the lake.

If only it weren't for this air mattress pump and repelling insects. Getting up with a stiff back, crawling, the eternal search, the futile lashing and laborious getting up again.

There should be the advantages of camping without the disadvantages. So why not borrow a “TrailDog” and anyone who has camped in the GDR will remember this construction of a Klappfix, later a camptourist - produced by VEB Fahrzeugwerk Olbernhau until 1989.

A caravan with the folded tent on it. Fanned out in a jiffy, it should be turned into a living space. The mattress comes on the trailer, nicely raised. But where it says “faster and easier assembly and dismantling”, you should be skeptical. It takes a bit of manual experience. And you shouldn't be less than 1.65 meters if you want to bring the “TrailDog” from a Hamburg workshop to a standstill on your own: The arm extension is not supplied as standard. Once upon a time it was beneficial to be small when camping.

A shock every time I look in the rearview mirror

Detlef Faust, head of the Carbotec camping rental and outfitter, looks slightly worried and amused at the same time. In the parking lot of his company premises in Königs Wusterhausen, he explains the "TrailDog" step by step. Complete assembly with extending the mini kitchen unit, complete dismantling and finally coupling.

"Where are you going?"

"On the green meadow, to Flecken Zechlin."

"Well then good luck."

With good wishes for the weather and the advice not to drive faster than the permitted 80 km / h, Faust releases his well-kept rental trailer into the weekend.

Quickly on the autobahn to Berlin, collect the family. A shock every time I look in the rearview mirror: Which idiot drives so close? It's just the trailer. The team is around 8.50 meters long with the station wagon. It is impossible to park it in Berlin's parking space management zone 29 in such a way that one can forward out of the gap.

Suddenly there is far too much fabric left, the tone becomes rougher

Things get serious on the green field. What did you just say? Sure, loosen the protective tarpaulin, carefully unfold the tent tarpaulin. If you think of the construct as a clock face, you pull it clockwise from a quarter to a half. Okay, that was easy. Now to the linkage. To make everything stable, extendable metal poles belong in the outer corners of the tent. Success! But not.

Suddenly there is far too much fabric left that needs to be stretched. A look at the very good instructions for use. Corrections are made, a rubber sleeve that is supposed to enclose the tent pole where it stands on the fabric floor is gone. The tone becomes sharper. Now knock the pegs into the grass with the rubber mallet provided. Ouch, that was the hand. As colleague and camping guru Andreas Austilat, happily married for decades, wrote so aptly: "Anyone can do a hotel."

The tent is still limp, but the short vacationers are extremely tense with zips and mosquito nets. While the adults are busy analyzing inclination (who will roll in which direction at night?), The children have discovered the short ladder to the bed and are testing the jumping quality of the cold foam. Yes, right, cold foam. Goodbye, sleeping mat, goodbye, air mattress. The "TrailDog" has a 1.80 meter wide and two meter long luxury mattress that rests on a special suspension made of plastic beer lids.

The room climate in the modern Klappfix is ​​remarkable

When the last peg is in the ground and the awning is in place, we pull the camping chairs out of the trailer's belly. At last.

From the outside, the first impression is: something is still wrong, but we leave it that way for now. Second impression: the thing is gigantic. You could easily set up a bunk bed in the tent. If the weather were bad - the camping god was coming - the four of us could make ourselves comfortable inside and listen to the patter of the rain without having to feel it. The fabric has a water-repellent effect, all fasteners seem tight, the details of the panorama windows are well thought out (Velcro fasteners!). A small pocket for keys and mobile phone serves as a bedside table at the head of the sleeping area.

The room climate in the modern Klappfix is ​​remarkable. If the sun is gone, it gets cold immediately on that May night. We sleep in jogging suits under our usual duvets, the four of us on the cold foam, because nobody wants to voluntarily lie on the mattress they brought with us. If someone has to leave the tent at night, the symphony of zippers can be heard. We whisper what is better: pull slowly and painfully - or quickly and fortissimo?

If the sun rises at 4.50 a.m. over the Großer Zechliner See, it gets hot within minutes. A few survivors of the handcart party screeching in the distance, or was it a golden eagle? 130 minutes until the bakery on the market square opens.

After a day outdoors we stuff the tent surprisingly quickly according to Detlef Faust's laws and squeeze the air out. All that remains is a rubber nozzle.

Borrow and Buy

Carbotec, Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 177, 15711 Koenigs Wusterhausen. Rental price of the “TrailDog” 23 euros per day plus a service fee of 130 euros. Information under 03375-21780.

At 3dogcamping.eu/de you can try out the tent trailer configurator and put together your dream version.

The costs for a basic version are around 9,000 euros.

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