Am i in an abusive relationship

13 signals of domestic violence that are psychological in nature

In recent years, media attention and awareness of domestic violence has continued to increase. There are now series like Big Little Lieswho put the topic in the foreground by depicting very realistic abusive relationships in order to enlighten our society.
Big Little Lies shows, for example, that domestic violence can have different facets and that everyone can be a victim of it. Above all, the series also makes it clear that an abusive relationship is not always associated with physical violence. That's more of a common misconception anyway, says Rachel Goldsmith, vice president of victim protection at Safe Horizon. “Many believe that if you haven't been physically abused you are not a victim of domestic violence,” she explains.

Psychological violence in a relationship has serious consequences

Domestic violence is basically a pattern of power and control that one person exercises over the other in a relationship. "The perpetrators try to gain power or control over their victims in different ways - and these don't necessarily have to be physical," says Goldsmith.
There is a whole list of violent behaviors that would qualify as domestic violence. Recognizing these is the key to prevention! If you think a loved one is in an abusive or violent relationship, be sure to express your concerns. But try to show a lot of compassion, advises Goldsmith. “Sometimes it takes a while for someone to feel safe enough to admit they are being abused. But it is never wrong to make your friend aware of your worries, ”she says.

Check out this slideshow for a list of subtle signs of domestic violence, most of which indicate mental abuse.