How do I read people like Sherlock

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Enthusiastic about the Sherlock Holmes series? We all want to read people like Sherlock. Science shows us how body language is more powerful than we previously thought.

MIT has found that 87% of the outcome of a discussion can be predicted through body language. In the book "The Charisma Myth" this experiment from MIT is described. It did not matter whether the people were facing each other or had a conversation on the phone. Just by analyzing body language, the result was predicted without even hearing a single word.


Most of what we know about body language is not based on science, but on estimates. We think we know what the other is thinking but don't really know. We don't know the signs.

How can we really read humans? Let's look at answers from science.

But first, we should understand all of the mistakes we make.


So far you've been doing this wrong

In the book "The Silent Language of Leaders" the author describes some of the points we make when we try to read people.

We don't look for patterns:One thing is that we often find a thing and judge it. In the porker it seems easy when we recognize a pattern when this bluff. But in reality we don't see these patterns. Ask yourself the question of whether a person's behavior is related to x.

We ignore the context:Crossed arms doesn't always mean dislike. It can also be just cold or there is no way to support your arms. Ask yourself the question of whether someone should act like this in this situation

We don't know the basis:If someone keeps talking fast, it says nothing about the person if he is talking fast in a situation. Ask yourself if it is normal how he is doing right now.

We are biased:You are too quick to judge a person. One person tells you you look good and subconsciously, you can subconsciously suffer the person better. I know you don't let yourself be influenced that easily.

When can you trust your gut feeling?


Good news. Often times, you can trust your instincts.

Bad news: First impressions are very influential and difficult to change.

First impressions are often quite helpful but you have to be willing to update them quite rapidly. That's what’s very hard to do.

Studies have shown that if someone is extroverted, religious, confident, or introverted - they are. And if you look good now, trust your instincts even more. Why?

We are all more attracted to, and more likely to trust, people who are attractive.

In general, we judge books, products, etc. by their appearance. This leads to us taking a closer look at the book and thinking more positively about it.

Do you want to know if someone is smart? Studies show that figuring out whether someone is smart or not is really difficult. One characteristic is that intelligent people are often funnier than others.

Did you know that people use "I" more? Less Have “power” than those who use “I” less?

Pennebaker finds that people who use “I” too often are more personal, warm, and honest. While people who use "I" less are more confident ... He also finds that the highest status person in a relationship tends to use "I" the least, and the person with the lowest status tends to Word "I" to be used more often.

How to read people in the summary:

  • Don't make the usual mistakes: Take into account the context, the patterns, and the unusual.
  • First impressions are often correct: A number of traits allow you to trust your gut with confidence. But you know which one.
  • Familiar facial expressions and emotional expression: These must be permanent and consistent.
  • People have patterns: Be sure to notice them. And look for narcissists in flashy clothing.
  • A deepening voice and touch say "Flirt": True for both men and women.