How does the demonization affect women

The demonization of feminism

The feminist anger over all-male rounds such as recently Žižek-Pfaller-Pilz has nothing to do with bans on thinking and speaking for "old white men", according to Lea Susemichel, editor of "An.schlag". Rather, it is about left-wing visions of the future that simply shouldn't be left to that generation, she explains in the guest commentary.

I thought it was a joke: Slavoj Žižek, Robert Pfaller, Peter Pilz all in one place - that actually has satirical symbolic power for macho mansplaining. But they are not so bold as to sit down on a podium together, of all places, and ignore all feminist criticism in order to talk about "sexual upheavals".

But yes, actually, it was they, even bold enough, after outrage over this vain ego show, to add Judith Ransmayr as a "patron saint" (self-description) at the last minute, but according to media reports only with a single short one between the male monologues Statement was allowed to have its say and was also addressed by the wrong name. My malice about so much unintentionally exhibited badger culture is admittedly great, but my bewilderment that there will still be a stage for it in 2019 is greater.

Vain all-male panels

Because at such events and the accompanying debates it is not about mere questions of representation, but actually about the future of left politics. Getting angry about such an all-male round has nothing to do with bans on thinking and speaking for "old white men", which the politically correct mob supposedly distributes because they cannot stand other opinions. Wanting to participate in political discourse - especially when this discourse is negotiating one's own emancipation - and sometimes contradicting men is not presumptuous and has nothing to do with censorship. It is a democratic matter of course.

Podiums and audience belong to these "old white men", that's a statistical fact. If an attempt is made to dispute these stages for them or, as in the current case, even to take their own stage for contradictions, such men reflexively complain of a feminist witch hunt in Trump's manner - although, in the tried and tested perpetrator-victim reversal, the historical one The persecuted become persecutors.

Rise of the Right

The political criticism of the positions for which the podium is exemplary remains unheard in the great self-victimization howl. But it is the political analysis of the present of these men, who position themselves as left, that is so wrong and dangerous that something must be countered by the feminist side. Because individual derailments, like Žižek's otherworldly article in the NZZ, are merely an expression of the attempt to demonize and discredit feminism as a whole. Feminism, together with other identity politics, is to blame for the rise of the right, according to the thesis that is unfortunately currently very widespread among the left-liberal public.

These "left men" are not too bad for alliances with right-wing anti-feminists, who also portray themselves as courageous rebels against a feminist mainstream that serves as a grateful cardboard comrade regardless of all real power relations. Because men from the most varied of camps and milieus can still agree that feminists should span the arch.

Together with the Jan Fleischhauers ("In the Brüderle affair ... the birth of the right-wing shift") and Michael Fleischhackers is now being railed against feminism, and leftists also claim in all seriousness that #MeToo is ultimately responsible for the rise of the FPÖ and AfD be.

Left visions of the future

Let it be clear to them: Instead, we owe the weakening of left parties and politics not only to the neoliberal paradigm shift in social democracy, but to precisely such a toxic imitation of the right-wing search for socially weaker scapegoats.

Anyone who is seriously looking for alternatives to the global shift to the right should, if at all possible, not leave the struggle for left-wing visions of the future to the generation of men who, in the face of the shambles, are desperately trying to push their complicity from themselves.

Fortunately, we don't have to, because there are new generations with smarter analyzes and better ideas. They just lack the stage. (Lea Susemichel, 9.4.2019)

Lea Susemichel is the managing editor of the feminist magazine "An.schlag".

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