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Alpha, beta, early access and other trends in the video game industry are pissed off with me. Do you still know then? When computer games came on the market as finished products? It seems to me that this is now a rarity. When browsing through the popular game platforms, it is becoming more and more apparent that more and more titles are not even finished and are being brought to the players as preliminary versions. Where I can still understand and turn a blind eye with indie developers, it annoys me that triple A developers also pass quality assurance on to us and that we also do all the nonsense voluntarily. As a result, it is often the case that a lot of bugs and a feeling of "something is missing here" spoil the fun of the game. At least I feel that I like to wait longer for a title when a finished product awaits me in return.

: afa

Short messages

Cultural event. Anyone interested in France and the country's language should mark the week of May 17-22, 2021 in their calendar. The culture office of the AKAFÖ BOSKOP, together with the Romance seminar, invites you to a virtual French week during this period. With the support of the Franco-German Youth Office and the foreign student Vanessa Berfeuil from La Réunion, a diverse program was set up. The series of events begins on May 17 with a zoom meeting led by the RUB's Sprachcafé. The motto on May 18, 19 and 20 is “Culture in front of the window” - in the AKAFÖ's residential complexes, eavesdroppers should be eager to catch a few sounds of French music. More events will follow on Wednesday, May 19, including an information meeting on student mobility between Bochum and La Réunion and a pub quiz about France. A comme e france breakfast with croissants and country-specific dishes will follow on May 22nd, as well as an information meeting on stays in France and a free crash course in French for beginners. The French week ends on Saturday with “Stirred Up - Online Edition France”, a virtual meeting. To participate, you only need the login data for the Zoom events. For some events, however, registrations by email are required. You can find all the important information on BOSKOP's Facebook page or Instagram account (@ kulturbuero.boskop). : becc

call. The ZeitZeug_Festival sees itself as an interdisciplinary festival that wants to give artists who are on the verge of professionalism a space to develop and express their creativity. And in 2021 the festival will again take place in Bochum from September 9th to 12th, this year under the motto "Habitat". Regardless of whether it is a social, biological or even private living space, this year ZeitZeug_ would like to find out how people live and want to live and how they can improve their living space. What is the difference between digital and analog space? What possibilities does private space offer and how do we explore it? Which political, social and financial factors create (social) spaces? These are just some of the questions the festival would like to address artistically. Now your artistic skills are in demand: because now the open call for applications has started and you have until June 20th to send your applications to [email protected] Please make sure to include the completed questionnaire, which you can find at zeitzeug.net/open-call-2021. Since the ZeitZeug_Festival is an interdisciplinary festival, many different types of art and performances are sought. Regardless of whether performances such as theater or poetry slams, exhibitions and installations or digital works, workshops or readings: everything is welcome!

: gust

Anniversary. The Bochum University of Applied Sciences was founded in 1971 and is now celebrating its 50th anniversary. Not only because of this, but also because of the increased financial difficulties on the part of the students, who are in need because of frequently failed additional income opportunities, 50 laptops are now made available for long-term rental. For this purpose, the AStA, the Society of Sponsors (GdF) and the University President Prof. Dr. Jürgen Bock created a corona aid fund, which also exists to this day. But precisely because of the special technical orientation of the university, these funds have not yet been sufficient. “We also have to help students who cannot meet the technical requirements for their digital studies themselves. A mobile phone or a tablet is simply not enough, ”said Christopher Stottrop, deputy chairman of the AStA. The number of 50 laptops is both the result of research into the given needs and a lucky coincidence for the anniversary. Financing is provided equally by the university and the GdF, who use funds that would otherwise have been used for events or excursions. Interested students can contact the AStA and submit an application, similar to the Corona aid fund.

: hakl

Board elections. Every three years in the summer semester, elections for the status group to the Senate and the Faculty Councils are held. The electoral exclusion and the rectorate of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum have opted for postal votes as in the summer semester 2021 instead of online elections. You have to apply for your postal voting documents if you are a registered student of the RUB and are therefore eligible to vote. They will not be delivered to you automatically. The schedule of the committee elections stipulates that the votes sent in by post on Tuesday,
June 22, 2021 from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. to be counted; This means that the deadline for submitting your postal vote is Friday, June 11th, 2021, 12 noon, in order to guarantee a timely and free return. Your objection deadline ends on July 9th, if you have chosen and have not yet decided. If the e-mail election announcements have passed you by, you will receive information by telephone about the election office on the same website, where you can apply for your postal votes and find out more about the process in detail:

On the campus, there will also be two polling stations in the cafeteria forum and in the foyer of the university administration on the day of the elections, in case you want to or can vote on the RUB premises and forego postal votes.

: becc

Bicycle traffic. In cooperation with an external planning office, the city of Bochum has developed a new traffic concept for the city center. The focus should be on expanding the inner-city cycling infrastructure. It contains suggestions for various measures that are intended to improve cycling, such as new traffic routing in the Hans-Böckler-Straße / Willy-Brandt-Platz / Viktoriastraße area - with a potential blockage for car traffic -, a cycle cross at the intersection in front of the Bochum town hall and expanded Bike paths on the Südring. For the latter, three variants are proposed in order to combine car and bicycle traffic as well as local public transport, with the solution of an extra-wide lane in combination with a cycle lane being preferred. An expansion of the parking facilities for bicycles is also planned. It is planned that the new traffic concepts will apply from autumn 2022 and that the implementation of the bicycle cross will begin in 2023. The Committee on Mobility and Infrastructure will discuss the proposals on May 26th and will then present its decision. In the past, the Greens in particular were often criticized for voting against measures to expand cycling. A traffic calming of August-Bebel-Platz was rejected by them, among others, and most recently they had agreed to the decision that common footpaths and cycle paths should continue to exist on Königsallee, contrary to their program item for the last municipal election, which postulated the abolition of this concept .

: kjan

Everyday hospital life. On May 4th at 7:30 pm the photo exhibition “COVID-19 / Faces of Resilience” - Faces of Resistance - by the German photographer and American by choice Claudia Paul was opened, of course only online. Her pictures depict the medical staff in an epidemic state of emergency, between hope and fear and the indefatigability to keep going. They are photos from the Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, one of the cities that suffered particularly hard from the first corona waves. It is one of the largest and most prestigious teaching hospitals in the USA, which documents the exhaustion of the limits of the hospital staff. Paul was commissioned by the hospital to photograph the processes within the facility, but “Faces of Resilience”, a by-product, is Paul's personal project. Paul's goal is to pay tribute to people taken for granted in extraordinary times with their pictures. “I was very surprised at how humble the clinic staff are and how much they appreciated that we had photographed them and asked for their stories. They don't see themselves as heroes. They just do what they have to do. It's her calling, ”says the photographer.
Since the opening of the photo exhibition in the German-American institute in Tübingen, a virtual, optionally also guided tour has been possible free of charge: dai-tuebingen.de/node/2344.

: becc

University policy. After the elections for the student parliament were recently postponed to December, the rectorate has now expressed its opinion on the cause. One does not want to evaluate the content of the decision of the student parliament and the AStA (General Student Committee), but is ready with the infrastructural help if the parliament decides to vote online. "However, due to the lack of BSI certification for the relevant systems, online voting is currently not possible," the university management announces. Certification by the BSI (Federal Office for Information Security) would ensure that the relevant software complies with current technical standards. The State Ministry of Culture and Science emphasized in the past, however, that such certification is not an obligation to use voting software. It could not be concluded that "any software that has not been certified by the BSI would necessarily not comply with the current security standards in the sense of the online election regulation," it said. However, there is a legal risk should something go wrong. When Rector Schölmerich was a guest at a StuPa meeting in December, he asked parliamentarians to consider online elections.

: stem

Metal. The French extreme metal band Gojira (Japanese original title of the 1955 film Godzilla) continues on their new album “Fortitude” the way they started on their predecessor “Magma”. While the issues - the relationship between humans and the environment, climate change, life and death - have fundamentally changed little, the approach seems more optimistic and hopeful in a certain way. The sound develops in a direction away from hard Technical Death Metal riffs and towards more Groove Metal. They do not completely turn away from their roots, and the song "Another World" is reminiscent of the opening track "Oroborus" of their 2008 album "the way of all flesh". The harshness of the songs on this and the previous album "from mars to sirus" is missing. Progressive aspects and unexpected twists are no less, the former move more into the foreground, but Joe Duplantier's guttural vocals are increasingly being replaced by clean vocals. Genre colleagues Mastodon made a similar change that led to the great global success that they now enjoy. In any case, I will grant them success, but I am not completely let go of a certain disappointment with their musical development.

: kjan

Climate protection. Campaigns on climate protection are planned in the administrative districts of Arnsberg and Münster. These were organized by the NRW Energy Agency on behalf of the NRW Ministry of Economics and started in the districts on April 22nd under the motto “Climate Protection with BRAvour” (BRA = Arnsberg District Government) and “Münsterland is Klimaland”. The energy agency is a private competence center that works on the subjects of energy efficiency, renewable energies and climate protection on behalf of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. As part of the government district, Bochum is also one of the 71 participating municipalities. The aim is to share ideas and approaches beyond local borders and to reach as many people as possible in order to create awareness of climate protection issues. For this purpose, current media packages and information resources are made available in order to carry out customized information campaigns on climate protection issues in the various cities and municipalities. This initiative has existed for two years in the Detmold district in the Ostwestfalen-Lippe region, where good experience has been gained with the methods. For the district government, one focus is on information on roof-mounted photovoltaics, with information on the costs of funding opportunities. The creation of jobs is also cited as an important factor. The campaign runs for the whole of 2021.

: kjan

Festival. The bobiennale was actually planned for the end of May. The team has now agreed to postpone the bobiennale to the end of August. Nevertheless: some of the actions will take place as planned. The third festival of the independent cultural scene in Bochum is under the motto "On your marks, get set, go!" But so that Bochum is not sad and dreary in the period from May 27th to June 6th, there is a light version of the festival: The “bobiennale to go” is planning small campaigns that passers-by give a taste for August . The new date for the bobiennale is the ten days between August 26th and September 5th. Not an easy decision for the organizers, but the current corona numbers and the restrictions of the Corona Protection Ordinance for cultural events have spoken in favor of a postponement, although many actions were planned for outside and a hygiene concept was planned. At the end of August, the people of Bochum can look forward to a diverse program: the organizers have planned various activities such as concerts, installations, performances or workshops. At the press conference announced for the period in May there will also be a presentation of the bobiennale festival center in order to gain an impression of this year's events.

: ken


A Touché Amoré album that is not pervaded by melancholy and angry tragedy is hardly possible, these feelings are so deeply anchored in the music of the band - whether in the mix of chanting and shouting, with occasional clean passages by the singer Jeremy Bolm, the melodious-distorted and delay-heavy guitars or the (post-) hardcore typical aggressive drums. Lament still offers variety, because the deep sadness with which Bolm processed the death of his mother on the previous album Stage Four is also replaced by more hopeful prospects. With the fourth song - Reminders - this is most noticeable: The melodious choir singing in the chorus is reminiscent of My Chemical Romance. But even if Touché Amoré moves further away from the heaviness of their debut with each album, Lament is not entirely lacking either
Moshpit-worthy (soon again, İnşallah) passages. The album is by no means a disappointment, for some fans it could even be a high point in the discography.

: kjan