All creativity arises from smoking cannabis

Cannabis and culture

Cannabis and culture

Cannabis smoking as a recreational pleasure

For many people, smoking cannabis in society is an integral part of their cultural life. Paintings, prints and photographs show normal people from many eras who enjoy smoking a cannabis pipe with a few like-minded people. Figures from pop culture icons such as Cheech and Chang, Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers and Jay and Silent Bobs show that cannabis smoking as a recreational pleasure plays an important role in modern comedy.

Transcendental Effects

In earlier cultures of mankind, the feelings and effects imparted by cannabis merged with early religious beliefs and “communion with the gods”, since cannabis was burned as an incense in religious cults. In more developed societies, many artists, writers, and musicians came to appreciate the transcendental effects of cannabis. So it gradually became, and continues to be, a source of inspiration and creativity for numerous artists, for much of the same reasons that it is recognized as a sacrament.

The allusions to cannabis in art, literature and music naturally sparked the interest of the audience and thus contributed to the emergence of another, popular and new form of use that gained momentum from the 1960s - smoking for recreational relaxation.

Cannabis in the media

It should not be concealed, however, that this type of cannabis use is apparently more prone to excessive use or even abuse. While cannabis is one of the safest, least toxic relaxants we know, habitual use should be avoided - as should the use of any other substance. Regardless of the fact that cannabis is far less likely to cause harm to health than, for example, alcohol, recreational use of cannabis is still one of the most maligned, misunderstood and distorted facets of cannabis in the media (not to mention its representation of people who relax with it).