Can men wear fishnet tights in public?

Tips for wearing tights



How do I tell my wife or girlfriend?

Don't fall into the house with the door and suddenly jump around in front of her wearing your tights. The best thing to do is to get her used to it slowly and to show her that wearing tights is not only beneficial for women.

It makes sense to start wearing knitted tights in a cold winter. On milder days, they get too warm, but without them it is still too cold. So use opaque sheer tights with a high cotton content (around 100den). As a reason you can explain that men's tights are very expensive - and after all, you want to change your tights because of the washing. As a rule, you get three women's tights for the price of one men's tights. You can do without the slot. Why, if the panty has no engagement, the pantyhose pulled over it doesn't need any.

With increasing temperatures, the tights can get thinner and thinner. At some point you switch to the skin-colored ones.

That's one point where the girlfriend can look strangely - mine thought I had one of her on. As a rule, men are expected to wear black or dark tights if they are already wearing tights. Just ask why. There is no rational answer to this. Just say you chose the skin-colored one so that you don't immediately recognize the tights when the pants slide up. That is not true - 40den skin-colored tights can be seen very well when the pants slide up, especially shiny ones - but it sounds believable.

After all, after a "bad buy" you end up with 20 or 30 denier tights and find out that they also keep you warm and serve their purpose.

It is advisable not to face them with a fait accompli. Argues, asks why she wears sheer tights instead of knitted tights (the answer is guaranteed to be somewhere between "comfort" and "warmth"). Ask to be able to borrow some from her (provided the size fits) so that you can try it out. Says you don't think such thin tights can keep you warm. You have probably already noticed that this is actually the case.


What can be done against slipping?

If a pair of tights doesn't fit properly, they always start to slip when you have the least opportunity to straighten your "secret" laundry. I also know from exchanging experiences with women that we are all the same - men and women. Women also know this uncomfortable feeling of having to pull up their tights, but it doesn't work because they are in public and there is no toilet nearby.

I solve the problem like other women by pulling a pair of pantyhose over my tights. This is simple and effective (but only comfortable if the panty panties fit properly and do not pinch).

Or I wear the body over my tights. However, it is not that easy to pee standing up with it. If you don't want others to notice what you have to do to do your business while standing at the urinal, you have to go to the toilet cubicle. It's better that way, because when you fumble through the slit there is always the risk of damaging your tights with the zipper.



Preventing ladder stitches when tightening

Here's a tip on how you can prevent your tights from running into a ladder when you put them on.

Before you step into the tights, put some lotion on your hands. This trick can significantly extend the lifespan of tights.

This tip applies to both women and men. Furthermore, if the tights begin to slip, do exactly the same thing. Important: use your palms and not your fingers.



Do ticks bite through your tights?

Ticks would be able to sting through the fine fabric of nylon or nylon tights, but they don't, but run briskly over the nylon to the free and above all dark areas under clothing. The larvae can crawl into the tights from above because they are extremely flat. In general, however, the ticks take hours to suckle each other. They stick their mouthparts into the skin and leave it in for four to eight days.



Public wearing of sheer tights under long pants

I occasionally wear black and, in summer, skin-colored tights under jeans and other pants "without camouflage". I have not yet received any comment on it, neither negative nor positive, so I assume that nobody looks at what kind of stockings someone is wearing. Since this may be different in other environments and, like me, you first have to convince yourself that this is really how it is, here are a few tips that may make trying it out easier:

  • Choice of material: I think that black is best here, as the color offers the greatest contrast and is the least transparent. Under no circumstances should the tights shine.
  • no hard change: Anyone who usually wears white doctor's socks shouldn't change to 20den socks overnight, especially if you don't rule out meeting acquaintances. Maybe start with black socks and then with thicker material (> = 40den). If possible, do not change any other clothing.
  • Suitable footwear: In my opinion, the footwear should adapt to the fine material: instead of thick, chunky shoes, maybe low shoes with smooth leather. (Note the previous point)
  • Tips for the first few times outside: Make the most of the twilight; Places with not too few people; behave as normally as possible; if you feel watched, just go somewhere else, but not hectically; resolve not to respond to possible chatter; if necessary, come up with an excuse, no matter how stupid it may be (e.g. "bet lost");
  • If you are afraid of meeting someone you know, you have to choose other places, e.g. the nearest major city.


Discreet shipping of tights

You can have tights from Hosiery Corporation International, Postfach 100333. 76257 Ettlingen, Germany.

The price and quality is very good. There are 3 different types of tights, stockings and opaque tights. The only disadvantage is that you have to remove at least 4 pairs per shipment.



Well advised at WOLFORD in Vienna and elsewhere

WOLFORD is very open with men who wear their tights. I called WOLFORD about the introduction of men's tights to get information. I mentioned that I have been wearing tights from WOLFORD for a long time and that I am very satisfied with them. In the conversation we talked openly about the fit, wearing comfort, etc. Finally, I mentioned that you don't need your own men's tights because the others would be sufficient.

WOLFORD really only needs to make their tights more popular for men. There are a number of different WOLFORD tights that can also be worn by men (e.g. they are completely opaque, are very soft, etc.). The answer: Unfortunately (!) The market is not yet ready for it, but we are working on it. A saleswoman from a WOLFORD boutique responded indignantly to a man when he pointed out that the tights are for him: "Well, listen, we are living in the twentieth century, everyone can wear what they want."

According to my "Stamm-WOLFORD shop" every fourth WOLFORD pantyhose is worn by a man!

I remain loyal to WOLFORD - even if the price is very high (between 25 and 40 DM!). However, they are well worth the money. So far I've only got two tights broken - when burning cigarillo ash, the other was understandably not designed for a long time with 9den.



Making tights more durable

The trick on how tights last longer is ice cold:

Simply squeeze out the new tights in clear water. Then put the good wet piece in the freezer until it is frozen hard! Take out again, thaw and let dry.



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