What are some dope freestyle lyrics

sookee // 1 billion // 2012 for the One Billion Rising campaign

One billion rising ne billion is rising

Stand up, raise your fist in the middle of it you are experiencing dis

Many women trust an experience that will last forever

The silence of the mass like standing still doesn't move anything

We raise our voices on the outside, on the inside

We don't trust our senses in the blue of the sky

Solidarity is like our back

To strengthen and support us and protect us with love

We know the battles know them too well

_But we never tire of fighting

However, we never agreed to this state of affairs

We realize that oppression arises from a taboo

Patriarchy goes hand in hand with capital and nations

And so we shoot cannons with weapons of our choice

I choose the word and watch it move you

I'm one in the billion sookee rises


One billion rising

Power to be claimed

Strength to be shown

Voices to be raised

Bodies not to be owned

Confidence to be learned

Let's share all the love our courage and these words

Verse 2

Too long shon eat our femininity pay

Standards for miles because time drives us

We are like we are there is no comparison

media images complain to us with ease

who should you be but who are you

living in these structures is hard enough

feminist actions go intersectional

we pump power into this world like our hearts' blood

never again war, never again violence

never again rape in any form in any form

_Never part of our lives again

never again willing or a reason to forgive

it concerns all 7 billion on this globe

we focus on our radius

in the small we practice for the whole

we are not available let's dance


sookee // bitches butches dykes & divas // 2011

..01.. bitches butches dykes & divas


shlamps and hunks unite

right from the start you do not offend us

we talk now and you can louse

do you annoy us we will hiss angry

and then you eat, look, see

whether something's still going on at your level

you say other words with f

I think they are beautiful you don't take them away

you feel treated unfairly now

then you have not quite understood this

They want to slam and play

men of quality support women’s equality


and i don't mean the quark the woman is the same as the man

but solidarity holy whore damned

union with the good and the bad woman

this separation has too often ruined good sex for us


stigmatized looked at us stupidly

denounced us spat at us

Don't quat us, don't touch us

who knows what this is about what does this man want


no clothes were ever too short

and now he's sacrificing and suddenly slapping

you call it drift, yes it is clear

I call it danger, I already warn you



my heart my throat shout it out

I'll say it again repeat gladly again

we no longer accept this term

bitches butches dykes and divas



from bitch in heat to whore to woman

my breath is precious, i don't boo you

I'll grab the rest of your manhood

and mirror the hot you finally understand


that you have no right to admit here

And it's harder to keep calm now

too much shit for too many of us

the worst reason in thousands of years


keep power the symbol of a weakness

you call us weak I can smile about it

in your eyes i have nothing to lose anyway

I can talk to you downstairs


we have a movement and you only have muscles

we will teach you that it is slowly coming to an end

reclaiming embracing the lamp eludes

no more reason for you think we're cute


concentrated knowledge and strength are available here

we cut through the game that divides us

-e we change the rules pack away the sign

that is in uniforms, contracts and regulations


we shape your language, we shape the values

we shape the struggles and the form of desire

i don't hate men and i don't drink courage

we take back what you never got





you don't shrink us, no! we give you a no!



sookee // bitches butches dykes & divas // 2011

..02.. tick rape support

feat. captain plaster

verse 1:

please believe me you will soon know all of these tick rappers because we let the sun shine here even in bad weather I write something that wasn't in the newspaper but you don't want to hear it because you mean, 'I would bother you, run to the cops and show them me shit, shit, damn but I stay relaxed don't go on to work because I write myself sick I like to go shopping but have no coal anyway I have tons of new clothes in the closet how I do that, unfortunately, nothing to do with you I know I am a rapper because i complain like a rapper i'm actually not a rapper at all i'm actually a punk take a pen and a note, ride my bike to the elbe, lie down there and write a song with sookee the captain and sookee, no matter how we are called

we welcome refugees



gib‘s to plaster sook like the devil

gib‘s zu gips sook loves the pack

and we dismantle an empire

tick rape support move your ass club stand me around verse 2:

funny wa would not have thought of it

that sook crashes on beat rishtij with plaster of paris

only the finest of the finest dit the best of the best

very first cream is clearly my guests

I am so up to representer ick I am up to dit janze

I can't stop dancing like a night away

Plaster drops the punchlines and your jaw drops

sook makes everything just purple


old fashteste we can make watt wa wolln

ick build wheels on gypsum steamer to roll over Berlin

no borders global and no borders in the kopp

ick sach nich 'h # r? ns // hn ‘ick sach rather shmock

west how ?! can ma like to quiver

how ick grad marlene ey greetings to you

gängeviertel nordneukölln sook and the captain

We came to reclaim, to cast rap



verse 3:

ick continue here in the text

while mainstream rap is hiding behind sheiße

guys why do you all have no eggs

stick this shit up my head

ick baller messages that others can hardly imagine

ick do thoroughly toys only vorshnell can

and if I don't want to, there's nothing in my way

and the fine mr gips you look pretty good

none of you grapple is as good as sookee, none of you grapple is as smart as sookee none of you grapple can outbid you so please go or take off your hat to sookee we raise the level change the game because we both know it is more than rap it's finally about message and flow again but you are unfortunately very far away from both



sookee // bitches butches dykes & divas // 2011

..03 .. seven mile high heels

verse 1:

on the front page you are a hete says the norm

for the general eye you are only a form anyway

no character no attitude no opinion on nothing

I want to tell you that you make the decisions here

I've always seen you since I was a little girl

I tried to approach you in different ways

But in the end I always wanted you

because of your beauty your inner worth

And they wander my unerring glances on you

on your body that you have finely decorated with lace

and yes i'm honest i like in the box with you

at least I don't want to do without this fantasy

you're hot damn and i'm sticking to it

Just keep looking because I can't help myself

I don't know you but I'm longing for it

and I wish that I can live by your side



wow are you beautiful i am fire and flame

for this fiery femme with an expensive mind

she crosses her legs, it gets damp and warm

I wish that I can dream in between tonight


verse 2:

I could spend a whole year on it

to enjoy the way your hair shines

powder pumps perfume splendor i like to bar you

and I melt at the thought of your tender hands

you spray sparks into my heart with your eye patch

and your sugar-sweet smile is what makes you magical

I follow your lush hip swing right and left

sookee can't find out whether this rapture


I take writing breaks to boil myself down again

you are a mensh no reason to hope for miracles here

you have mastered your game with illusion perfectly

in the way you accentuate your curves and lines

clear that's not necessarily 24/7

at breakfast in training pants and without make-up

your performance as a femme is where i can locate you

and one day you will receive my word



dreams commute to fight for space

do not stranger the girlfriend of and people

ambivalent not a man who knows her

she gave me one thing and the other


sure that conscientious

Desired paths limits are taken into account

stark naked midnight

speaking act that makes us safe





sookee // bitches butches dykes & divas // 2011

..04 .. wordnerd

feat. badkat

verse 1:

i'm a temptress bare witness whenever I bust that sentence dimensions demented leaving your brain suspended intentions cemented free the pain from your senses begin this relentless onslaught of attention to tell you i'm a nerd who's that who's that who's that that's me with the ill poetry setting sail like I'm on the high seas put it in the bank like lock and key say word true that true that lost in my thoughts till I just can't see ink in my veins now watch me bleed B to the A then A to the D courageous and timeless your faithless and spineless do I need remind this to all of you suckers this pace is foreboding with no signs of slowing you'd best to get going cause you probably won't survive the illness 6 syllable flows are non-refillable nor non-refundable thor holding a thunderbolt blasting in classic script like egyptian hieroglyphs mastered the gabber's gift to get you all high on this



search them find them chew them spit them

work them buff them rule them sniff them

doubt them trust them build them hug them

ride them sell them kill them love them


ima forever be a wordnerd

ima forever be a wordnerd



verse 2:

they create space for me they create space for me

I can barely manage it, they manage it

my tongue turns every wound into a story

and then with every hour I score points between dashes klatsh


words are mine and you take everything from me and i'm dead

again purple sentences texts consistently ey I am like that

movement in the hands gestures moves and never closing

my fingers are like pens and i write in the air

i suck syllables out of the atmosphere make sense of it

I wrestle with things and they advise me not to give up

I'll deal with the line until we come to an agreement

brazen stupid say that I'm petty with it


but ey let me do it and you will be amazed later

sookees sentences somewhere between head heart liver

and haters who say I'm crazy crazy

In the end I leave you speechless

look i take this scale and dismantle it my parts

rock the beat as precisely as a laser and that's it

i have too much to say do not let me compete

and my sentences flood catastrophes where there is a fire


at least every second message gets stuck in your head

Make a list with the lines that stop you like a shock

wordnerd I have to do dis because dis is my job

on beats by mister mo forbiddan majus leiji shoch

these lines are the rungs of the way up

my language center is a ne erogenous zone

sexist rappers simply have nothing to say

clever punchlines are like wank templates for me




verse 3:

quatsh don't say so much and rather write a book

But I just can't get enough of chatting

i want to familiarize every little word with a different one

Close your eyes dreaming and then wake up with your eyes closed

please, I know you like this please what who thinks is questionable

I free-eat any sovereignty of interpretation postmodern unraveled for the night

I am the granny and the papi and the grand cousin

of all the words and their songs of praise

nice old man I can work what I want

because my truth chills rough in my sentences

bombastic lines no koki no mdma

I like to give myself a whole day for a nice text

I sun and wallow between two lines

and invite my favorite people to share it

the meaning and me we are best buddys

although everything is not as easy as with house and cuddy

we are strict with each other but we love each other

and we go to the very bottom of every facet

and it thunders, lightning and glittering the bars

And it helps me through a shitty day

these texts are like caresses for me

when they encourage and accompany me on my travels

sookee // bitches butches dykes & divas // 2011

..05 .. friction

verse 1:

I tried hard and made myself right

and i have nice memories of last night

i like to continue what started yesterday in talks

and I don't really know what I can do better

tell me when you get an impression

when the line between you and me is temporarily blurred

I stand across from you my look hardly dares to look into your eyes

And something lets me know I can trust you


cloakroom and a drink in the other hand

no pressure from anywhere so no bad conscience

your looks test me demanding i can enjoy it

the bass bangs brutally and i just let it flow

up on the floor and into the mood

Your hand in my hand is so good for both of us

boah is that beautiful damn I hardly believe it

I think thanks to the organization for this safe space



grind on your lap I want to grind on your lap

Please don't let go of my hips tonight

Your breath on my neck and it tingles inside

let's grind tonight till we start sweating



verse 2:

melo hihat bass and the snare a peitshe

you give me many good reasons to undress for you

but more on that later, the moment counts

because this is much more than what you usually know as dancing


shick everything fits you embrace my hips

and we go into these crazy rhythms

if you only knew how much I appreciate such moves

dis is magish the beat you and i are witchcraft


everything stays safe because we communicate

and you are so much wanted come to me later

there I'll show you what else I like to show

at some point the sun rises the next day


and in the meantime we rummage through the purple sheets

And I can tell you over and over again

because happiness is not forever and not always for two

but the hook from this track supports me






sookee // bitches butches dykes & divas // 2011

..06 .. purpleize hiphop


not somewhere anytime but here now

purple basie pink angle rainbow queer rap

i fire the symbols towards this phallus

this sound makes you think you have hallus


club do you see what is disappearing there

It's your power, just look it's tiny now

almost as cute as plush and gone very soon

dis is a godless requiem no track


who was your teacher who was this arsh

oh yes of course the patriarchy

white rich types demonize our lifestyle

hate our subculture suppress our freedom


our weapon is called subversion

it is in the undertone of our laughter

you will already notice how real this is asking 'what now ?!'

when your lady drops you and picks me up



how can one purpleize hip hop

we don't imitate we intimidate



it is rumored that I am hostile to the ethnic group

I'm cool with everyone who shares pro homo

check pyro kobito refpolk and plaster

all full features homes and their rap's the shit


finally all queers are celebrating hip hop again

and the reason is obviously my hits are purple

queer life is not a party motto the part goes deeper

quing is bitch butch dyke and diva


by the way nobody paints around in one set

don't let me be captured where is the respect and

am not an instrument for label diapers

the lies make me lose my strength


have been tolerated for years to be tolerated

i don't expect any homage or honor

but tell age dis my space and my time

and I don't fuck mackerrapper because I bite them



purple beats purple lines

purple gangs purple clits

purple streets purple styles

purple fans purple hits


purple peeps purple mics

purple trans * purple shit

purple feats purple rhymes

purple cans purple fists



sookee // bitches butches dykes & divas // 2011

..07 .. d.r.a.g.

verse 1:

I can't decide what to wear

a thousand variations in this huge closet

color choice is simply purple and black

the seven-mile sneakers are also back at the start


frisette goes with the chain, the pigtail with the skirt

add a few pearls, sequins and buttons

cropped also fine I want to be loud today

at the party today, nothing binds me like a dream


shick you look straight from the look

and now go give yourself applause

so shlüppi stockings cap jacket underneath a shirt

I make myself beautiful today as it is sometimes called


no chromosome gave me a miracle

but the result doesn't just burn tinder

and I see that but you look hands off my friend

otherwise there will be a problem here and you will really get to know me



really a lot i need dis textil like raushgift

we are born naked the rest is drag



verse 2:

panties shorts fine rib or nothing but a g-string

The important thing is you feel good when your butt swings to the beat

dozen of going out outfits are all a favorite

pump the beat I sing loudly on it when it sounds shief


Speaking of shwung, this eyeliner is a work of art

the bright colors on the nails i have a hundred of them

the beard around red lips makes nobody wonder

don't tell me this goes well with my loose mouth


i can wear what i want

i can ask what i want i can say what i want

I'm my culture slam the drawers shut

A to Z I am kool with my letters


fabrics huddle over shoulders and hips

and I take out my skirt to air

sookee gaga celebrates his purple friend made of silicone

and I shake this underlined as usual





verse 3:

lady gaga m monroe

tank girl and cristonio

gwen Stefani pink and eve on the cover of a magazine

madonna portman natalie picture of a beauty queen ru paul carrie cher skateboard p dance on air

they have style they have grace beyonce gave good face ciara amy alicia too nicki minaj we love you

ladies with an attitude fellows that are in the mood don’t just stand there let's get to it strike a pose there's nothing to it


sookee // bitches butches dykes & divas // 2011

..08 .. for that

verse 1:

you said 'I love you' and I understood 'lms'

but you didn't like kks, you couldn't transform anything out of it

and then I mean it's purple and really really beautiful

and the color stayed purple but the effect was frowned upon


so I continued to block myself against these feelings

for me they were like emails and for you more like brothers

or sister or somehow different intense and close

and soon I no longer saw ourselves as clearly defined positions


you only wanted good for me and I wanted you just as much

but unfortunately I didn't think so and then ultimately lost a huge amount

and you insisted on no gain and no loss

and the essence of our business never stopped thanking you


I was even more of a fan of you than you of me

and at times i only had to lose this world

my head was broken but otherwise everything was chic

and you lift me up again and again with one look



I've forgotten and understood who I actually am

thank me thank you thank you for that

and we remain independent because we are one step further

thank you thank you thank me for that


verse 2:

I could often not believe that we understand this so far

I left the overview and had to go a little further

And then you were a few moments away from me

my inside was heavy and my senses were empty


it didn't take much of my head in my stomach

at some point you knew my films very well

Unfortunately I couldn't speak anymore, but you stayed across from me

and the fears were huge but the love was still over there


When did I know that I knew you in the meantime

i would have loved to prolong each phase uncertainly

even those in which I ate and writhed

i always knew what to say about wounds


I commuted every hour

and you once told me how it changed me

I was squatted by myself and saw myself lose my head

I advised you differently and it stayed with me




verse 3:

in my view on my tongue you were always someone else

it was like you could sort of transform for me

and every day lessons all around a school

i love to learn because it helps me calm down


how did we get to know each other again

my overcrowded radius was suddenly empty

in my focus you posed the beauty in person

rightly in your presence i feel bigger and more comfortable


we fought territories in theory

I never believed that you didn't trust me anyway

When was the last time a mensh convinced you as much as I did

and if it doesn't work, we know what friends are for


every facet of you in a different face

And if I drown again, you will have land in sight for me

You give me several options how can I name the song

it's about solidarity, respect and consensus



sookee // bitches butches dykes & divas // 2011

..09 .. some of my best friends are men

feat. refpolk

verse 1:

that is not white man's burden reloaded that is critical is whoever is critical of what he stands in and I neither want to hear nor support if you are critical, but don't see you, that remains your privilege

by k.i.z. about mario barth and left student until father's day of i mean 'it just so that's why i'm allowed to do that until i'm not like it that's why i'm allowed to do it

and the man of today has recently been laughing at himself, reflecting and self-deprecating wow what a hero knows modestly so cool everything under control and this humor makes me immune to criticism

yes i'm not perfect no, i don't want to be too see myself as a 'process full of doubts on the mic and i love' laughing but my 'laughing together' because for me liberation also means looking for alternatives to a man



props to all the guys who support my fights

olymp de gouges was guillotined

props to all the guys who support my fights

Whoever sleeps twice with the same person already belongs to the establishment


props to all the guys who support my fights

Tell the fashists where you meet them

props to all the guys who support my fights

You reject the rule but why are you fucking the system


verse 2:

everyone knows him in the squat, everyone makes room for him

and many think he deserves this place too

none of them beat up so many nazis

and nobody magnetizes women at solo parties

just as he knows the codes, he knows the scene

he has already been to all azs several times

explained to other marx and rosa l at the same time

and i have to say i think his job is really good

but why does he fuck the women who fry the tofu

who are used to cleaning toilets and waiting for him like a lapdog

whom he interrupts because he knows the debate better

and because he likes to raise the bar in the debate

he explains the antifa to me and how it is with israel

and that certain work would be more effective through his doing

at the plenum he talks about it, other than record it

he celebrates subversion but lacks understatement




verse 3:

without being asked, he explains dominant speech

and doesn't notice nobody has asked him to give a speech

he finds malice full of sickness and all sexists hot

but then ask me if I write my texts myself ‘

and of course he knows connell the made man

he presents theories with an expertise

who really amazes me dis I would not have expected

and afterwards he wants to know if i'm at the start with someone

he thinks numbers with three or four are really cool

and I ask myself, please, what has this to do with me

he was poly and so well you can ask that

and you don’t need to wear a shirt at parties because of poly

I am warm too, but I cannot live with the looks

trust yourself he just says I don't mind

I'm used to it ask me why this is still necessary

he doesn't give a fuck pulls off and uses the tofu



sookee // bitches butches dykes & divas // 2011

..10 .. ouch

verse 1:

it emerges or comes out of nowhere

It tears you down, it hits you like lightning

it paralyzes you it eats you you lack the words

you are paralyzed you are afraid of tomorrow


when everyday life comes and prompts you to act

they talk about the deception that you have now recognized

and that it gets better with time through distance

but you have the feeling that you cannot do any of this


some shwingen speak of experience in life

but you are in the middle of it and you are supposed to forgive

someone who regardless of any losses

puked in your soul even though he knew better


you should stand over it you should take it easier

but ey at the moment it still hurts

that's not a scratch, you're badly injured

and who decides please when the pain subsides



Expectations are called so that we learn to be patient

we carry 1000 tons on our shoulders

when the disappointment comes like a fist in the stomach

we won't be able to endure more than that


Expectations are called so that we learn to be patient

we carry 1000 tons on our shoulders

disappointment becomes part of our biography

And then we hope so much that it never happens again


verse 2:

at some point you breathe again the stones are gone

damn how deep have you been in this sheiße

You were completely out, completely out

you are once completely immersed in this hell


you are looking for a conversation change your view of the matter

what can you do with this new knowledge now

you think of courage to confront the person

she sees herself in the right it was worth it


you want to reconstruct what divided you so much

but refused to do anything your opposite

you will learn to live with it, steer clear of them

and hope that the others will position themselves


and circles separate and it gnaws inside

you will be connected to this topic for a long time

whoever hurts you whoever leaves you

you are you and only you stay are last



sookee // bitches butches dykes & divas // 2011

..11 .. close to education in the distance

feat. pyro one

verse 1:

alarm clocks ring much too early urgently need to sleep longer

In a bad mood between crazy people waiting for the sbhan

homework not done homework not understood

Embarrassed and registered when teachers come on


Concentrate robbing strength and wanting to endure the head completely

urgently a ‘smoke pot to endure the whole madness

hood full of paper thrown from the last row

curve discussion is really the last hot one


essay comes back, supplemented by a number

let me know what you think it said it doesn't matter

stupid looks at sport from the guy with the whistle

why always the feeling no one can suffer a ’


alone during the break alone during the hour

alone with the ideas alone with all the wounds

I don’t feel like school as she isn’t interested in the evaluation

no desire to perform under pressure, no desire to exploit



the youth missed in an educational institution

there is learned by heart where is the educational content

learning sounds to a lot like you fool can't do it anyway

there are alternatives, but reforms take forever


verse 2:

eyes open, fear begins to be fulfilled

One tablet washed down with one coffee

autopilot the way to work no excitement

teacher's room coffee two no word to my colleagues


way to the room hides a mask-like smile

this impotence this diffuse malaise

this i want to be everywhere just have to go into that room now


only to find out they are already waiting

spiteful loud wild full of mockery and mockery

Presentation plate in the focus of angry pairs of eyes

Getting the time around feels like a thousand years


tablet two three four five structures the day

after an hour two three four five pale and rigid

the face resembles a grimaceous mask

certainty the next day will be the same

verse 3:

Taking biorhythms seriously, don't get up at six o'clock any more

clothes completely boogy the school is not a catwalk

nice thoughts and curiosity in the anshlag

nothing with books come on, let's start slowly today


let's plan what we do who wants to get involved

each one teach one teach each other

small projects and big projects

what have i learned who says grades are better


perceive developments report to each other

we do not write class papers, we write history

want to go on and cheer up now and then

but never with punishment we just keep learning


little people, young people, no power play with the teacher-like

not understood dare to ask again uh how is that

show interest honestly be trust have time

learn in solidarity with each other so we can go a long way

sookee // bitches butches dykes & divas // 2011

..12 .. aviators again

verse 1:

my music may be there when you make important decisions

when you finally stand over it and are no longer offended

overcoming fears are finally a child again

if you find good arguments after a long search


when your bombshell is bursting at the seams

you try things out and bravely ask how do you do that?

you have sex with yourself or with someone else

you kick norms in the bin and create your own standard



my music may be there when you rob a bank

you run into the security guard holding the turnip creak

you sack the coal you divide among yourselves

Your baby is sitting in the getaway car and my music is running


out of town with screeching tires

makes every lock flat that has been set up for you

at the end of the day they have lost your track

you kiss sores on the cheeks my songs on the ears



Paper pilots fly back to you

invite my music into your everyday life out of love for her

give her all the support she is worth to you

my music lives where the heart of the menshen is


verse 2:


my music doesn’t want to hear how they snatch you

because the contact sang that goddamn rag

encircle the house that hides its years

a bullet hits the turntable i have nothing more to say


you follow a trail have never forgiven

that you took what you need and then flee with it

don't surrender now so never

your love surrender to each other right down to the grave


my music doesn’t want to be there when the atmo drops

when everything is dogged and there is nothing more to laugh about

types underline write but compare tails

everyone is stubborn at first and then hands are not enough


if the consensus is not there and a cumshot is the goal

when everything is too much and someone humiliates whom

when compromises go too far and fail to see anything

my want music doesn’t want my music would turn freely




verse 3:


and i love that my songs were there

ran loudly in the races with the white police cars

see how you flee, how you live, how you love

how we stumble you fall see everything that happens


are there when they lower you into the earth

but they have helped to give my power to you

and they run like the tears of your parents

take off get wings kobi sook are your magpies my music is totally on being supported

kool to be located to defend yourself with words

my music says i like to every little click

if you pass on quing as an idea and the tracks


when eyes shine with enthusiasm

she says thank you, my music is modest and

please no pressure to perform and please no world star

my music is quing sook nobbi and elster



sookee // bitches butches dykes & divas // 2011

..13 .. your hands

verse 1:

I put my head in your hands very close to you

no hope gain ‘don't lose face

I forbid my eyes tears from hitting your skin

I relax in peace because forgetting is too loud


I never admit it, but I shredded in humility

chain reactions so that it hurts even more

everything above the shoulders is certainly not so serious

but she bites my head and details are worth seeing


all the red threads flow into your fingers

neither answer nor the question I'm afraid it will get worse

let me know how it is for you please share with me

your view of things i only have lines on paper


I've long since dismissed the paths to the outside

there is no certainty in the night before me

all rocks of a surf are only stones in my path

and for all your joy it is unfortunately already too late



I eat my longing, nothing remains of it

check you say I'll check you

and my glances pass me punishingly

check you say I'll check you


I eat my longing, nothing remains of it

check you say I'll check you

and my glances pass me punishingly

check you say I'll check you



I put my mind in your hands very deep into them

question marks speak volumes and I fall back on it

i remember my plea for certainty and love

but the dots after the sentences just lightly return


I haven't said so many things and choke on that one

and do some wrong to everyone it thunders the mistakes

which harden in a stressed smile

hear the whispering for help that it is useful to speak


I wake up from recklessness and punish myself

and provide myself with a lot of work and reprimand

nothing in the area is enough for me to trust and praise me

I thank myself with absheu shudder and mockery


I see through your hands because you mirror me

like a drop on the hot asphalt

on the cold asphalt

on the asphalt



sookee // bitches butches dykes & divas // 2011

..14 .. learning process II

years have passed again ‘and then I ask myself

which word i use which places i know

which statements i bring which springs i drink

which views I scatter which views are disappointing

with milady i thought that alk would be a relief

for safe sane consensual the idea is no enrichment

some reminds of filling and laying flat

not wise of me because sookee was wrong

to name literally what idiots knock out

in the aftermath for me it was definitely a reason to hit it

also dis ding with the loss of control

i am fully aware of my actions

honestly, the claim disappointed me

this wonderful woman would have stunned me too

what does the coolest of all the coolest in town mean?

and where we are the capital of what


quing's idea was to positively irritate hip hop

what is queen what is king i had nothing to lose

there were people who said I was referring to two sexes

and building a third out of it wouldn't be much better either


I understand this problem but do not share it

because quing looked a lot further from the start

the line with sexyness bothers me much more

i separated the head from the body freed the latter


who am i to decide that intellectuality

more desirable the realization came really late

but also identities have to be broken down

unless one is walking on strategic paths in the meantime

but that is not what I decide, each one decides for himself

I rich the lines you read them both have equal weight

i don't want the sentences to be raised to a standard

I only put up for discussion what I experience every day

For example, I was very used to saying fuck the system

You know that fucking and being fucked is a difference

I wanted power to destroy fashist lies

have overheard the mix of attack and submission


there are words that symbolize attacks better

i want to leave words with f as nice

I can only confirm it again and again

to deal closely with the usage of terms


the word pro use nazis for campaigns and parties

pro cologne pro germany doesn't want to share anything with these people

but pro homo had to react to homophobic bullshit

which began as a phrase in rap where it ends I don't know yet


homo hete binary luckily there is still queer

so many processes you are very close to me

i watch the steps am the biggest critic

think speak part act learn this is the point


quing's idea was to positively irritate hip hop

what is queen what is king i had nothing to lose

there were people who said I was referring to two sexes

and building a third out of it wouldn't be much better either


I understand this problem but do not share it

because quing looked a lot further from the start

the line with sexyness bothers me much more

i separated the head from the body freed the latter


who am i to decide that intellectuality

more desirable the realization came really late

but also identities have to be dismantled

unless one is walking on strategic paths in the meantime


but that is not what I decide, each one decides for himself

I rich the lines you read them both have equal weight

i don't want the sentences to be raised to a standard

I only put up for discussion what I experience every day


sookee // bitches butches dykes & divas // 2011

..15 .. working on wonderland


verse 1:

we describe the things that surround us

in texts in pictures in films in conversations

we write history and they make our lives

we run and roll in movements that move us


we think and stutter and eat the texts

they complain and praise and promise better

we tear them away from theory and apply them

and then check whether it can also change


we pull out the practice and decorate the demolition

and prefer to call it a strategy rather than a tactic

we vary the description to explain what we do

and deconstruct images we take care of courage


we show solidarity we encourage support

utopia is present gladly waiting for tomorrow

waiting for wonderland we're working on it now

and learn from mistakes and success from yesterday



my utopia is not that far away, i understood

because it lives very well in my head and therefore in my actions

i hardly believe in the truth but in reality

To believe it won't work anymore, it's much too late


verse 2:

for a life according to needs and abilities

endless processes are developments go on forever

everything between everyday life and political demands

we overthrow norms to disempower the order and


consider small and large things to be emancipatory

we know how to estimate it doesn't seem logical from the outside either

but we are learning more and more about internal relationships

which is why we think the categories together


we not only have criticism, we also have alternatives

we make all of this anger and everything out of love

hiss for perfection when there is pain

so focus and expanded view coexist


we communicate a lot we talk and reflect

this is how we make decisions about routes and destinations

waiting for wonderland we're working on it now

we learn from each other and so we can improve better






01 // INPUT

SOOKEE // QUING // 2010


tell me how to reach you

without seeing you i look into your face

what you hear is true i don't disguise myself

I am in agreement with you when you are in agreement

tell me how to reach you

without seeing you i look into your face

what you hear is true, i don't screw you

I am in agreement with you when you are in agreement


whoever you are whatever you do

you are very welcome if you just rest inside

this is a glimmer of blues melancholy productive

seize the moment because it will never be there again

i feature the beat as the carpet of language

the meaning is real like the dirt on the street

forget all the phrases come let's start from scratch

straighten your head and relax your shoulders

you don't have to be strong unless you are

want you as honestly as possible because everything else sucks

damn i don't believe in a business i believe in myself

however you turn it, i'm always sure of my intimacy

come let's try it let's communicate

I express you I express myself like on tons of paper

every word finds its place, every syllable is in its own space

integrate conditions because we can trust her

give me vocabulary i want to dress you in purpose

I can only write this text through your reading

the line will go undetected if no one hears it

in this way nobody would be happy but nobody would be disturbed either

so get out with it, I rely on you

you protect the word from turning into nothing

hole me with questions who we what where

but enter into a dialogue with me



02 // QUING

SOOKEE // QUING // 2010

verse 1:

quing raises the question of what such an image is worth

at quing, awareness always lives in the middle

quing thinks it makes sense to have an opinion

and leave the gold lying around and then continue digging

quing wants to speak a thousand languages ​​and weave the red thread

and then at some point put every plan into action

quing dreams of rapping with his hands

quing creates the space for himself to discover himself

quing values ​​diversity and likes irritation

you know quing is synaesthetically set to music in purple too

quing reads a lot of books to know how to feed

quing is a to z like the writing on meim back

quing provides the questions to examine yourself critically

quing offers the basis for you not to tire

quing is like a party send a look at the cutie

quing is against nazis and fucks their lies


Isn't your mental outlook a damn deep section of you incredibly sexy

then you are quing - dis is quing

If you have political goals, you are motivated, dissatisfied, then welcome

you are quing - dis is quing

Do you love the little moments that give you freedom then be sure

you are quing - dis is quing

do you write clearly and yet cryptically you are strong sometimes happy then give me your hand

you are quing - dis is quing

verse 2:

quing is convinced that goals connect

that is the agenda item overcoming categories

quing only knows homies and toys, no men and women

because quing can be trusted longer to get out of the nonsense

quing shows solidarity with the rainbow

pro homo! The whole scene should be raging

quing just loves people who love people

and not those people who love borders

quing especially celebrates having fun

and does everything possible not to waste a day

quing is a miracle of culture and needs to regenerate

quing meanwhile reformulates the rules of the game

quing provides the questions to examine yourself critically

quing offers the basis for you not to tire

quing is like a party send a look at the sweet

quing is against nazis and fucks their lies


verse 3:

quing wants to redefine so it can happen from time to time

that there is no longer any reason to lose your sanity

quing gives you a perspective that surrounds you like skin

there are new possibilities but most of them don't believe it

Sometimes a new orientation slips out of the position that you have been in for a long time and makes yourself comfortable in your mental musculoskeletal system

quing grabs your arms when the solid ground beneath your feet has turned into quicksand

quing provides the questions to examine yourself critically

quing offers the basis for you not to tire

quing is like a party send a look at the cutie

quing is against nazis and fucks their lies




SOOKEE // QUING // 2010

verse 1:

see this is my structure everything interwoven as a whole

and I have not misjudged luck like Fuchs and so dis praise

this is a question of the deal I relaxed the methods

if the truth is too much for you, you live without understanding

one builds on the other

and you get your chance but when exactly

everything comes as it should make yourself known and familiar

because this is not complementary like the man and the woman

I like it three-dimensionally a little complex but not difficult

and if it sounds almost banal, my texts are wrong

because I don't need the laurels, the thirds are not pieces

and I ask you to move into the middle


welcome to trinity - this is a third of everything

the means to share give me the trouble not to hurry

welcome to to trinity - this is a third of the whole

a look back at instances emerged from the middle

welcome to trinity - this is a third of everything

the means to share give me the trouble not to hurry

welcome to to trinity - this is a third of the whole

a look back at instances emerged from the middle

verse 2:

I've gotten used to complaining about gaps

since then i have enjoyed building bridges

the experience is too difficult to carry on your back

I plant lines in the nights and pick them on days

two out of three is a good trend

and i have no treasure, the chest is too narrow

because i need a lot of space to burn in peace

and nothing can erase me no flood that washes me

i am a mosaic a three-part unit

it flows out of the forest like one screams into it

if you mean no, yes does not help

if you have the answer ready, the questions keep piling up


verse 3:

trinity infinity count to three and snare

Where does the beginning end? No one really knows anymore

i count anti-financial my word is worth no bills

because both visa and viva are usually wrong

purple is principled

i have set myself goals and rephrase them

because change as a whole is change in thirds

And no matter how clear you are, an attack comes in between

and in the end I want to know there are still open questions

if you want to escape the valley you don't have to dare to hope

Do you suffer from tension, I advise you head, heart, ass

and then you realize you are kind and yet not tough



04 // BLADE

SOOKEE // QUING // 2010


blade - no cuts in the middle and it doesn't bleed

sound - because it even breaks the anger inside

blade - it's blade because sometimes it gives you peace

blade - let it sound let the blade not have a blade


these verses do not speak of, secondly, scars, firstly, wounds

how could you have invented the truth

they are fully fixated on going around the questions

and decades, months, days are shrinking to seconds

grief personally felt the damage too

then got up and stopped the madness

and whoever remembers wasn't drunk for years

it doesn't need a straight edge but no thread

an explosion no longer pulls the world together

and the surf did so until there was no more rock in it

the transformation of a thing doesn't progress that faster

don't look at the other knowing either but you recognized yourself

the blade stares at you until the rust tries to eat it away

the rest of it is soon put together like a tattered picture

black hole sun so that a smile never melts again

tears protect from drowning and from the very last will



the blood has no eyes and cannot smell the sweat

steps cannot stop because they keep going

hands only scratch the itching but reach deep

things roll forward and time writes me letters

blade - this is blade would not have written that shit otherwise

sound - this is sound, i have nothing else to offer

give me love for details like bows and serifs

we are never ready to shoot, no one can forbid us anymore

Whatever I urgently want, I insist on my business like a great spotted woodpecker

until it is implemented and against the disappointment

at the end there is the next day and yet no enlightenment

arteries and veins cooperate with memory

the time of the red eyes is pretty ugly in it

from one phase to the next, a legacy remains

and in the end you clarify what is good now and what is bad now



i just leave the plot as open as possible

and put the question at the end of how it is earthly life

as if I didn't know that myself, but I'm interested in the opinion

of the other people, please do not always only use your own

In the medium term, everyone then has to learn to deal with themselves

also be admired in parallel with the abhorrent

this is how the texts write themselves on the skin from the inside

and inside there is peace because inside nobody looks

some then swap the blade for tyler durden

and dismantle their bodies when they destroy anyone

ha - everyday life has hollywood in its heart

Obviously he is not worried about dis




SOOKEE // QUING // 2010

verse 1:

When I ask the wisdom that I think is one

she says there are so many levels no thing is only divided into two parts

best greetings to the west don't be offended the belief in only plus and minus mostly already too small

So I pick up a scale to form a circle

so much new arises from what hardly who knows before

it is certainly not easy to break free from norms

but this is how the old order scratches the y system

crooked looks, fuck it, interrupt the cycle

you free yourself and haters are envious

movement is everything in the world and dis remains

nobody kneels down release does not need incense

dis is not an invoice dis is not a service

the news goes inside does not end up in the newspaper

no propaganda and no dissemination

but one thing is yours and this is the decision


release - is the middle of the path

release - I'm sure I'm not late

to just let go of practice every day

the view in all directions allows you to stay on the ground

verse 2 (kobito):

you go on vacation to realize who and what you want to be

while you're at university, you're only on the hunt for appearances

keep a list with the wishes, dreams, goals that you have

and you didn’t make number seven this year again

a list of friends a list of enemies

and then you pick up the phone, work off the list from the beginning

and you rake in the money and have a chunk under your pillow

but if you notice that it is time for retirement you have nothing more to laugh about

you eat to get full, you drink to get hoe

live to die old fuck to be dad

pretend to be stupid to be accepted, to be dumb to be ignored

and now studying art to be inspired

think it's good when a goal is waiting for you every time

if you don't have one you will find one it will start immediately

you don't do anything, really nothing, never without a goal

I'll give you a tip write on the list, I have to let go first


verse 3:

I've had an ideological problem with money for a long time

But 2009 really doesn't want to go without coal

little by little I slowly begin to understand

do you have a lot on the bench, you are afraid of losing it

no material girl nobody can own me

If I buy some frills, then the conscience bites

actually everything should fit in just one suitcase

because that way you are flexible and can loosen up

i'm a young person and i'm still practicing

sometimes i don't have the patience when i'm cooking vegetables

I like to work but I don't want to be tired

And one day I'll give in, I'll let the lie

I need to know who is doing me good who is robbing me of my strength

I don't want to have to fear the last intoxication

I have to learn to finally let go of all the ballast

to focus and free myself




SOOKEE // QUING // 2010

verse 1:

it doesn't matter which eye was faster

and no time counts, whether a year is hardly a day

voltage arcs and electricity

to see what is being created in the air in the veins

trust from eternity trust from nowhere

when this voice speaks almost silently

the warm night and hardly any light

But heat inside that breaks outside

all senses flow in one direction

there is only this wish there is no obligation

everything around just hums softly in the off

and the impulse that throbbing glaringly grows

drama and curiosity fill a universe

Whatever this is, it's never upside down

because this thing just deserves release

it doesn't matter who loves whom here


dis is' wow and flirty - looks like fire

dis is' down and dirty - there is nothing to regret

one skin heats the other

this is how two transform into one another

verse 2:

everything that is looming leads together

this soft mouth that can do so sweet

breathe in, breathe out, everything goes deep

every little touch is mindful and deep

this hand seems to be everywhere at the same time

this is the opener for kinky shit togetherness

what luck to be free for the imagination

to be a meta perspective for time

from above everything looks as beautiful as it feels

worlds of experience that lead themselves out of themselves

with every second that goes by, the intoxication grows

this is a highlight for the physis for the soul too

everything trembles, vibrates, tingles, trembles and shouts

The euphoric finale insists on it a bit forward and time stands still

only the wish to never pass the moment


verse 3:

strength and tension are gone, everything is easy

no term has the meaning that a word is ever enough

a thousand or more words are not enough

the blood is distributed evenly over the body again

the smile on the face describes hours in detail

the memory holds the review of this wonderful time

the future is enriched by the beautiful experience

because it exceeds even the greatest expectation

exhaustion creates new energy

there is nothing against it like a word against it

the joy in the thing makes the river flow

the special thing about it is to enjoy it

the pictures are free of any scale

it is precisely for this reason that the verses need an addendum




SOOKEE // QUING // 2010

verse 1:

hip hop has problems because a large part of this scene

I can't get away with the fact that men want men too

they want to deny them to live their love as well

this track wants to make a difference i am for it and not against it

dis is pro homo hiphop can't help it

society has been locking this door for a long time

because a man is considered to be a man when he demands what he feels

behaves dominant never touches another man

And the norm goes even further, even when it comes to clothes

the moves and the language must never fail

otherwise it's just like 'are you gay or what?'

the bitterest doubt about kool and crass

dis is not only available in baggies dis is also available with a tie

in all layers individually, especially in mass

the manager the keeper at the door and at the gate

look at the comrades roaring as brothers in the choir

but also in the middle on the left or in the church

there are rigid images of men and they hope for it

that nobody realizes how fragile they are

and are therefore easy to deconstruct

all these whistles seem to mean

the phallus is his hete and is theirs

boys turn the kopp if you are real men

are you kool with queer everything else is pulpy


pro homo - and the time is ripe

pro homo - dis is not easy

how can you hate that people love each other

normality finally wants peace at last

pro homo - and the time is ripe

pro homo - dis is not easy

how can you hate that people love each other

normality finally wants peace at last

verse 2:

And then I hear her say it's all good

bruce patrick lindner and wowi are gay

2005 came brokeback mountain

but the persistence amazes me

the idea of ​​the order between men and women

oozes too much of tradition to build on it for longer

identity is important and everything

but one’s own and that of the other also hide falling

what do you think you know what are just clichés

the stereotypes are making their way

how do you want to know who is fucking whom how and when

when all of this disgusts her so much

and by the way there is also everyday life

and ramadan and chanukkah or christmas

imagine gays are just as nice and stupid

like everyone else, that's just the way it is

everyone wants respect and tolerance for themselves

but somehow this does not apply to others

if god really exists then he loves all people

if it really is god then she sees no limits


verse 3 (wallpaper):

don't tell me about the pope

the pope is a german homophobic old man

and engages holocaust deniers

the guy hunts witches and reintroduced exorcism

does not believe the dark middle finger for the tail

Give the fascists against changing your vocabulary you

you are already playing them with only verbal homo-hatred

have you ever been really in love and thought that was great love

there are simply no differences between same sex

only more problems and the love to carry outside

is still referred to as having a coming out

Coming out implies crossing borders

within society in a world under time pressure

this is not genesis forget adam and eva

this is about eva and ulla and also about adam and peter

it's not religious or genetic

these are sex and love let's start from the beginning '




SOOKEE // QUING // 2010

verse 1:

it cracks out of boxes like fractures and i like dis

read the whole record like one big message

pull every line because all of it is true

i find the criticism sympathetic

this is no scam and no chatter

i feel like packing a lot into this project

not your ashes in my pocket

I just wanna go on

because I burst when I can't say anything more

because i shut up like macker on fathers day

the lines are purple and the beat is pitch black

no playboy hunts me rabbits

nee nee dis does not work

i don't tell me nothing you nothing

the protest from haters is huge

but I'll stay tuned because hiphop loves me


I'm hungry, I'm angry, so I'm writing a text

I am amazed and it moves me precisely that is the purpose

i found my place and then occupied it with quing

and you already know what's coming now, I'm not leaving here any longer

bridge 1:

not dis what doesn't kill me makes me stronger

but dis what drives me because I've learned from it

not dis what doesn't kill me makes me stronger

but dis what drives me because I've learned from it

verse 2:

ey ey let's swap, I'm in the mood for transfer

what do you know what do i know there is still much more possible

competition makes everything incredibly close

let's go beyond this framework together

synergy brings forces together

i am looking forward to all of these networks

your flyer my info our party no stressers

like the big bosses, we're only doing it fairer

politics is not only in the bundestag

and I am not subject to anyone

if systems only keep me small

I create space for my freedom

i want to create new terms

new stories make your faces smile

there are a thousand tasks, I'm cool with it

until my big worries finally come to an end


bridge 2:

pump view things fountain

in the middle of society in the middle of the scene

means wound against fascism

word gimmick rap escapism

i pump my view of things like a fountain

in the middle of this society and in the middle of the scene

middle finger in the wound and against fascism

my word is no gimmick and rap no escapism



09 // DESIGN

SOOKEE // QUING // 2010


every word every sentence and every text

represents what grows inside you

all your statements and questions at the end

are part of your action they carry your thinking

and thinking is linked to identity

therefore it is never too late for change

you say and perform like you love what you live

so that this will never work again


what you are extremely in connection with outside

with world and society traditions and customs

with knowledge and powers, structures and meanings

everything in it is constructed like buildings

because nothing falls from the sky and is just there

or worse it is therefore true

everyone contributes to it

because freedom does not go its own way

of course - those up there but we are too

but not if we don't accept above

we create structures that support us

because old norms and forms are of no use to us


yeah - your anger touches me

le futur est present le futur est à nous

no borders no orders we we stand together

time for solidarity, tamam ?!


verse 2:

power doesn't just go from top to bottom

you saw power as a threat

get back everything that the system took away from you

your language your strength your beauty your frame

inform yourself, defend yourself, explain yourself

share your skills and your knowledge honestly

give what you have and take what you need

remember be wild and different and loud

breast muscle dance figurative sense

every small step is not bad at all

unless you direct the doubts against yourself

are you part of this important ray of hope







SOOKEE // QUING // 2010

verse 1:

dis is not bitter on the face dis is' please or thank you

This is a race with the shadow to land in the middle

this is i didn't understand you speak to me clearly

dis is' berlin is my home what does germany still want here

I only recently realized that the connection is a knot

and at some point you are on the ground if you only look upwards

and everything that is forbidden becomes shiny and bling

the index and its content are just not my thing

dis is 'sookee is' quing and I know your questions

on the image and the scene and the men and the message

and then i impregnate madness and discuss these drawers

And ask me back when we'll have enough of it

I wish for a surprise and a little far-sightedness from you

but you cling to your formula and ask 'purple is that female?' purple is red and blue the message is that simple

and please where exactly is it that everything is true here


no text no game no sex no fame

no friend no fan no boy no stan

no beat no job no weed no pop

no sound no shit no wages no prices

no word no hook no murder no hood

no hype no deal no envy no game

no diss no bass no piss no hate

no shit no pride no hit what the heck

I've never been alone I've always been a team

and after 24 years there is little that scares me

i don't fight a mud fight my war is only in texts

And if the bitch gets hold of it, I'll never hurt her

I am not allowed to judge anyone, I can distance myself

and if I know everything better I don't understand a thing

i don't harm anyone on paper i'm just looking for a solution

the cypher is a fantasy and coolness is just getting used to

hiphop can only beguile me if it is straight and gay

there are fluid boundaries between haters and ladies

everyone is different and everyone is better

but who understood it and who has already forgotten

say hooo - dis is' call and response

then it is astonishing if the answer comes before

who am i who are you we are not all the same

and I stick to these questions even if no one knows again


verse 3:

you put your feet in front of each other but you don't reach your goal

gets chances and presents but remains greedy

Dealing with the eyes of others is just difficult

and yet you always think nobody sees me

your ego and you are friends and enemies

your ego is to blame for your joys and sorrows

people shit and ask 'how are you ?!'

especially if the answer consists only of phrases

everyone does theirs and you meet at parties

your `` I'll summarize '' is far from being a conclusion

you wait and wait but the shit doesn't get real

every now and then one is too much for oneself