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Dog cage

A dog cage is not a punishment, nor is it used to confine an animal. What is a dog cage? It serves the short-term protection and safety of the dog as well as the transport of the animal. It is not a permanent place of residence.

The practical, portable kennels are a piece of furniture for man's best friend, rest area or animal sleeping place when traveling and on vacation. The functionality when driving the car is hard to beat. Dog harnesses that are used to secure the animals in the car can tear in the event of an accident. A stable dog cage for the car is used for the safety of the four-legged friends. If your dog is sick or injured, the dog crate is ideal as a hospital bed or to stay with the vet. Puppies often need the cage for cleanliness training, dog training, or as a place of refuge. You need your sleep at night and don't want to find shoes, socks or other "toys" from your apartment nibbled on in the morning. A dog cage is the perfect puppy sitter.

The advantage: you get your little furry friend used to their personal transport box right from the start.


Dog cage advice

Which dog crate is right for your breed and the different needs? Certain criteria have to be fulfilled, certain advantages make the decision easier. Small extras such as a removable tub, carrying handles or castors will help you with the purchase decision. We have also taken these into account in the following dog cage test.

The selection ranges from the dog cage for the home to dog cages for the car to the XXL dog cage. It should definitely be a foldable dog cage.

A dog cage scores with properties that are suitable in terms of size and are comfortable for dog and owner. This includes dimensions, weight and ease of use. The upholstery without the risk of injury are important aspects for the animal. A dog cage for the home should fit in design and can be conceptualized in different shapes. When it comes to the dog cage for the car, stability, security and the right dimensions with stability are what count. The box should also be easy to clean. Storage options when not in use, color, security, doors, most common areas of application and price / performance are criteria for the right choice.

First of all, size matters. The cage must be adapted to the dog. A Golden Retriever needs an XXL dog cage, the Yorkshire fits into a smaller model. The fact is: the dog needs enough space to lie comfortably, stand and turn around. Then you ask yourself questions about your special needs. Where exactly should the box be used, how often and what purpose does it have to fulfill.

A dog cage that is multifunctional is best suited: for transport in the car, for at home, in the garden or on the go.
In our dog cage test, we took these criteria into account and objectively considered the best five models.

If it's your first time at the vet, a muzzle is a good decision. Here you can find our blog post on muzzles.

Simply maison

The high-quality Simply Maison wire cage remains clearly in first place in the dog cage test. The transport box is made of powder-coated metal and comes with two handles and two doors. This makes the upcoming visit to the vet easier. The transport box can be placed lengthways or crossways in the car thanks to the doors. A partition grille is also included in the scope of delivery. This enables two animals to be transported at the same time: dogs, cats or other small animals. Buyers can easily buy the cage the size of their adult dog and limit the space for the small puppy in advance with the grid. This is practical for the acclimatization of the new addition to the family from the first hour and saves the follow-up costs for a larger kennel.

The all-rounder is available in sizes XS to XXL.

  • XS 56 cm x 34.6 cm x 40 cm, without rollers
  • S 61 cm x 44 cm x 55 cm
  • M 77 cm x 48 cm x 57 cm
  • L 91.5 cm x 58 cm x 58.5 cm
  • XL 107 cm x 72 cm x 81.5 cm
  • XXL 122.5 cm x 75.5 cm x 83.5 cm, without rollers

All details are external dimensions width x depth x height.

In sizes S to XL, castors with locking brakes are included, which can be fitted to make it easy to move the box if necessary. The rollers can be screwed on so that the cage can be used in a vehicle to protect people and animals without rollers. The thick bars ensure very good stability. The good workmanship ensures injury-free stays for the beloved four-legged friends. In our dog cage test, the wire box in the car did not rattle.

The comparison winner in the test can be folded up to ensure stowage when not in use. Setting up this carry box is quick and easy. For owners of several dogs, animal keepers or animal shelters, the boxes can be stacked. To do this, you can connect the cages without rollers with the enclosed screws.

The plastic tub contained on the floor can be easily removed for cleaning through an opening provided for this purpose. The doors can be easily opened and closed by human hands, but are taboo for curious animals.

In the outdoor area, the dog cages can be optimally connected to a playpen. Pay attention to the weather and moisture to keep the metal rust-free.

Conclusion: a lot of quality and useful extras for a reasonable price.


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Callieway Premium dog cage

The innovative and modern designed aluminum dog cage for home and office looks elegant and shapely. This kennel has a closed floor made of real aluminum laminate panels. Together with a washable, soft insert mat with anti-slip coating, the outfit ensures easy cleaning and shiny cleanliness. The anodized aluminum tubes without cross braces complete the design. All bars are double riveted and do not rattle or squeak. The light material aluminum ensures a place of retreat for the quieter journeyman and is well suited for transport due to its lower weight. This box is the right one for a stylish home or longer working days at the company when your dog doesn't have to be alone. This stackable, rustproof lightweight cage is set up and ready for occupancy in three minutes.
The door to your darling is on the short side and opens to the left.
The Callieway Premium is available in different sizes, from M to XXL. The three larger models come with the stylish aluminum plates, the model in M ​​with a base tray. Size example for model L: 79 centimeters long, 58 centimeters wide, 65 centimeters high.
The dog cage for the home convinces with sufficient space, stable lightweight construction, level floor with comfortable pillows and a tried and tested door. A real favorite place to stay! This pretty cage is highly recommended for dog shows.

Conclusion: shapely, light and safe processing for the faithful favorite dog. First class quality with professional functionality.

AmazonBasics dog cage

A foldable dog cage from AmazonBasics is characterized by its special softness and maximum comfort. The beige side parts made of soft polyester can be assembled with the PVC frame quickly and without tools. The robust and water-repellent fabric is washable (hand wash) and can be air-dried. It offers more fearful animals the necessary privacy protection and still allows a view through the window in or out. The cozy place offers your pet an inviting place to rest and is easy to transport. A dog cage for the car: Whether you are out to meet friends, travel or have to do some shopping - the foldable dog cage is a reliable companion. The 76 cm dog cage is ideally suited for dogs up to 19 kilograms to sleep the dog in their own bedroom or in a hotel room. With a length of 76.5 cm, a width of 54.1 cm and a height of 54.1 cm, the box leaves enough space for a beagle, boxer, bulldog or terrier to take a break.

The box is also available in sizes 53 cm for dogs up to seven kilograms of body weight, 66 cm for animals up to 13.6 kilograms, 91 cm for weights up to 31.8 kilograms and 107 cm for large breeds up to 36.6 kilograms .
If necessary, it can be set up quickly at any location, and just as quickly folded and stowed away to save space when not in use. The unbeatable lightweight speaks for itself when traveling.
The foldable dog crate has a door at the front and a door at the top. The front door and mesh windows allow adequate ventilation. The doors can be locked with secure zippers. If you want to leave the door open, it can be rolled up and secured with a fastening strap. The rounded corners guarantee protection against unwanted scratches in the car interior. In the dog cage test, this transport box wins thanks to its unbeatable low price and special durability thanks to its quality.

Conclusion: Great for traveling with a dog, for spontaneous travelers and frequent travelers. Stability and security with a portion of extra comfort at no extra charge.


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Songmics dog cage

This versatile cage made of iron wires is suitable for dog training, for outdoors, for sleeping or cuddling. It is available in sizes L to XXXL and is therefore well suited for heavier breeds. With a size of 106 cm x 77.5 cm x 70 cm, the XXL dog cage is particularly recommended, as its features correspond best to dogs of this size. The Songmics dog cage XXL and its other size models convince with the thickened iron wires, which guarantee robustness and stability. The powder-coated surface ensures rust resistance. This means that the cage can be used outdoors, in the garden, on the training ground or on the balcony without any problems.

There are two L-shaped locking bolts on the two door systems, which allow easy entry and exit in the box. The big dog is in good hands behind this safety lock without being able to injure itself. The dog crate offers space and security. Dangerous situations for the animal are prevented for a short time, especially when the master is absent. Two handles make the dog cage XXL a safe transport box. You should pay attention to the dimensions of the trunk and the box. Are they compatible?

The ABS plastic bottom tray supplied can be removed for easy cleaning.
All in all, the XXL dog cage is effortlessly assembled, collapsible and ideal for traveling or at home. The kennel is very useful for the acclimatization phase of dogs and for cats that are supposed to get used to the outdoor area.

Conclusion: A robust model with enough breakout-proof space. Recommended by dog ​​trainers.

RHR Quality dog ​​cage

The fifth resting place for your dog from our dog cage test does not come off worse than the others. The advantages of this dog cage lie in the elegant appearance paired with a very solid construction made of aluminum with two solid side walls. This dog box corresponds to European quality production - the built-in parts come in a top quality, which is reflected in the price. But this box is worth the money. Available in different sizes, the kennel promises small and large dogs a pleasant resting place. Powerful dogs are well protected. The door can be installed on the long or short side at the customer's request. Due to their light weight and high stability, the RHR Quality Boxes are perfect for traveling by train, plane or car. They are waterproof and easy to clean. The aluminum bars have a diameter of 1.5 centimeters. The complete transport box is stable and secure with high functionality and good lockability. Assembly and assembly can be carried out within a few minutes using the enclosed assembly instructions. The plug-in parts can be set up quickly by two people. In the color silver, the dog rest room is a visual highlight in the living area, because it does not resemble a simple wire cage in any way.

Conclusion: High-priced dog cage made of aluminum that is worth the money.


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Dog cage buying guide

In the dog's life there are often situations in which the animal friend has to be in a cage for a short time. In order to simplify the procedure, it is advisable to get your dog used to a dog crate slowly from the start. Ideally, the pet will get used to its very own dog cage as a puppy and will perceive it as a place of retreat.

Which box can become the pet's favorite place?

A dog doesn't care about price or design. He likes to be warm and cozy and does not like to be restricted in his freedom of movement. You can determine all other requirements for the box yourself. Dog cages are available in many sizes and variants. If you have come to a purchase decision with the help of our dog cage test and the buying guide, you set up the dog cage in the space provided. A cozy blanket or pillow helps the dog to feel comfortable. Some boxes come with a soft floor covering. A favorite toy should not be missing in the dog cage. Depending on the length of your stay, you can add a water bowl. The familiarization phase takes place according to the reward principle. To begin with, leave the door open and place a treat in the cage. The hungry and curious puppy will not miss this. When he gets his canapés, praise and reward the animal. You only repeat this until the dog willingly and willingly goes into the cage and then uses it as a resting place. The door can then be closed. Your four-legged friend should never associate a stay in the box with negative emotions. The only condition for the well-being of your dog: The size of the cage must be adapted to the dog!

How do I determine the right size?

It is very important that the dog crate is not too small. The adult dog must be able to lie and stand comfortably in it. There should be an opportunity for the dog to turn around in the closed box. How do I get the right measurements? The total length of the dog, its leg length, height and width are measured. With puppies, you fall back on the experience of the breeder. The optimal length of the dog cage is the total length of the animal plus half the leg length. The height of the dog cage should be the height of the dog plus five to 10 centimeters. With the width you assume twice the width of the dog. Height and leg length are of course measured while standing. Now you have determined the minimum size of the appropriate cage. If the exact size cannot be found in stores, you should choose the next larger size. The dog now has its leeway. Depending on the temperament, length of stay and the purpose of the box, there are differences in the choice of material.

Aluminum, fabric, plastics, steel or wire cages?

The bottom of the dog cages is usually made of plastic. The material is easy to clean and lightweight for transport. A removable bowl is ideal. Our top 5 dog cages in the test are all easy to clean and waterproof. It is important that the materials are rust-free. Aluminum and steel guarantee the necessary stability, especially for the larger or more spirited pedigree dogs. Metal also withstands chewing attacks.
A foldable dog cage made of polyester is a recommended dog cage for the car, for smaller or more frightened dogs. Another advantage is the small footprint when not in use, as it can be easily folded up and stowed away.
The different materials have an influence on the weight. For an XXL dog cage, for example, it is advisable to choose a lighter material such as aluminum. Equipped with handles, the larger box can be transported more easily. Aluminum does not rattle during long car journeys.


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Dog cage for the car

An absolute must is a dog cage while driving. According to the road traffic regulations, every load must be secured - including the animal passengers. Great dangers for humans and animals lurk here every day. If the dog is not properly secured and can move freely, accidents can occur due to the distracted driver. In the event of an impact, the dog flies uncontrollably through the car. There are not yet any statutory test regulations for the various security systems. Again, the size of the cage and durable, stable accommodation, preferably in the trunk of the car, are important here. According to several crash tests with dog dummies, dog cages ensure optimal safety in transport. Every dog ​​owner should use this option and not let the dog look out the window of the car unsecured.
Even if it's so cute sometimes. The risk of injury is high.Pay attention to good workmanship and a hazard-free interior of the dog cage. Good locking mechanisms are important in order to further optimize security. Additional locking bolts ensure increased security. Keep the transport box doors closed while driving!

Which door is the right one? One-door or two-door?

Some dog cages are offered with one door from the start, some are optionally available with two doors. Do you want your pet to be able to get in front and back? Or do you want to be able to take it out from above? One door is sufficient for the dog cage for the car. If the dog cage is to be at home, a second door is the better choice if there is enough space for it. If the little puppy spends the night in a dog cage, the doors to the cleanliness training must be kept closed. Dogs avoid littering their own sleeping area. If the young dog wants to do its business, it will make itself felt by whining and it can be taken outside immediately. After a period of regularity, the little one is quickly house-trained.
The all-rounder, which is to be used for transport and at home, must have other advantages. Above all, it must be easy to transport.

Portable lightweights for easy transport

Steel dog crates are very heavy. For example, if an XXL dog cage remains in one place, weight hardly plays a role. If the dog cage is used for transport and when traveling, a few pounds less make a decisive difference. The total weight of the cage should meet the needs of the dog owner. Despite its lightweight construction, the portable kennel must meet the requirements for stability. Our dog cage test shows you boxes made of aluminum or fabric that meet these criteria.


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Color, storage options and extras

Whether the look plays an important role depends on the location of the dog cage. Most of the boxes are made of simple, beautiful silver. Painting in other colors, especially black or white, is possible. That is a matter of taste if the dog cage in the office or in the home should fit into the appropriate ambience.
For many dog ​​owners, it is important that the cage can be folded up to save space. Especially when the box is only used for transport to the vet or when you go on holiday once a year. A foldable dog cage is the first choice.
Carrying handles, rollers, partitions or removable inserts are helpful extras. Some of the TOP 5 models are equipped with everything and for this reason have won the dog cage test. Well-designed tests make the purchase decision easier. The multifaceted advantages are obvious.

Of course, when buying a new dog cage, the price plays a role. This aspect has not gone unnoticed in the course of the product tests. The AmazonBasics dog cage for the car and at home is our award winner. The information is meaningful and objective. The price aspect is not in the foreground. A reasonable price-performance ratio was taken into account for the cost-conscious customer.
Have fun with your four-legged friend and the matching dog cage!

It will be particularly comfortable for your dog if you put a nice blanket in it. If you are still looking for a blanket, you are welcome to take a look at the dog blanket test.

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