Why is Minecraft so popular 1

The success of Minecraft

Minecraft has been bought over 42 million times, making it number 1 among the best-selling games. This article gives you an overview of the fascination with the game and explains the enormous success.

From Markus Sindermann

Minecraft first appeared as an indie open world title in May 2009 and was further developed by the Swedish company Mojang until 2014, when it was bought by Microsoft in September of the same year.

Today the game is available on every common platform, both on smartphones (Android, iOS, WindowsPhone), as well as for the PC and the consoles Xbox360, XboxOne, Playstation 3 and 4, WiiU, but also for the handheld console Playstation Vita . As the world's best-selling game, Minecraft has had a steep curve of success that has not stopped to this day, which means that the game is constantly being developed and updated. The purchase price is currently between € 5 and € 30, depending on the platform.

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An open world

The fascination is based, among other things, on the game principle. There are no fixed tasks that have to be worked through uncompromisingly in order to achieve success in the game. Instead, there is an open world in which almost every block can be dismantled and built up, the players set individual goals for themselves and let their creativity run free. It is possible to play alone in one world as well as to act online with several people on a shared server. Due to its openness, very different game goals can be pursued in Minecraft. For example, there are servers on which people work together on large-scale projects, such as the reconstruction of a metropolis, or an individual city is created in which each resident has a permanent building site for their individual house. It is also possible to fight against each other and to do without the construction aspect or the game is about exploring the map and surviving in the wild as long as possible.

Each time a new world is created, a random map is generated that must be rediscovered over and over again. Classic world elements are valleys, lakes, seas, mountains, forests, deserts and caves. In addition, there are randomly placed, peaceful animals, but also aggressive monsters that only appear at night or in dark caves.


The enormous success is based, among other things, on its easy accessibility. Minecraft gained notoriety above all through Let’s Player, who record their game and comment on it. The big Let's Players exchange ideas, especially in Minecraft, and work together on projects in order to generate more reach for each other. One example is Varo: Here teams of two play against each other in a game mode. Based on the Hunger Games from the Hunger Games, the game starts with all teams fighting each other and trying to survive. Whoever is eliminated cannot return to the game and is no longer there. Varo was launched in its third round in mid-2015 and meant an enormous increase in viewers for many of the Let's Players taking part. (Numbers on broadmark.de).

In addition to just watching the videos, some Let's Players also offer their own servers for their community to play with and give them a platform. These servers are often popular because the young players have the feeling that they are closer to the Let's Players. In addition, it is also possible to rent your own game server for a few euros a month directly from Minecraft or another provider. The advantage of these servers is that the world is always available and does not have to be managed on a local computer.

Seemingly unlimited possibilities

Minecraft lives from its community, which remains loyal to the game. The reason for this is probably the almost immeasurable possibilities within the game world, but also the constant updating and expansion of the game. Especially since the purchase price is still affordable compared to a classic console title. Instructions, recipes and other projects and activities can be found on the popular Minecraft Wiki.