When do you think someone is young?

Poet nun Silja Walter: 100 years and still young

Prayer of the monastery on the outskirts of the city

Somebody has to be home
when you come.
Somebody has to wait for you
down by the river
in front of the city.
Someone has to go after you
Keeping an eye out,
Day and night.
Who knows
when do you come?

someone needs you
see it coming
through the bars
his house,
through the bars -
through the bars of your words
your works,
through the grids of history
through the grids of what is happening
always now and today
in the world.

Somebody has to watch
down at the bridge
to report your arrival
you come in the night
like a thief.
Watching is our service.
For the world too.
She is often so reckless
walking around outside
and at night she is not at home either.
that you come?
That you are their master
and come safely?

Somebody has to believe
be home at midnight
to open the gate for you
and let you in
wherever you come from
Lord, through my cell door
do you come into the world
and through my heart
to humans.
What do you think we would do otherwise?
We stay because we believe.
To believe and stay
we are here, -
on the edge of the city.

and someone has to endure you
bear you
without running away.
Endure your absence
without your coming
to doubt.
Hold on to your silence
and still sing.
Your suffering, your death
keep up
and live from it.
Somebody always has to do that
with everyone else
and for you.

And someone has to sing
when you come!
This is our service:
See you come and sing.
Because you are god.
Because you do the great works
that nobody seems like you.
And because you are wonderful
and wonderful
like nobody.

Come here!
Behind our walls
down by the river
the city is waiting
to you of you. Amen.

Silja Walter OSB