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SpaceCAD -
Software for model rockets

Build and launch your own model rockets!

SpaceCAD tells you what height your rocket will reach, how much it will accelerate and what speed it will reach.

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Design - Build - Flight

Experienced rocket pilots know: Good preparation ensures that nothing goes wrong.

The best preparation for your model rockets is SpaceCAD: this ensures that they fly perfectly.

SpaceCAD is like insurance for your model rockets and is now available in German.

Check stability

Ensures that your model rocket flies vertically even in wind.

Calculate trajectory

Answers the question of how high and how fast your model rocket flies.

Safe landing

Helps you choose the right parachute. Your model rocket lands gently and close to the launch site.

Print results

Print out results and templates on paper - so you always have them to hand, even without a PC.

Design on screen

With SpaceCAD you design your model rocket on the screen and you can immediately see what it will look like later.

Huge database

With the component and propellant database, you can make rapid progress with the design of your model rocket.

You will see the result immediately

Fiddle around until your model rocket is perfect and flies ideally!

2D draft

In the 2D view you can see all the details of your model rocket and edit them easily.

3D view

In the 3D view you can see what the rocket will look like when it is built.

3D from above and below

Helps you make sure all parts are in the right place.

Calculate stability

Stable rockets fly vertically into the sky - even in wind. To determine this, SpaceCAD calculates the pressure point (DP) and center of gravity (SP) of the model rocket. The traffic light shows you at all times that everything is fine!

Model rocket designer

Build the perfect model rocket: nose cone, body tube, fins, guide tubes and more. Also in the package is a huge propellant database, which also contains the current climate propellant.

Complete calculation

SpaceCAD calculates the flight with a click of the mouse and determines maximum altitude, speed and acceleration. Landing is also calculated, with up to two parachutes or currents.

Export as SVG

SpaceCAD allows the export of fins and centering rings as SVG files. You can print them out directly with a laser cutter - without any detours.

  • “I love this software !.
    It is perfect for competition models! "
    Martin Verna
    SpaceCAD customer
  • “SpaceCAD is clear and precise. Anyone interested in model rockets should have this software ”
    Chuck Stouffe
    SpaceCAD customer

Take-off, flight and landing

You can see immediately how high your model rocket is flying, how fast it is going and what accelerations it is exposed to.

Flight simulation

SpaceCAD creates the flight profile of the model rocket. Important events in flight are displayed - burnout, parachute ejection, landing.


SpaceCAD simulates the landing: How long does the model rocket fly in the air, how far does it drift, depending on the wind speed?

Multiple recovery systems

You can use multiple parachutes or streamers - important for high flights. This allows you to optimize the flight of your missile for the best performance and safety.

Optimize flight

SpaceCAD shows you how your rocket flies even before it's finished. Simulate multiple missile configurations for a perfect flight.

Calculate drift

SpaceCAD determines how long your model rocket takes to land safely and how far it drifts. Find the best recovery system for the current weather conditions.

Select starting place

Simulate how your model rocket flies at different launch sites.
Enter details of the model rocket launch site for precise simulation.

  • “I like to use SpaceCAD because it is easy to understand, clearly laid out and very easy to use. The calculated altitudes come very close to the values ​​actually read out by the altimeter: SpaceCAD calculates very precisely! "
    Andreas Block
    Model rocket professional and long-standing SpaceCAD customer

When it comes to building, SpaceCAD helps with many clever functions.
The advantage: You can implement the design much faster, you do not have to paint time-consuming stencils yourself and this saves a lot of time.

Data sheet and parts list

SpaceCAD a detailed data sheetthat you can take with you to the launch pad and that contains all the important information about your rocket. With the Parts list you can see at a glance which components your model rocket is made of.

Download parts list (PDF)

Fins stencil

SpaceCAD also supports you in building the model rocket: With the Fins stencil you can quickly and precisely recreate the fins designed on the screen and adjust them on the rocket.

Download fin template (PDF)

More stencils

use this Centering ring printout to build engine mounts. With SpaceCAD you can also make a 1: 1 printout of the top Of your model. Furthermore, the Parachute Pattern Expressionto sew their own parachutes.

Download parachute template (PDF)

The perfect solution!

Model building rockets is a fantastic hobby - and it's even more fun with SpaceCAD!

Understand and optimize

Ideal if you are building new model rockets, improving existing ones or just want to know more about the flight of your rocket.

Prepare level certification

Optimize your rocket even before you build and launch it.

Used in more than 30 countries

Did you know that model rocketing is a global hobby? SpaceCAD is used in more than 30 countries around the world.

Use in school

Schools use SpaceCAD as a valuable tool. SpaceCAD is used for model rocket competitions such as the Team America Rocketry Challenge (TARC).

Buy SpaceCAD now and design your first model rocket right away!

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