Is it easy to make a font?

Font Forge - Create your own font

With the free font editor FontFor, you can easily create your own fonts for your website or other programs such as Microsoft Word or Power Point or edit existing ones. Each letter can be created and assigned individually.



Create a new font

To do this, simply open OpenForge and click on "New", the individual letters can be drawn.
To finish creating a font, it can be created in various font formats under "File" under "Create fonts ..." and then used either for websites or the PC.

Install a new font on Windows

The newly created font can now be installed very easily under Windows by double-clicking on the saved font.

Embed font in website

Of course, after the development, the newly designed font should also be integrated into the website.
Either the .OTF or .TTF format is recommended for this, as unfortunately not every format is supported by every browser.

The .OTF format is the more modern format, but unfortunately it is not supported by Internet Explorer.
A fallback format would have to be specified for this.
A font can be integrated very easily with just a little CSS code.

Include CSS code font

@ font-face {
font-family: "roginnovationsavetfont";
src: url ("../ fonts / roginnovationsavetfont.otf");}

h1 {
font-family: roginnovationsavetfont, Arial, Helvetica;}

In the example above, the Roginnovationsavetfont is now included for the heading h1. In addition, this is equipped with two fallback fonts, if the browser used does not support the OTF format, the title is output in Arial or Helvetica.

last update August 20, 2015


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