Who does Venom own in the comics

"Venom" proves that there are DC comics in the Marvel Universe

Warning, spoilers! If you haven't seen “Venom” and don't want to know anything about the possible connection to the MCU and Spider-Man, stop reading now.

Due to the opaque legal battle over Spider-Man and the characters associated with him, fans were in the dark until the last second before the theatrical release of “Venom” when it came to clues about the Spider Man. But now that we've seen the film, we know: it doesn't appear. If you ignore the after-credit scene, in which we are presented with a spectacular sequence from the animated film "Spider-Man: A New Universe", neither Peter Parker nor Spider-Man are even mentioned with a single word. Yes, one pretends that the Marvel Cinematic Universe doesn't even exist - and instead gives the longstanding competitor DC a stage.

Superman instead of Spider-Man

Especially attentive fans probably noticed this tiny little detail, but most viewers probably didn't notice the inconspicuous word: In the scene in which Venom's weak points are addressed, Eddie Brock's ex-girlfriend Anne (Michelle Williams) mentions that a certain tone frequency would be the symbiote's kryptonite. Kryptonite? Doesn't the mineral come from the home planet Supermans? How do characters from the Marvel cosmos know such details from the world of DC?

Well, there are actually only two ways to explain Anne's crypt (on) ical sentence: Either “Venom” simply plays in the so-called reality, in the here and now, as we also know it - only with the difference that a few nasty slime puffs from space cause a sensation. Under these circumstances it would make perfect sense that the same comics that we know exist in the world of Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) & Co. Or - and that is probably the less likely option - after the legal squabble over the characters from the "Spider-Verse" you simply sided with the competition. Either way, Michelle Williams didn't just get this sentence up by chance and thus offers the perfect platform to spin absurd fan theories!

Not the first allusion

Anyone wondering (perhaps with a little chuckle) what this is really all about with Anne's remark should perhaps know that Spider-Man and Superman are by no means linked for the first time. The two are undoubtedly among the most popular superheroes of Marvel and DC and have therefore undergone a multitude of reincarnations over time, but comics have always been the perfect platform for crossovers of the craziest kind. This is how Marvel and DC have each other in the year In 1976 they teamed up to bring together two of their greatest icons in "Superman versus Spider-Man". So why rule out that something similar could also happen in the cinema?

In “Spider-Man”, the first part of the trilogy with Tobey Maguire in the role of the title hero, director Sam Raimi also insisted on pointing out the decades-long relationship between Kal-El and the friendly spider from the neighborhood - for example when Peter Parker tries to spin a web for the first time and quotes Superman ("Up, up and away") or when Aunt May points out to him that he is taking on too much responsibility: "You are not Superman"she lets her nephew know. Well, he may not be Superman, but some things in common with the man of steel cannot be denied.