How hard is table tennis

Sport-Club Berg e.V.

Come by and learn the fastest ball sport in the world. True to the motto, six children from different parts of Ehingen found their way to the gym in Berg at the end of November 2009. On 10 training days, they were introduced to table tennis piece by piece under the professional guidance of the instructors from SC Berg. On 02/10 the course ended with a big final tournament.

"My mom discovered the flyer in the mailbox and immediately called my friend's mother and asked whether Anes would like to come to training," replied Max when asked how he heard about the SC Berg campaign. Anes had to he quickly decided on the beginners' course, as he had been playing with friends on his own table tennis table for a long time at home.

In the first unit, the children were told how to hold the table tennis bat correctly, what to watch out for in this very fast sport and the easiest way to run to the ball. After this theoretical part of the lesson, the children showed how to handle the small ball made of celluloid. Skill and feel for the ball were tested on an obstacle course.

The children learn best when we, as trainers, demonstrate the sequence of movements and you then repeat the strokes very often. This is the experience of Michael Jung, the FSJ from SC Berg and the contact person for the course. This training was practiced on the ball bucket in the following evenings. In this exercise method, the trainer plays the table tennis balls to the child at a certain speed, placement, ... over and over again. "Playing at the table tennis table is the most fun," said Annika, the youngest of all participants, between the various tasks. You could see it, everyone was eagerly involved and obviously had a lot of fun chasing the white marble back and forth.

After the children learned the basic strokes, and thus a basic framework for the table tennis game was available, they started with various forms of play and the service game. Jung, showed the different ways to get the ball into play. Everyone quickly became aware of the importance of this punch in a competitive game. The participants with a special stroke could quickly score simple points.

After nine units packed with tips, learning techniques, games and fun, the budding table tennis professionals were able to put their skills to the test in a final tournament. With the certificate in our luggage we went home on Wednesday evening. Jan still had to get rid of one thing: “Table tennis is a great sport and when can I start training now? For Jan and three other course participants, the course was the start of their table tennis career. You have decided to move on to youth training at SC Berg.

But as the saying goes - after the game is before the game - the SC Berg invites all children from 8 years of age who have not yet taken part in the table tennis AG of the Berg primary school. to the new beginners course. The training begins on 02/26/2010 in the gym of the Berg elementary school and the course ends with a final tournament on 05/14/2010. The 10 units from 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. are led by Michael Jung and the SC Berg coaching team. You can register with Michael Jung at 07391/7969774 or 0172/2862857 or at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots! You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Register quickly - the number of participants is limited !!!!