Where are Danfoss drives manufactured


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The well-known company Danfoss, whose hardware catalog you can see on our website, was created about 80 years ago. So far this is a modern company, one of the main manufacturers in its branch.

The company has representative offices in more than one hundred countries around the world and also combines many organizations in four continents.

The international concern is not only a leading manufacturer, but also a provider of suppliers of transmitters for heat supply systems around the world, especially in Russia.

Reliable Equipment I. Modern Technologies Allow Engineers To Use Effective Solutions When There Are Problems In The Automation Of Thermal Plants.

Among the main directions of the company, Danfoss is known:

  • thermal and industrial automation;
  • refrigerators;
  • drive technology;

All designs and every component are checked individually and closely with a tight quality control and reliability. It becomes possible thanks to the large number of factories that the company owns.

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Heat automation

The catalog of thermal automation in the company is quite wide and includes heat supply, air conditioning and ventilation stations. They can be assigned:

  • thermostatic components;
  • radiator thermostat valves;
  • pressure drop regulator;
  • controller and shipping;
  • electrical appliance valves;
  • flow regulators and pressure;
  • valves with electric actuators;
  • heat exchanger;
  • room thermostats;
  • the components of the burner.

In the online store Hitenergi can buy valves danfoss. At an acceptable cost and excellent quality. This information is characterized by durability and reliability.

Industrial automation

This direction establishes and sends the details for the sale of management and control systems in the industry as well as the maritime industry. The section contains the following components:

  • pressure transducer;
  • thermostatic, electromagnetic and pneumatic valves;
  • pressure relay and temperature;
  • electromechanical, electronic contactors and motor controls;
  • sensors and temperature converters.

A smooth starter device is in great demand as is thefoss converter. The company is an undisputed manager of production and sales of these goods.

Driver technology.

The direction of power electronics consists of three sections: Danfoss drives, Danfoss solar inverters, Danfoss silicon forces. Accessories are used in a variety of areas, such as: B. automotive, food, paper, chemicals, metallurgical. Apply in particular:

  • smooth starters up to 800 kW;
  • power frequency converter up to 1400 kW;
  • various optional accessories.

Subdivision drive technology. Concern, concern Danfoss. It is considered to be one of the greatest leaders who not only develop and produce, but also supply and serve mechanical and electronic parts for the industry.


The company is also successful in the manufacture of compressors and comprehensive solutions for the automation of refrigeration stations and air conditioning systems. The catalog contains a wide range of components for the manufacture of domestic and industrial refrigerators., Systems for air conditioning and ventilation. This area is shown:

  • electronic control thermostatic control valves;
  • electromagnet coils;
  • pressure relay and thermostat;
  • industrial refrigeration control solution;
  • filter drier;
  • glasses show;
  • shut-off and control valves;
  • check valves;
  • liquid distributor;
  • linear commercial components refrigerators;
  • Oil separator;
  • mesh filter;
  • compressors and compressor-condensing equipment;
  • gas detector.

So far, Danfoss is actively developing in Russia. This is because of the wide range of products, as the plants make everything necessary for a reliable and professional installation of pipelines, starting with plumbing attachments and ending with pressure drop regulators.

A distinctive feature of every detailDanfoss. is reliability and power, when correct use The duration of its service is long enough. The company values ​​their reputation as a reliable manufacturer, so all products are made from modern reliable wear-resistant materials.

It should be noted that the Danfoss. is a shareholderSauer - Danfoss. Which is considered the main world manufacturer of mobile hydraulics today.

The company achieved its goals, but it tries to minimize negative impact on productions on the environment, as well as maximize the use of natural resources.

All of the products are easy to use and high performance, so it requires great demand from consumers. Thanks to the use of automatic systems from Danfoss, stable work engineering systems can be achieved.

On the website of the company Khiestnerji, the Danfoss price from Danfoss can be viewed by the manager from the manager or familiarized with the prices in the relevant sections. It is difficult to choose a specific model, especially a person who does not have any special knowledge in this area. We recommend contacting our staff, who will select the optimal option based on their needs.

NTC Energoservice produces offer and installation of a complete range of nomenclature of thermal automation Danfoss. Danfoss heat automation is actively implemented by us as part of the implementation of energy company contracts and the introduction of energy-saving activities.

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Regulating devices for heating and ventilation systems. Preparations for regulation of the regional heat supply and central heating systems: temperature and pressure regulators direct action; electronic devices To maintain the temperature of the water in heating systems depending on the outside temperature; electronic controller for ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Automatic indoor air control means various targets .. Direct action radiator heaters and programmable indoor electronic thermostats Complete with control valves and thermoelectric drives.

Industry has one of the most important, if not most, to solve an important task, namely: To ensure continued economic growth, protect the environment from the predatory exploitation of raw materials and environmental pollution. Danfoss plays an important role in this process. Products perceived energy, increase the productivity of industrial companies and improve the standard of living in all parts of the world.

Danfoss is a world leader in the manufacture of a complete range of heating, ventilation and automation equipment for individual and central thermal systems. Automation Danfoss is installed and successfully operated in more than 10 thousand CTP and ITP and in more than 50 thousand public and residential facilities in Russia.

NTC Energoservis is ready to offer you the full range of Danfoss thermal automation nomenclature:

    RA series thermostatic elements; Danfoss is the only manufacturer of radiator thermostators with gas-filled sensors.

    radiator thermostat valves - for two pipes pump system heating type RTD-N and type RTD-G for the pump single-pipe or two-pipe gravity heating system;

    hydraulic balancing valves. - ASV automatic equalizing valves - are used to maintain a constant pressure difference between the supply and return lines variable outputs The average medium they are in the range of 0 to 100% (ASV-I, ASV-M, ASV-P, ASV- PV) MSV, directs, is a type of valve device with fixing the position of its setting to the desired flow rate (MSV-BD, MSV-S, MSV-F2, USV-I,), combined AB valves qm are flow rates;

    controller and dispatch - electronic controls with weather compensation for the temperature of the coolant of the Eclcomfort series by Eclcomfort 110, 210, 310 are used in centralized heat supply systems, heating and cooling buildings. Support of up to 4 systems, control functions are programmed in the key.

    electric valves: Sadelle / control valves for centralized heat supply VS 2, VM2, VB 2, VF 2 / VF 3, VFG 2/21, VFG 33/34/35/36 as well as a range of regulating valves with actuators for heating systems and cooling, in the working environment used water or glycol-Rav, VMT, VMA, VGU, VGUF, VFU 2/21, VF 2 / VF 3, VMV, VRB 3, VRG 3;

    the complete line of electric actuators for saddle valves to meet the needs of any system, any type of object. Drives can be controlled with a 3-position or analog signal with or without safety and different costs, AMV (E) and ABV series.

    Consumption controller and pressure - In order to solve various technological tasks related to the heating and heat supply systems, Danfoss Buildings produces a wide range of direct controllers, including:

    pressure regulator- AVP / AVP-F, AFP

    controller and expense limiter- AVPB / AVPB-F, AVPQ / AVPQ-F, AVPQ 4, AFPQ / AFPQ 4

    pressure drop regulator with cost limitation - AVQ, AFQ

    To equip the system of centralized heat supply and thermal objects, Danfoss direct action temperature regulators are used in heating circuits or hot water supply. Different combinations possible. Temperature regulators, including safety thermostats.

Danfoss A / S is an international industrial company headquartered in Novorborg, Denmark. Danfoss Company - Recognized world leaders in thermal automation, components cooling units and drive technology. The company's technical solutions are based on the latest scientific developments and always contribute to improving energy efficiency and the rational use of resources.

The company was founded in 1933 by Mads Klausen as Dansk Koleauutomatik-Og-Apparat-Fabrik, and for some time it was renamed danfoss. Danfoss currently unites dozens of companies on four continents and has sales offices and subsidiaries in more than 100 countries around the world.

In Russia, Danfoss was caught up in 1993 by the international concern of Danfoss and the Danish Investment Fund for Central and Eastern Europe .. In November 1993 in Moscow, for the first time in Russia, a comprehensive production of radiator thermostats based on the technology of Danfoss members was organized, which the world market leader in making this type of instrument is. The production is certified in accordance with European standards SEN 215 and ISO 9001.

In 2001-2002, Danfoss in Moscow started the lines for the production of regulating seat valves and ball-headed cranes widely used in heat supply systems, heating, water supply and industrial plants.

In 2007 Danfoss opened a new office building and plant in the Moscow region, fully responding to the growth rates and needs of the company itself.

The main directions of Danfoss (Danfoss) are:

  • Thermal automation;
  • Drive technology;
  • Industrial automation;
  • Refrigerators.

Thermal automation Danfoss.

Danfoss Thermal Automation Division manufactures and implements devices for heat supply systems, ventilation and air conditioning systems:

  • Radiator thermostat and shut-off valve
  • Equalization valves for heat supply and cold supply systems
  • Electrical automation of thermal objects and central ventilation systems
  • Temperature regulators and direct action pressure regulators
  • Plate heat exchanger.
  • Electric heat supply controls cottages
  • Device for automating internal heating systems
  • Means for recording heat consumption
  • Pipe fittings
  • Block heat points.
  • The components of the burner

Industrial automation Danfoss.

The Danfoss Industrial Automation Division manufactures and distributes components for industrial and control systems and the marine sector. The broad nomenclature of Danfoss products includes:

  • Electromagnetic valves.
  • Pneumatic valves
  • Thermostatic valves
  • Electromechanical contactors.
  • Electronic contactors and motor controllers
  • Pressure and temperature relays
  • Pressure transducer
  • Sensors and temperature converters

Drive technology Danfoss.

DANFOSS TRIVE TRIVE Technology is one of the largest industrial concerns in Denmark and is a global leader in the development, manufacture, supply and maintenance of mechanical and electronic components for industry. The direction of power electronics encompasses three departments: Danfoss Drives, Danfoss Solar Inverters, Danfoss Silicon Powers.

Danfoss manufactures a wide range of products that are used in industries such as water supply, heating, ventilation, chemical, automotive, paper, food, mining, metallurgical industries:

  • Up to 1400 kW frequency converter
  • Smooth starters up to 800 kW
  • Various optional accessories.

Danfoss refrigeration units.

The Danfoss refrigerator division is a leading manufacturer and supplier of compressors and comprehensive solutions for the automation of refrigeration and air conditioning systems. A wide range of refrigeration products for the manufacture of household refrigerators, commercial and industrial refrigeration equipment, and ventilation and air conditioning systems:

  • Temperature control valves
  • Solenoid valves and coils
  • Pressure and thermostat relays (thermostats)
  • Pressure regulator.
  • Water valves.
  • Commercial cooling components
  • Industrial cooling components
  • Gas detector
  • Electronic regulators
  • Temperature and pressure sensors
  • Compressors
  • Compressor condenser units

Due to the fact that Danfoss has a large number of its own factories, the quality of the products is subject to the strictest control. Designed for use in most different systems Danfoss components meet strict accuracy and reliability requirements.

In this article we will look at the selection of automation for the heating systems of individual houses. Model tasks that solve the heating system are space heating with radiators and keeping a comfortable temperature in a warm floor circuit, the preparation of hot water.

What is the heat supply system of a single building?

Each modern individual housing is equipped with a heat supply system, which usually comprises four components:

  • source of thermal energy;
  • system of radiator heating;
  • external heating;
  • hot water boiling system

Consider the automation of these four systems.

1. Boiler and hot water boiling system

The source of thermal energy for supplying heat to an individual building is in most cases its own boiler, which works on a gaseous or liquid fuel. Modern boilers are divided into two large groups: single-circuit and double-circuit.

Two-circuit boiler Developed for heating and supplying the coolant in the heating contour as well as for producing hot water (hot water). The double circuit boiler includes a heat exchanger with hot water heating, a three-way valve for switching over the heating / production of a hot water, circulation pump, automation. Hot water is produced in a flow heat exchanger, so the boiler must have sufficient power to overlap the peak demand for hot water. To connect a double-circuit boiler, manufacturers recommend installing shut-off cranes and inlet filters in the cold boiler, drinking water and heat transfer media from the heating system.

One-bracket kettles are designed to heat the heating contour coolant. The boiler usually includes the control system and protection of the burner. Circulation pumps and hot water heat exchangers should be installed separately. Often S. built-in boilers boilers use indirect heating, the presence of cumulative block hot water with a built-in heat exchanger. For the supply of heat transfer medium in the HEATING contour and heating of GVS. The pump node of the DSM-BPU-Kesselumrufung is used.

The heating circuit pump pumps the coolant through the boiler, radiator and (with the mixing node) through the warm sole population. In the heating circuit, thermostatic regulators are installed that change the contour resistance depending on the temperature in the rooms. In order to ensure the circulation of the coolant through the boiler in any operating mode in the heating circuit pump assembly.DSM-BPU is provided by the AVDO bypass valve. The AVDO valve can be configured to maintain the required minimum flow depending on the boiler used. The DHW circular pump pumps the coolant through the boiler and the indirect heating boiler. The resistance of the heating circuit of the DHW is constant, so the installation of the bypass valve is not necessary.

As a rule, the boiler output is selected based on the average heat consumption by the heating and DHW circuit. Peak loads in the use of hot water are covered due to the reserve of hot water in an indirect heating boiler. In this case, the boiler either works on the heating circuit, or if the water temperature in an indirect boiler falls below the installed heat, the hot water changes. Such an operating mode is referred to as "DHW priority". Switching over the heating circuits using the DSM-BPU node is very quick and easy: it is sufficient to switch the supply voltage from the heating circuit pump to the hot water heating circuit pump. Check valves mounted at the outlet of each pump Provide the correct direction of coolant flow. To implement the priority of DHW, it is sufficient to connect the pumps of the DSM-BPU node to the thermostat of the boiler for indirect heating or to the boiler control system.

The pump arrangement of the boiler of the boiler includes filters for each contour, safety valveconnecting crane. Expansion tank cranes in every shape for the convenience of system maintenance. Installation optional. pipe connectors not required.

2. Radiator heating.

Blocking the cooler should perform the following main functions: adjust the cooler capacity depending on the temperature in the room, overlap the flow of coolant into the cooler for maintenance, repair or replacement, overlap into the cooler, to drain the heat carrier from the cooler during the repair

You can adjust the power of the radiator heating in two ways: All radiators in a room can be operated on a room thermostat at the same time or each radiator can be operated independently of one another

The room thermostat is used when radiators are closed decorative grille, in this case the temperature at the location of the radiator will be significantly different from the temperature in the room, and the radiator thermostat will not work properly. Also, if a large number of radiators are installed in the room, then it is more convenient to adjust the temperature in the room with an instrument room thermostat. Uses room thermostat The radiators located in this room are connected to the distribution collector, on which there are thermoelectric drives. The actuators open, closing the flow of coolant to the radiator on the room thermostat. The signal from the room thermostat can appear on wires (wired version) or in the form of a radio signal (wireless version) to the receiver. For the convenience connection. thermoelectric drives You can use the FH-WC control panel.

In order to be able to turn off the cooler and divert from it, special shut-off valves must be used, e.g. B. RLV-KD for radiators with lower connections or 2 pieces. RLV for radiators with side connections. These valves can be connected to a tail drain with a nozzle for a 3/4 "hose and prevent the coolant from entering. Decoration materials During maintenance and repairs

Crane loading for RLV valves, RLV-KD with nozzle for hose 3/4 "

When using radiator thermostats, it is necessary to install a thermostatic element on each radiator, thermostatic valve and thermostatic element, shut-off valve, or a combination of these elements

According to the type of connection, radiators with side connections and radiators with lower connections are divided

Consider the options for strapping radiators with side connections.

a) The thermostatic element, the thermostatic valve and the shut-off valve if the thermostatic element can be used an element with a gas filling of the RA2994 bellows or an electronic living ECO thermostat.


living eco.

Different structural versions of the RA-N valve thermostat are used depending on the wiring of the pipeline.

Ra-n angle valve

Ra-n straight valve

RA-N three-axis valve to connect to the right

RA-N three-axis valve to connect to the left

RA-N valve corner with side connection

There are also chrome versions and versions for press connection, see

A straight or angled RLV shut-off valve is used as the shut-off valve.

Valve shut-off corner

Valve locking directly.

There are also chrome versions and versions for press connection, see

b) Thermostat element, headset for lateral connection RA-K

The headset combines the thermostatic valve and the shut-off valve. By using the headset, you can lower the plastic pipes below the cooler level, thus preventing them from entering sunlight, causing previous aging of plastic pipelines. In addition, the headsets look very aesthetic and simplify installation.

The thermostatic elements RA2994 are suitable for the RA2994 and the living ECO thermostat elements. Depending on your method of laying pipelines, select the headset with the lower or rear pipeline.

Headset with lower connections
Rear link headset

c) Thermostat element, headset for side connection RA 15 / 6TV

Thermostatic elements RA2994 and Living Eco are suitable for the headset from RA 15 / 6TB. This headset allows you to maximize the strapping of the cooler. It should be noted that a single connection reduces the heat transfer of the cooler by 15 ... 20%.

Consider options for strapping heaters with lower joints

a) The radiator with the lower connection without the built-in valve thermoregulation in this case should use the VHS headset and the thermostatic element. As a thermostat element it is possible to use an element with a gas filling of the RA2994 bellows or the electronic thermostat

Depending on the wiring of the pipelines, the direct or angular version of VHS is used and depending on the connection to the cooler G 1/2 "or G 3/4".

Corner headset VHS.

Direct headset VHS.

b) Radiator with lower connections with an integrated valve of the thermostat with a clip connection RA

In this case, the gas-filled thermostatic element of the RA2994 bellows or the ECO electronic living thermostat should be used. You can use the RLV-KD valve as a locking valve. Depending on the wiring of the pipelines, use a direct or angled version of the RLV-KD and depending on the connection to the cooler version G 3/4 "or with G 1/2".

Direct RLV-KD shipment valve with adapter G 1/2 "

Angle RLV KD shut-off valve with G 1/2 adapters "

c) the radiator with the lower connection with the built-in valve of the thermostat with threaded connection M30x1.5.

In this case, you should use the RAW-K thermostatic element or the ECO electronic living thermostat with the Kadapter. You can use the RLV-KD valve as a shut-off valve. Depending on the wiring of the pipelines, use a direct or angled version of the RLV-KD and depending on the connection to the cooler version G 3/4 "or with G 1/2".


living eco.

3. Outdoor heating.

The warm floor offers particular comfort in the room. With sufficient insulation, the warm floor can compensate for the loss of heat, but in practice a system of warm floors is usually set in addition to radiator heating.

A different coolant temperature is required for radiators and for warm floors. Classic parameters for radiators are 80 s for feeding and 60 s for return. For comfortable and safe living average temperature the surface of the floor should not exceed +26 ° C for premises with permanent residence of people, this value is regulated by the SP60.13330.22 regulation (updated Editorial Board Snip 41-01). To achieve such a temperature of the floor surface, the temperature of the supplied coolant should be around 40 ° C. In order for the surface of the floor surface to be uniform, the temperature of the returned coolant from the supply temperature should be different than 5 ... 10 ° C. To obtain such Heatmate coolant parameters, mixing nodes are used.

The room thermostat can replace the thermostat for water heating floors, as it is able to control both radiators as well as a single-line convector.
Thanks to the uniform control center, more precise temperature control is achieved in the room, power consumption is reduced and maximum comfort is achieved.

Elegant Scandinavian design. Danfoss room thermostats are modern, high-quality temperature control solutions in every room.

Choosing a wireless room thermostat eliminates the need for a cable when it is redesigned. And you can easily upgrade the already existing heating system.

-1 ° C \ u003d 10%
Room thermostats not only provide a pleasant temperature. Save in every single room, but also when heating. The temperature is only 1 ° C, you are looking for savings of up to 10%.

With a programmable room thermostat, you can configure the work heating devices. Depending on the time of day and day of the week. For example, activate the energy-saving mode when you are at work or when you are leaving.