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FPSB continues to grow: More than 192,000 certified financial planners worldwide

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CFP® as a global quality mark for excellence in private financial planning

Financial planning is life planning (Graphic: FPSB)

Frankfurt am Main (pts025 / 16.03.2021 / 14: 00) - The growth continues: The number of certified financial planners, the so-called CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® (CFP®) rose again worldwide last year. As the Financial Planning Standards Board Ltd. (FPSB), the global association of all national CFP® organizations, announced that 192,762 professionals were registered worldwide at the end of 2020. Compared to the previous year, this means an increase of 2.5 percent or, expressed in absolute figures: an additional 4,658 CFP® professionals who take care of the financial concerns of consumers.

"The winners of this development are undoubtedly investors worldwide who are currently confronted with difficult conditions on the capital market everywhere and whose need for a long-term, well-thought-out investment strategy that is tailored to their individual needs is increasing", explains Professor Dr. Rolf Tilmes, CEO of FPSB Germany, adds: "CFP® is the global quality mark for excellence in private financial planning."

In the past year in particular, many people have come to appreciate the value of good financial planning. "During the COVID-19 pandemic, many consumers sought professional support to make their own financial planning more crisis-proof, to rethink debt strategies and to better compensate for financial cuts," explains Prof. Tilmes, who in addition to his position on the board also has Academic Director Finance & Wealth Management at the EBS Executive School, Oestrich-Winkel.

As a certification organization, the FPSB Germany awards the internationally established certificates to financial advisors with many years of experience, excellent training and impeccable repute.

"Since our foundation in 1997, we have grown to well over 1,500 CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professionals in Germany. The financial advisors recognize that qualification is the central element for success in consulting," explains Prof. Tilmes.

The increase in new professionals in the Asian countries last year was particularly noteworthy. China recorded an increase of almost 7 percent compared to the previous year. In Malaysia and Taiwan, certification growth even reached double-digit values. With the help of additional training and certification programs in various countries or regions, the FPSB Ltd. to push growth further. So far, 27 national organizations are affiliated to the association.

About the FPSB Germany e.V.
The Financial Planning Standards Board Ltd. - FPSB is a global network with currently 27 member countries and around 192,000 certificate holders. Its aim is to spread the worldwide professional standard for financial planning and to promote public trust in financial planners. The Financial Planning Standards Board Germany e.V. (FPSB Germany), based in Frankfurt / Main, has been a full member of this organization since 1997.

The central task of the FPSB Germany is the certification of financial and succession planners according to internationally uniformly defined rules. Important seals of approval are the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER®-Professional, the CERTIFIED FOUNDATION AND ESTATE PLANNER®-Professional, the EFPA European Financial Advisor® EFA and the CGA® CERTIFIED GENERATIONS ADVISOR. The FPSB Germany also has the right to set standards for the methodology of holistic financial advice. To this end, the FPSB Germany works closely with regulatory and supervisory authorities, science and research, consumer advocates as well as the press and the interested public.

Another concern of the FPSB Germany is to improve general financial education. For this purpose, the association launched the consumer blog http://www.frueher-planen.de. It provides neutral, provider-independent and advertising-free information on all relevant financial topics and includes three online calculators for calculating the retirement pension and the basic pension as well as for optimizing the fund investment.

Further information is available at: http://www.fpsb.de - You can also follow us on LinkedIn at: https://www.linkedin.com/company/fpsbdeutschland/

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