Do women look good in glasses

Survey shows: every fifth woman has a higher chance of flirting thanks to glasses

  • Women with glasses are seen as attractive and sexy, men as successful
  • Sunglasses on a date are a no-go
  • Every third man would switch to contact lenses for his dream partner

Around 8.2 million people search for great love on dating portals - including them many glasses wearers. But what role do your glasses play in choosing a partner? Is it an exclusion criterion or does it increase the chances of flirting? A recent survey by Mister Spex and eDarling with over 1,000 participants revealed surprising results - from Online flirt from the first date to the wedding .¹

The first impression - men find women with glasses clearly attractive
Romantic, extroverted or thoughtful - the profile picture on dating platforms has a decisive influence on flirting success on the internet. “With or without glasses?” Is the crucial question for all singles wearing glasses. The vast majority (72 percent) of eDarling users appear on the profile picture with the frame and are completely correct. For 82 percent of all respondents, the subject of glasses is irrelevant for the first impression - they judge their potential flirt partner completely independently of it. This applies equally to singles with and without glasses. By the way, almost every fifth man (18 percent) finds profile pictures with glasses particularly attractive; for women it is nine percent.

Even if glasses are not a criterion when choosing a partner, everyone associates certain characteristics with them. How do men and women with glasses perceive the opposite sex? Men find women with glasses much more attractive (57 percent) than women who wear male glasses (42 percent).

On the other hand, men with glasses are more likely to be more successful (32 percent) than women with low vision aids (20 percent). Opinions differ most when it comes to sex appeal: 41 percent of men think women are sexy with glasses, but only 13 percent of women describe men who wear glasses as hot.2 Here women seem to have a better hand when choosing their glasses and are more likely to reach for sophisticated ones and fashionable frames.

Moments - women have more dates thanks to glasses
So it's no wonder that bespectacled singles report increased chances of flirting. Every fifth woman has been dating more often since she started wearing glasses. Male singles share this experience 16 percent. During a spontaneous flirtation, those who wear glasses do not want to go without their frames. Around 83 percent of all respondents keep their glasses on when flirting - especially men (86 percent). Even on a planned date, the results are there comparable. 87 percent of singles with glasses wear their model to a rendezvous. Only nine percent leave it at home for the occasion and the remaining four percent generally do not wear glasses, but rather use lenses.

Bad prospects - sunglasses on a date are a no-go
Whether it's a street café or a beer garden - outdoor meetings are particularly popular in summer. If you want to increase your chances of flirting, you should do without sunglasses: 61 percent of those surveyed consider them a no-go - they want to look their counterpart in the eye. A good quarter tolerate sunglasses only in glaring light and only eleven percent have no problem with darkening glasses. With a shady spot you are on the safe side for your next meeting.

With rose-colored glasses - every third man does without glasses for his partner
A successful date is followed by the phase of being in love - with butterflies in your stomach and undisturbed togetherness. In this case, even experienced glasses wearers do without their frames: Over 90 percent of those surveyed put their glasses aside when cuddling and having sex.³ Almost half of all singles already find the glasses annoying when kissing.

Significantly more men are willing to make optical changes in a relationship: every third man (36 percent), but only every fourth woman (22 percent) would switch from glasses to contact lenses for the dream partner. The vast majority of male and female singles (66 percent) stay true to their glasses - even if their loved one doesn't like glasses. Contact lenses or glasses - what would the respondents wear at their wedding? 92 percent of all men say yes to glasses on the most beautiful day of their lives. Future brides, on the other hand, see the topic differently. Only every second woman would step in front of the altar with glasses.

¹ Survey among 1,096 eDarling members and Mister Spex customers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland
² Multiple answers possible for this question
³ Note: Multiple answers were possible for this question

A comprehensive overview with all graphics for the survey "Flirting with glasses" can be found HERE.

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