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Bad Tölz has a new head coach

Photo: Tölzer Löwen | 01/21/2019

Scott Beattie is now behind the gang

Head coach found: Scott Beattie will take over the reins of the lion cubicle from this Monday. The Italian-Canadian comes to Bad Tölz with many years of coaching experience from the WHL and the NLA / NLB. Beattie would like to make the remaining quarter of the season with the Tölzer Löwen positive. The father of the family played ice hockey at a high level for a long time. Immediately after hanging up his skates, he got into the coaching business. After Markus Berwanger was released, managing director Christian Donbeck contacted Beattie last Wednesday.

Lion head coach Scott Beattie: “I'm not a loser, I win. I plan to win with Bad Toelz. I spoke to Christian Donbeck and Hubert Hörmann and I liked what they had to say. I think that as a group we can change a lot and develop further. Bad Tölz has huge potential. We'll do third by third and game by game. Players may be in for a bit of a shock. I'm going to change the approach here. "

Löwen managing director Christian Donbeck: “We had a lot of inquiries and offers, but we weren't sure whether they needed a job or would like to train Tölz. The situation was different at Beattie. The native Canadian came to the home game on Friday to get a first impression of the team. For him it is important with which team, with which mentality and with which environment he works. He has an incredibly open, direct manner. I think that - insofar as we can judge it in this short time - he fits in very well with Bad Tölz. "