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Hi  πŸ“… 14.08.2013 03:18:44
FroschimTosch wrote:
> When I read that you were at the
> Doubt the seriousness of the system, I thought,
> That you were deliberately kidding and the good one
> Contact to the professor who ironed out again.
> What is the matter with you?
> Everyone would be with something like that, even with my Abitur
> rattled through. Just because that at some forest
> and Wiesenuni is sometimes handled more loosely,
> you are still far from being in the right.
> Some people ... honest. One could
> In your opinion, the education system is only serious
> take when there is no more control and you
> So does fraud open all doors?

When I consider that I never experienced in any exam at RWTH that you had to put your cell phone down somewhere, I can only laugh at your contribution. The ringing cell phone is an attempt to deceive, that's why they say "turn off cell phones" at the beginning, but that's about it ...
lucks  πŸ“… 14.08.2013 06:51:16
if you walk across the street in red, even though no car is coming, you collect money even if the Polente sees it.

when the phone is hot and you know it and don't do it. Well brave, but it’s wrong. Nowadays you can cheat without ringing the bell etc.

the possibility that you could have screwed is clearly given.

hold onto it the next time. Maybe it's still going well for you.
Anonymous  πŸ“… 14.08.2013 07:14:27
With us it was already the case at the BOS that a cell phone was not allowed to be on the man (or woman) during the final exam.
Corsa  πŸ“… 14.08.2013 07:40:45
JuraFR wrote:
> What is the point of doing this as an examination supervisor
> Instruction? So that the students ignore it and
> say afterwards, yes, well I did
> not cheated ?!
> If there is instruction that cell phones are not on
> There may be space, then they are not allowed to
> be. Point. Switched off changes that too
> nothing, after all, you can only use the mobile phone first
> switched off after use in the exam
> have.

I fully agree with that. A cell phone was also collected from us. The student then also claimed it had been switched off the whole time, but then later admitted that he cheated on the cell phone and quickly switched it off when the supervisor came. Before it was only silent.

If there are rules, stick to them, but don't complain when others follow them.
Bambucha  πŸ“… 14.08.2013 08:46:47
The problem with this whole story is, as others have mentioned, that theoretically you could have cheated on your phone before you turned it off. Sometimes it's just enough to have something like that on the person. Stupid example, but if you had a cheat with you at school, but didn't use it and the teacher found it anyway, you also get a 6. The resolution was just there or the disregard of rules.
During our studies, we also had people who dragged the entire script, which was often in PDF or Power Point format, onto their mobile phones, had it silently in their pockets, went to the toilet in the exam and then went to the appropriate ones Ask the slides looked at on the phone. After that, the person can turn off the cell phone and simply claim that he had it that way the whole time. After all, you can't prove it.
Just learn from it and do it differently in the future.
makrubi  πŸ“… 14.08.2013 09:37:59
What kind of conformist flock of sheep have we students become?

A fellow student describes a treatment that borders on chicane (switched off cell phone in the pocket ... please!) And the sheep also applaud.

In the past there was a rebellion against all shit and today people still accept the last shit without criticism, for the reason "because it was said yes".

Even the 0815 exam supervisor seems to be an authority figure of the first order for today's students, whose word is inviolable law.
I would be interested in how the story ends in the end. Please report about it too.
Ethane_C  πŸ“… 14.08.2013 09:43:23
makrubi wrote:
> What kind of a student are we
> become a conformist flock of sheep?
> A fellow student describes a treatment that
> Already bordering on chicane (mobile phone switched off in
> the trouser pocket ... please!) and the sheep
> also applaud.
> There used to be a rebellion against all shit and
> today you still take the last dung
> uncritically, for the reason "because it said yes
> became ".
> Even the 0815 examination supervision seems to be for the
> Today's students become a figure of authority first
> Ranges to be, whose word is inviolable law
> is.

Such absolute nonsense that you are giving of yourself.

A story from school days: We had to keep the hallways closed due to vandalism. 20 seconds before the end of the break someone wanted to go into the hallway, a teacher refused and counted down the last 10 seconds on the wristwatch. THAT is petty. A cell phone in an exam (document and proof of performance) is just not okay, we don't need to talk about it. This is not petty, but a rule and an attempt at deception.

In the past, nobody would have rebelled if someone brought the teacher's booklet with them to the exam. "Oh, that was in my pocket". Ridiculous. The Internet has a good solution for almost everything and therefore works in a similar way to a solution booklet. Do you think before someone would have rebelled because they brought a solution booklet with them?

So Jura-FR and Corsa can only agree.
Treatment that borders on chicane ... Are you serious? Troll mail? Sure, it went stupid, but that's not a chicane.

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JuraFR  πŸ“… 14.08.2013 09:45:21
makrubi wrote:
> A fellow student describes a treatment that
> Already bordering on chicane (mobile phone switched off in
> the trouser pocket ... please!) and the sheep
> also applaud.

Why chicane? Nobody can prove that the cell phone was switched off from the start (by the way, a typical protective claim) and leaving the cell phone in front of the supervisor is also not a laborious matter.

Apparently it is simply not imaginable / possible for some students to adhere to the simplest rules.
Tralalala  πŸ“… 14.08.2013 09:45:42
Yes, you old 68s ....
What are you supposed to make a big uproar? Nowadays, multimedia aids are forbidden at the exam location (at least at most universities), and if that is the case, you shouldn't complain afterwards if you get caught.
People like you who first question everything and everyone are suspect to me anyway.
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