Are all cops corrupt or not

Berlin police : Officials suspected of corruption: Not the first case

Not often, but time and again, corrupt police officers are discovered. Mostly it is dealers, fences, red light men who are warned by the police. Often it is about imminent raids; more rarely, internal documents have also been passed on to suspects. It is not always clear what exactly the police officers discussed with the suspects.

in the September 2017 A 27-year-old police student was found during a check together with gang-organized criminals: It is said to have been a rocker-like troop of Chechen and Arab men, whose spokesman, according to the RBB, was a member of a clan from Lebanon on record.

in the March 2017 three police officers from Steglitz were arrested on suspicion of corruption. The officials reportedly disclosed internals to five Lebanese heroin dealers. They are also said to have warned the dealers of raids. In return, they would have received 800 euros every week. It is unclear whether the officers have since been convicted.

in the fall 2013 a policeman and his friend Tahir Ö., a well-known thug, got involved in a bloody argument with bouncers in front of a discotheque. Ö. was later shot apparently in revenge by a young rocker of the Hells Angels.

Already in the year 2012 the police chief Ahmet K. had been convicted by the regional court of violating official secrets because he belonged to the same rock group from which Ö. was shot, had helped. Ahmet K. was sentenced to eleven months on probation. He had warned the Turkish rockers against raids in 2010 and 2011 - and apparently only got a motorcycle helmet.

A Berlin policeman became 2008 sentenced to a fine of 3,600 euros. In the summer of 2006 a list of license plates for civilian police cars was found on a Bandidos man, also a rock band. In court, the policeman said he was not a bandido himself, but was only friends with the rocker - he put the list in his home unnoticed.

Corrupt officials are also repeatedly caught in other federal states. In Brandenburg was 2010 one policeman sentenced to one and a half years probation. He had passed on internal intelligence to cigarette smugglers. The man was released from service after the conviction. There have recently been similar cases in Hesse.

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