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The 16 Best Tools to Make Social Media Videos Easily

Videos are playing an increasingly important role in social media. In order to The importance of tools for cutting, editing and publishing clips in social media marketing is also increasing. But which video tool is the right one for your own needs? Ultimately, the spectrum ranges from intuitively operated entry-level tools to professional editing programs and from mobile apps to cloud software and desktop programs for downloading. And the costs are also very different.

Here we present you ours Top 16 Video Tools for Social Media Marketing. You will find out what the individual programs or applications can do, what they are particularly good for and what you have to pay for them. This gives you the best starting conditions when looking for the perfect tool for image editing and creating efficient videos.

Evidence for the importance of videos in social media marketing

Statistics are impressive Evidence for the growing importance of videos in social media marketing. On Instagram alone, the playback time of videos increased by 80% in 2017 compared to the previous year, on Facebook sponsored video content was viewed 258% more often. Overall, one third of all activity on social media channels is watching videos.

Since this trend is likely to continue, it is worthwhile to include videos in your own social media marketing strategy. After all, forecasts assume that already In 2019, 80 percent of all consumer traffic on social networks will be video.

Instagram is also increasingly focusing on videos. With the still young Instagram TV (IGTV), users have the opportunity to publish videos of up to 60 minutes in length. In our blog article “IGTV - this is how Instagram competes with YouTube” you will find out how the new feature works and how you can get the most out of it for your social media marketing.

Important properties of video tools

But what must be able to use a video tool for social media? As is so often the case, the answer is: it depends. The decisive factor is on which channel and for what purpose you want to use the finished tool. It also plays a role whether you are looking for a tool that is characterized by many functions or one that specializes in a few features and produces good results in a short period of time.

To the key properties of video tools include the following:

  • Processing options: The more options you have available for editing sound and images and adding effects or animations to your video, the more flexible you are. However, less is sometimes more and, above all, easier to use. In addition, some video tools specialize in certain features.
  • Formats: Can videos be created in landscape and portrait format? Can the clips be optimized for different social media channels?
  • Direct import: Video tools that allow you to import them directly into Facebook, YouTube and / or other channels save time and effort in social media marketing.
  • Usability: Video tools for professionals take time to get used to. Intuitive and clear programs are better suited for beginners.
  • Price: The price differences between video tools are large. Some freely available applications or cloud programs open up amazing possibilities. However, sometimes it is worth paying. Because when in doubt, the profits from good marketing are significantly higher than the costs.

16 Tools for Creating Social Media Videos

1. Animoto

The cloud-based video tool Animoto is ideally suited for Create professional videos in a short time. The "Marketing Videos" category is aimed specifically at companies. With “Slideshow Videos for Photography” photographers can create videos from their pictures and “Slideshow Videos for Family” gives private customers the opportunity to turn pictures or film recordings of family events into entertaining clips. If you decide to use “Marketing Videos”, templates are available to you that are structured according to the purpose. Alternatively, you can start from scratch and create your video completely independently. Animoto gives you the ability to add photos, videos, images, and sound recordings in many different file formats. In addition, you stand numerous editing options and a wide-ranging music library with over 2000 licensed songs are available. The finished video can be posted directly from Animoto on social networks such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. The whole thing is not free, but with Prices from 8 - 34 euros per month (with annual payment) the financial outlay is limited.

2. Hyperlapse

Hyperlapse is Instagram's own app for creating time-lapse videos. Films can be accelerated up to 12 times with it. Alternatively, you have the option of leaving it at the normal recording speed. The application also corrects shaky recordings and allows you to post finished videos directly to Facebook or Instagram. A simple, easy-to-use and effective tool for free. The only catch: Hyperlapse from Instagram is currently only available for iOS. Android and Windows Phone users have to resort to an alternative. Our recommendation in this context is Hyperlapse from Microsoft. This even speeds up videos 32 times.

3. Magisto

Magisto doesn't have any magic to offer, but with a little skill you can create magical video clips for social networks with the tool. The application is for both Android as well as iOS and as a web-based tool for the PC available and is characterized above all by the low effort required to create appealing videos. Select videos and / or photos as well as an "editing style" and a soundtrack from the Magisto music library. The app handles the processing or beautification of your raw material independently. Magisto is suitable for posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Google+ as well as directly on your website. Especially The integrated analysis options are advantageous for content marketing. They give you information about the performance of the published videos. If you want to use Magisto for professional purposes, you can do so from $ 9.99 a month.

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4. Shakr

Shakr is specifically aimed at companies that want to do video marketing on Facebook or Instagram. The tool gives you the opportunity Create professional-looking videos with just a few clicks and simple drag & drop. More than 2000 templates and a large music library complete the range of services. A highlight is the possibility Convert videos into ads for Facebook and Instagram in a short period of time. With prices between 99 and 349 dollars a month, Shakr is an expensive representative of his guild.

5. Animaker

Animated videos are ideal for introducing products and services and for explaining complicated things simply and clearly. Explanatory videos are particularly popular. Animaker makes creating animated videos a breeze. The cloud-based tool also opens up fascinating possibilities for presentations or Instagram stories. For individual videos is yours a large number of templates, icons, avatars and other ingredients are available for your clips. The free version is, however, significantly limited in its scope of services. If you want to export videos more than 5 times a month and use more design options, the Prices at 12 euros per month. For companies that regularly do video marketing, the premium package for 39 euros a month is worthwhile.

6. Render Forest

Do you want to create animated videos faster and easier? Then take a look at Renderforest. This tool works on a similar principle as Animaker and scores with a very easy operation. You can also post videos directly to social media channels including Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and Twitter. This even works in the Free Plan. For the video marketing of companies, however, the premium package, which costs 49 euros per month, is worthwhile. Here you have significantly more time available for longer videos and the annoying Renderforest watermark is also eliminated.

7. Typito

It is often desirable in video marketing to add text to video clips. This is all the more true because many people watch videos on the go without sound, for example in the subway. Typito gives you this opportunity. Upload photos and / or videos, add your own layouts, subtitles and music and post the result directly on Facebook or YouTube, in portrait or landscape format. There is a free package to try out. For professional use, however, at least $ 290 per year is due.

8. Moovly

Moovly is one of the video tools that are a little more complicated to use. That's what it offers an impressive range of functions. This includes a ton of icons and graphics that you can add to your video. There are also great animations and the option of uploading your own voice recordings. On this foundation you can Create exciting clips for a wide variety of social media channels. You can upload your videos to Facebook or YouTube directly from Moovly without any detours. The same applies here: The free access is suitable for testing. However, this has limitations such as low video quality and a watermark on all videos. For professional content marketing you have to expect at least 25 euros per month.

9. Anchor

The video function of Anchor is aimed specifically at people or companies who want to enrich podcasts with videos. The tool is available as an app for Android or iOS and as a web version. To get started, all you have to do is create a free account. Then you can select a segment from your podcast that is shorter than 2 minutes. Anchor automatically transcribes this and creates a video, which is mainly a pre-made background with text - the transcription can then be corrected. With an individual choice of colors, you can give the video an individual touch. Fast and free, a very promising tool for sharing podcast snippets on social networks. It is limited by the short duration of the segments, but on the other hand hardly anyone wants to watch longer podcast clips on Facebook. And of course, Anchor offers a number of other features for creating and distributing podcasts, including the ability to communicate with viewers while they are broadcast. The finished posts can be published directly on Twitter or Facebook.

10. Tubics

Tubics is a YouTube SEO tool that helps businesses and YouTubers find their videos more easily on search engines like YouTube and Google. This works in a similar way to search engine optimization (SEO) for websites, only for YouTube videos. Users receive specific suggestions for optimizing their videos, can implement them directly in the software and monitor the results.

The software generates YouTube tag suggestions based on data from Google, YouTube and Bing. This makes tubics a good alternative to the YouTube Keyword Tool, which was discontinued in 2014.

11. Soapbox by Wistia

Soapbox has nothing to do with soap. The free Chrome extension is installed in a flash. With their help, existing videos can be edited. There is also the option of creating attractive thumbnails and integrating a free player to play your videos on a website. Soapbox is suitable for a video quality of up to 4K and contains analysis options to see how successful your videos are. It's worth it for professional purposes Pro account for $ 99 a month. If you don't mind branding by Wistia and the restriction to 3 videos per month, you are well served with free access.

12. Promo by Slidely

Having professional videos created involves a lot of effort and sometimes high costs. But there is another way. Promo's video platform makes creative videos accessible to all businesses and offers ready-made video templates, over 12.5 million premium video clips, licensed music and an easy-to-use editor.

After you've made a choice, you just add your text and logo. The cheapest rate for $ 39 a month lets you post 1 video. For double the price there are already 4 videos.

13. Facebook Live

Used correctly and intelligently designed, live videos are a great marketing tool. With Facebook Live, the social media giant has its own tool for this. Via this, users can Stream live when and where you want, now also in 360 degrees and specifically in Facebook groups. Live videos can be switched on, as can regular broadcasts, from a mobile phone or PC. In addition to the popularity of Facebook live videos, one of the advantages of the app is that users of live streaming expect less professionalism, but rather value an authentic look.

14. Adobe Premiere Pro

At the top of the list of video tools, all professionals agree, is Adobe Premiere Pro. Popular with camera professionals and filmmakers all over the world and Available as a single subscription for just under 24 euros a month, the program is suitable for all file formats. Users countless editing options for sound and image to disposal. Anyone who opts for an Adobe subscription package can, for example, combine the program with Photoshop. In order to use the many functions of Premiere Pro, however, a longer training period is necessary. We recommend the alternative Final Cut Pro X for Mac users.

15. Adobe Spark

If you want to spend less money, you can also use Adobe Spark. The cloud-based program is specially made for the quick creation of video clips, graphics, etc. for websites or social media channels. In the free plan, however, you have to live with the Spark logo in your videos. That's why it's worth upgrading to Premium for companies for prices starting at $ 9.99 per year.

16. Shotcut

Shotcut is justifiably popular for editing YouTube videos. The tool is available for download free of charge for Windows, Macs OS and Linux. For a free program, Shotcut offers users a proud range of options for cutting videos and editing sound and images. In addition, plugins for creating effects can be installed free of charge.

17. Splice

Finally, an app specifically for iOS should be mentioned. The Splice application is aimed at mobile phone users, but its cleverly designed controls give the user the feeling of being active on the desktop. Editing, effects, time-lapse or music, with Splice a lot is possible and completely free of charge. Operation is also easy. Small but very nice.


Many people involved in social media marketing increasingly spend time creating and editing videos. Anyone who deals with tools for this at an early stage has a clear advantage. A long training period is rarely necessary. Because many apps and cloud-based programs are easy to use and provide amazing results in no time at all. Nevertheless, it is worth investing time. After all, 5 billion videos are viewed every day on YouTube alone. If you want to stand out from the competition here, you have to stand out from the crowd.

Whether videos, texts and / or images, supports you in planning, creating and publishing content. Arrange a free demo now and benefit from targeted reach, effective communication and an overview at any time.