How do I introduce children to guests

Children undesirable ?! This is how guests relate to families in restaurants

27.08.2019 – 08:30

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A pleasant atmosphere and appropriate behavior among guests and staff are part of a nice visit to a restaurant. When there are children, it can be a bit more turbulent. The online reservation service Bookatable by Michelin asked more than 2,000 restaurant guests from Germany, Austria and Switzerland why they feel disturbed by children in the restaurant, how they face a potential ban on children in the restaurant and what they want from it Visiting a restaurant remains relaxed despite having children. *

Volume, manners and co.

Around half of the restaurant guests surveyed perceive a visit to a restaurant when children are there to be much louder and more restless. More than half (56 percent) of the survey participants are also of the opinion that many children do not know table manners and often observe that parents give their little ones too little admonition. On the other hand, it becomes clear that parents do not always feel comfortable when they go to a restaurant with their child. 45 percent of those surveyed state that they feel a certain dislike from other guests when they go to a restaurant as a family. The good news: 25 percent of restaurant visitors do not feel bothered by children in bars. And even a bad-smelling diaper in a small child, actually only 5 percent does not spoil the appetite.

Ban on children in the restaurant? NO!

Even if the majority perceive a visit to a restaurant surrounded by children as restless and noisy, a third are against a ban on children. For almost a third it is okay that children are taken to the restaurant during the day. However, almost 40 percent of smaller children also feel restless, especially in the evening, and would therefore appreciate it if they stayed at home. More than half also say that children definitely have no place in fine dining restaurants in the evening. An official ban on children in the restaurant is not to be issued.

Top 5 criteria for choosing the right restaurant for a child

If you ask the adults about the most important criteria for visiting a restaurant with a child, more than half consider child-friendly staff to be the top priority. Immediately followed by coloring books or paper and pens (60 percent) for calm, creative activity at the table. A good selection of dishes for children is also an important decision factor for almost 60 percent when choosing a restaurant. According to 56 percent of those surveyed, sufficient high chairs should be available as adequate seating for the youngest. A play corner is important for 40% and therefore in 5th place. Other amenities that guests appreciate when visiting a restaurant with children are playgrounds, other nice guests in the restaurant, space for the stroller, a changing table and a good, safer location of the restaurant.

Top 5 of the most popular country kitchens with children

So that the little ones also feel comfortable in the restaurant, the adults surveyed often opt for national kitchens that are popular with the children. More than half therefore choose family-friendly Italians and a good third like to go to restaurants that offer regional cuisine that children are familiar with. In third place is Asian cuisine (25 percent), Greek cuisine in fourth place (20 percent) and Spanish cuisine in fifth place (12 percent). "Eating out with children is part of our everyday life. The next generation of guests are our children, of course. A child-friendly service therefore includes a children's menu with balanced ingredients and dishes, coloring books and sufficient high chairs. This makes a visit to the restaurant even for the youngest positive experience, says Philipp Hahn, Commercial Director DA-CH at Bookatable by Michelin.

Many restaurants also have great options for children. Therefore, it is sometimes worth taking a look at the menu. For example, here are 10 tips for kid-friendly restaurants in Berlin:

* The survey is based on 2,000 restaurant guests surveyed by Bookatable by Michelin. Multiple answers were possible.

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