Is that a real service dog

From day to day : When police dogs retire

Typical for expiring legislative periods in Berlin: The final questions come to the table of parliament. It is less about the meaning of life and the like, but about what the MPs always wanted to ask. The Green Claudia Hämmerling, for example, already knows everything about dogs, but there was still a gap in knowledge - so far.

It was about the question of what happens to police service dogs when they are unfit for duty, which happens annually to an average of 19 out of 123 existing dogs. The answer: The dog handler can keep them, but does not get any money for the bread of grace, although in the opinion of the MPs they “have fulfilled important and indispensable tasks in the civil service loyally at the side of their service dog handlers”.

The interior administration coldly explains that Berlin's legal situation does not give it - which may be bearable in the salary groups of the senior police service. But one way out remains: The aged dog may be given to "suitable private individuals". And isn't that a chance given the complicated new dog law? A real police dog practically already has a driver's license. And a dog lover can hardly be accompanied more legally.

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