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Clickfunnels - everything you need to know!

What is clickfunnels? Can You Really Make Money With Clickfunnels And Can It Help Scaling Your Business?

The short answer is yes, absolutely!

But why do you need a sales funnel strategy? Let's get straight to the point.

Running a business is not an easy task. You must have already mastered some skills in coding, designing, marketing, and managing. In case you're not paying for multiple marketing tools that will do it for you.

Even if you have a bombproof business plan and you are certain that it will make money out of it over the long term, the workload it takes to pull it all together can quickly become a challenge.

This is exactly where Clickfunnels comes into play. You can use it to create and monitor landing pages and set up email responders. Because every company needs a funnel.

But is Clickfunnels the best platform to manage your marketing? We have the answer.

What is clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels is about automating the entire sales process so that you can control every phase of the customer journey.

The Clickfunnels software was primarily developed to provide a complete sales funnel for online businesses. This is a simple and straightforward alternative to ranking your website in search results.

It makes collecting leads and securing sales very easy!

Of course, there is more to this software than you might think.

Let's take a closer look at why Clickfunnels is the perfect solution for any business looking to take control of their marketing.

What are sales funnels?

Basically, a sales funnel is a complete solution for your online marketing.

Imagine a website with many pages, posts, and actions. The structure is often so complicated that people do not even come to buy and leave the site confused.

In contrast, a sales funnel has only one page, one offer, and one way to take action. For this reason, the conversion rates on landing pages are often significantly higher.

Depending on the actions people take when they get to your landing page, they will receive a series of marketing messages. If they leave without making a purchase, you can downsale them again.

However, don't consider this a failure. Not everyone who visits your page will turn into a customer (admittedly, that's the ultimate dream!), But that kind of conversion rate is beyond unrealistic.

Leading people into your funnel:

You should never give up on a prospect because at that point they may not be ready to buy. Before taking your next step, consider your audience and their needs. All future marketing messages need to be weighed carefully. That way, you are more likely to build trust with potential buyers and secure a sale.

Brands that push to sell too early are often the ones that end up empty-handed. Think about the last time you walked into a store only to encounter a pushy salesperson. He just wouldn't leave you alone no matter how often you insisted that you "just browse". Bet you left the store without buying anything?

Instead, give your customers time to browse and help them out when they need your assistance. This is the best possible sales strategy and can be easily applied to your funnel.

If a prospect doesn't convert, ask yourself why? If you wanted to sell a high-priced item to a small business owner, they might not have the budget. This is then a case of bad advertising. Perhaps you can save the situation by offering them an item at a lower price. Or bundle several elements together to increase the perceived value. The cost of production is low (if you choose the right items) but people are likely to buy it because it looks exciting, new, and different from anything they've seen before.

How Clickfunnels helps business owners

Building a sales funnel can be a difficult process that requires a lot of money to bring to life.

Clickfunnels makes this process much easier.

Everything is managed through one platform. You no longer need multiple marketing tools to manage each stage of the customer journey. With Clickfunnels you can design landing pages and monitor their performance as well as set up retargeting messages.

Here is a list of the tools and materials available to you:

  • Website hosting
  • Landing page design
  • A / B tests
  • Email autoresponder
  • Affiliate Management
  • Integrated payment systems, PayPal and Stripe
  • Exercise material
  • Long term support
  • Multi-million dollar templates

Funnel templates:

Clickfunnels makes creating complex funnels very easy. There are more than 26 templates to choose from, all of which have been proven to deliver high conversion rates. Whether you want to collect data or sell a bundle of products with a Tripwire funnel or a product launch funnel, you can find them in Clickfunnels. Once you've selected a funnel type, you'll have access to a database of free and paid funnels. You can preview, test, and make changes before adding the selected funnels to your list

What is clickfunnels? What types of funnels are there?

We recommend exploring the platform in detail before deciding on a paid funnel. There are so many resources (YouTube videos, eBooks, how-tos, etc) that you can use to access professional funnels for absolutely free.

Funnel editor:

Once you've selected the funnel you picked, you'll be taken to the funnel editor where you'll see all of your pages in the left pane. Click the page to edit. A template is displayed on the right.

From here you can adapt the selected template to the needs of your campaign. Get creative with your designs using product images and calls to action to grab attention.

While Clickfunnels templates are for making money, they are just a guide to get you started. Don't hold back when you have your own design ideas, think about the end goal and needs of your audience.

The editor itself is easy to navigate. It uses a drag and drop editor, similar to WordPress, to insert columns, elements (videos, images, text, blocks of code, price tables, links, etc.) and make style changes.

Likewise, you can customize all of the pages in your funnel and quickly switch between them to ensure you keep the same style and tone of voice. Would you like to move one page in front of another? You can use the editor to drag pages into the order you want.

The most effective order that has been proven to instill trust with your audience is the Squeeze Page (exchanging data for a free resource), Sales Page (a package of products and / or services), and OTO Page (one-time offer that is only available for a limited time) .

You should of course connect your funnel to a payment gateway and email service provider. You can effectively integrate this with the funnel builder editor. One of the handy things about the funnel editor is the startup checklist, which contains a breakdown of all the tasks you should do before you go live with your funnel.

Sales Analytics:

And of course, once you've finished designing your funnel and driving traffic, tracking is a must.

You have access to analytical tools that you can use to monitor the performance of your landing pages. After all, you want to know if your campaigns are really worth the time and money. Do you generally see a return on investment? By monitoring your marketing, you can make important changes to your strategy based on your insights.

Thanks to Clickfunnels, it's really easy ...

The only problem is that Clickfunnels does not come from Europe and is therefore currently prohibited in our country. How you can still implement all these beautiful things, we can discuss together. The possibilities are diverse and the solutions are creative!