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Poultry offal, offal, poultry meat

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Innards, en .: innards, fr .: abats, it .: bubella, frattaglie, interiora, es .: menudillos

Poultry small, en .: giblets, fr .: abattis, abatis, it .: rigaglie, es .: intestinos, menudos

Poultry offal is the collective term for the edible organs of the heart and stomach of poultry: chicken, turkey, duck, goose. The liver is often found in a pouch in whole animals together with the stomach, heart and throat, but it does not belong to the poultry group (see below). The heart, stomach and liver offal are also sold separately in poultry shops. The liver is the most popular part of the offal because of its many uses and its delicate taste.

As Poultry the innards along with the ancillary and small parts, such as neck or called wing. Head and feet also count as poultry, but may not be sold in Germany. With the exception of the wings, all the poultry lies in the whole, ready-to-roast animals, packed in a bag. Poultry is named after the animal it comes from, for example Chicken giblets of chickens, Goose small of geese or Duckling of ducks, etc. a complete poultry consists of at least two wings, a heart, a stomach and a throat. The liver is usually added, although it is not considered a poultry meal in terms of taste.

Offal are mostly used for the preparation of strong-tasting stocks, sauces or stews.

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  • Bries is one of the innards