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Software architecture

Oliver Vogel is a certified IT architect at IBM Global Business Services. His field of activity includes the architectural management, training and consulting of international projects and customers in various architecture topics, such as model-driven software development, service-oriented architectures and offshoring. In addition, he works as a speaker, lecturer and author in the above-mentioned subject areas.

Arif Chughtai is an independent consultant and trainer for object-oriented software development. The main topics of his work are software architecture / design and Java technology. He regularly incorporates parts of these subject areas into seminars, lectures, specialist articles and lectures.

Ingo Arnold works as an enterprise architect for Novartis AG in Switzerland, where he is responsible for the global architecture planning of central operating platforms. In addition, as a lecturer he gives lectures in the fields of software architecture, software engineering and software design patterns at the Lörrach University of Cooperative Education and the University of Basel. Ingo Arnold also regularly presents selected topics from his field of activity, such as SOA or security architecture, to a broad audience at international conferences.

Prof. Dr. Edmund Ihler initially worked in IT research and later as an architect and project manager in software development for banks and insurance companies. Since 2000 he has been teaching as a professor of computer science with a focus on object-oriented software modeling and model-driven software engineering.

Timo Kehrer is doing his doctorate at the University of Siegen and works in the practical computer science department at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. His research areas are model-driven software development, model version management, model evolution and analysis of model repositories.

PD Dr. Uwe Zdun works at the Vienna University of Technology in the field of distributed systems. His current research topics are software architecture, software samples, SOA, DSLs and model-driven software development.

Markus Völter is a freelance consultant and trainer for software technology and software engineering. His focus is on software architecture, middleware and model-driven software development. He has experience in a wide variety of domains, including business, banking, healthcare, telematics, automotive embedded and astronomy.

Uwe Mehlig works as an IT architect at IBM Deutschland GmbH in the Global Business Services division. His current focus is on the design of integration solutions based on open standards such as XML, SOAP and web services.

Johannes Blocker works as an integration architect at IBM Deutschland GmbH. He has specialized in message-oriented middleware and designs enterprise service bus architectures for large companies.