Why do actresses get naked in movies

Keira Knightley: Movie star no longer shoots nude scenes

Actress Keira Knightley no longer wants to show herself naked in front of the camera in the future. She no longer feels comfortable with it.

Hollywood star Keira Knightley (34, "Official Secrets") is keeping a low profile in the future. As the mother of two children, she no longer wants to show herself completely without a shell and avoid explicit nude scenes in films. "My nipples hang down," jokes the actress in an interview with the Financial Times.

She used to feel “totally comfortable” in scenes like this, but now the “Pirates of the Caribbean” actress thinks differently about it: “I'm very happy with my body, it did a wonderful job. But I just don't want to go naked a complete film crew. " She sees another reason for her decision in the increased sexualization through the Internet. "You can take the whole scene and insert it somewhere else and it's on a porn site," explains Knightley.

She chooses her naked double herself

In her film "No Man's Land - The Aftermath" from 2019, the 34-year-old even had a nude double for her scenes with colleague Alexander Skarsgård (43), as she revealed. "I had a body double in my last film, but I could choose the double and in the end I had to give my okay for the sex scenes - that's how it works in my contract." Keira Knightley is currently promoting her new film "The Misses", which will premiere in the UK in March.