What is the psychological immune system

The mental immune system

Just as there are physical illnesses and a somatic immune system to fight them off, there is also a mental immune system to fight off mental illnesses. This immune system works mostly implicitly, without our conscious action. The resilience, strength and robustness of the mental immune system determine how well we are protected against human-made trauma such as terrorist attacks, war and abuse, but also against fateful natural disasters, fatal diseases such as cancer and the death of loved ones. How do we overcome mental disorders? What protection mechanisms do we have? What are the components that make up our mental immune system and what can strengthen it? The psychological resilience is different in every person, some can cope with even the most severe traumatic blows of fate and can grow with them and gain "meaning", others break because of it. It has been shown that, among other things, resilience, resistance, the ability to regulate one's own emotions, use resources and not give up, optimism, self-respect and the ability to use a crisis as an opportunity for meaning and personality development are decisive for immunity and for recovery from mental illness. The book sheds light on what the mental immune system does, how it can be stimulated and strengthened and its ability to constantly organize itself can be maintained.

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